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Sitecore is a commonly used console language which can perform any operations above the windows operating system, also the sitecore implemented this language in the form of sitecore PowerShell extension module very successfully. We can use the sitecore possibilities of sitecore fully by automating a number of operations. Which allows us to download the required packages from sitecore marketplace. Even though installing the sitecore PowerShell module we gain access to several tools which are available on standard sitecore interfaces. In this blog post we are going to learn about what is sitecore powershell, why sitecore powershell is used for businesses, sitecore powershell extensions, advantages and disadvantages of sitecore powershell, etc.

What is a sitecore PowerShell

PowerShell module helps in gaining access to several tools that are available on standard sitecore interfaces. PowerShell console is used for the command line of windows, that allows individual commands to be entered and suitable for an advanced program. PowerShell ISE can directly run from the sitecore launch pad, it provides a number of functions that help the programmer to create a functional PowerShell script. We can see its interfaces along with the demonstration of the announcements. PowerShell toolbox will provide you several tools, which you may use during sitecore maintenance like deals with task manager, session manager, etc.

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Why sitecore powershell?

Sitecore powershell module is the accelerator of sitecore development, which can drastically increase your productivity and decrease your amount of time it takes to deliver the solution. It provides the command line and scripting environment for automating tasks, which works with the sitecore process that is capable of making native calls for the sitecore API and files manipulating. Standard and well known windows PowerShell syntax followed by running command and writing scripts. It is a common tool used in IT which helps for the desktop and server management, then we may decide to stick with that as a framework to build upon. 

How sitecore PowerShell used for business

  • It provides a secure scripting engine that supports cert based signed scripts and they are super restricted in operations by default. It supports group policy based which controls the environment. 
  • It maintains 100 percent consistency between our user interfaces, as everything runs through PowerShell in management, customers are guaranteed to see the same validation and behaviour across the board. 
  • It is flexible and easier to build user interfaces as business, where the logic is encapsulated outside of the user interface layer, there is no authorised layer that contains business logic, instead you have flexibility in your UI. 
  • It provides faster development for component teams as we use a self-service model, that allows teams to develop management of their future. 
  • Customers benefit from higher quality where component teams are essential to control their features. It provides better management testability as component teams build cmdlets, while building a feature they unblock the test team for testing the feature by using real code. 
  • It has internal infrastructure improvements as everything related to management is automated, and daily tests use PowerShell scripts as part of exchange automated testing. It has third-party consistency, which we used to have a variety of APIs. 

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Sitecore PowerShell extensions

It is a module which provides a command line interface and scripting environment for working with the sitecore platform. By using this extinction we may perform various operations of sitecore items, as they allow access to sitecore APIs, which looks and works in the same way as windows powershell utility. It is not installed out of the box, so we need to install this extinction separately. We need to download the sitecore package for extinction for sitecore instance, then download the package in our instance. After completion of the download process we will have some additions for our launchpad and desktop.

It is a kind of tool that is used to edit, create, test and executive PowerShell scripts, it offers an advanced and flexible scripting environment. It adds GUI and many functions provided over PowerShell console, by saving PowerShell scripts and the ability to open them later. Executing scripts with one click and switching the current databases, it switches the current user and language, debugging and the ability to execute the selected part of the script. We get various options which are divided into sections named as write, script execution, etc. Once you completed the package installation, you may go ahead and open the tool to execute the script to output.

Advantages of sitecore powershell

  • It is everywhere: It includes more than 130 command line tools for function, which enables administrators to perform tasks on both remote and local windows systems. It may come to install by default in every version of Windows, basically when you are an IT professional working with windows,you need to know the PowerShell. With its widespread usage it became easy to find its support and resources, it can also be used on other systems, as it is a cross and open sourced platform.
  • To use what you know is easy: We may automate with PowerShell from years, your team is full of experts. It stills a bit new to the scene and with easy to use solutions, it takes time to get up to speed. We may assume that we will use PowerShell at our next gig.

Disadvantages of sitecore powershell

  • Not known to everyone: When there is a need to grow your team, when you are using PowerShell you may be locked into hiring employees with PowerShell expert, even though you are feeling happy to keep PowerShell for all your automation needs of Microsoft. And when you have only one scripting expert and they quit, it is a little bit tough to have someone immediately, to manage your existing PowerShell automation scripts. 

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We may have to shift our sitecore use and administration possibilities by using sitecore power shell, we can run PowerShell scripts from the external console without signing into sitecore interfaces.The idea behind the project is the creation of a scripting environment to work within sitecore,which is on a granular level that allows you to apply complex modifications and manipulate the sites and pages on large scale well documented query language windows powershell. It is an automated task with a command line and scripting language,that is integrated into .NET framework which is powerful and versatile and can save you a lot of time, when you are handling the large amount or workload manually.

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