CyberArk IAM

Before learning about the CyberArk IAM we will first know what a cyberark is. CyberArk is a security tool with a powerful ability to meet organizations' cybersecurity needs. Entities do not need any additional infrastructure resources or management with CyberArk. Instead, the CyberArk tool enables businesses to secure their privileged accounts and credentials in a highly efficient manner.

Cyberark IAM(Identity Access management)

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions are used by IT and security organizations to manage user identities and control access to enterprise resources. IAM solutions ensure that the right people have access to the right IT resources at the right time for the right reasons. They are an essential component of a defense-in-depth security strategy and are essential for defending IT systems against cyber attacks.

Now we will explore what is IAM security.

IAM Security

Identity and Access Management (IAM) security is an important part of overall IT security because it intends online identity as well as customer access to data, systems, and assets within a company. IAM security refers to the policies, programs, and technologies that a company uses to reduce identity-related access risks. IAM programs enable organizations to reduce risks, improve compliance, and increase revenue.

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Benefits of IAM security

IAM is a cybersecurity best practice that allows for more control over user access. IAM security enhances the quality and productivity of access control throughout the business by recognizing, validating, and approving users while preventing unapproved ones.

  • It helps in improving the operational efficiencies.
  • Moreover security is improved to a great extent and also removes the risks.
  • Organizations must ensure data is closely monitored and demonstrate they are taking proactive steps to meet ongoing compliance requirements by leveraging strategic IAM security policies.

Companies today typically use best-of-breed IAM security tools provided by best-of-breed solution partners, ranging from identity governance solutions to privileged access management to access intelligence tools delivered on-premise, in the cloud, or via a hybrid model. These tools comprise the technology solutions that support the overall IAM security framework and are critical in establishing a strong foundation.

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Key features of IAM

The key features of Cyberark IAM are:

  1. Single Sign-On (SSO) – The majority of IAM solutions support Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality, which allows users to access all of their business applications and services with a single set of login credentials. SSO increases user satisfaction by reducing password fatigue. It makes IT operations more efficient by centralizing and unifying administrative functions.It also improves security by removing risky password management practices, reducing attack surfaces, and closing security gaps.
  2. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – Most IAM solutions include MFA functionality to protect against impersonation and credential theft. To gain access to a system using MFA, a user must present multiple forms of evidence, such as a password or fingerprint and an SMS code.Adaptive authentication methods are supported by modern MFA solutions, which use contextual information (location, time of day, IP address, device type, etc.) and administratively defined policies to determine which authentication factors to apply to a specific user in a specific situation.
  3. User provisioning and lifecycle management – The majority of IAM solutions include administrative tools for onboarding new users and managing their access privileges throughout their employment. They provide self-service portals that allow users to request access rights and update account information without requiring assistance from the help desk.They also offer monitoring and analysis abilities to assist corporate IT and security teams in supporting compliance audits and forensics investigations.

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Identity Management as a Service Alternatives Provide Cloud Economical and Agility

Most companies have traditionally used on-premises IAM solutions to manage user identities and access privileges. Many organizations now use Identity as a Service (IDaaS) offerings to streamline operations, shorten time-to-value, and support digital transformation initiatives.An IDaaS providing is an IAM solution delivered as a cloud-based service by a trusted third party.

IDaaS solutions combine all of the functions and benefits of an enterprise-class Identity and Access Management solution with the financial and operational benefits of a cloud-based service. They assist businesses in reducing risk, avoiding the cost and complexity of IT infrastructure, and accelerating digital transformation.

IDaaS services are ideal for the cloud-first, mobile-first IT model. They offer centralized, cloud-based identity management and access controls for SaaS and enterprise applications running in public or private clouds.They endorse identity federation standards such as SAML, Oauth, and OpenID Connect, which allow users to access all of their applications with a single set of credentials. They also make it simple for businesses to grant access to suppliers, business partners, and contract workers.

IDaaS solutions can also be used by companies to include remote access to traditional enterprise applications hosted in corporate data centers. Leading IDaaS solutions support app gateways, which enable remote workers to securely access traditional enterprise applications without the need for specialized VPN appliances or endpoint client software.

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IDaaS solutions assist businesses in the following ways:

  1. Reduce costs and complexity – IDaaS solutions assist businesses in avoiding capital equipment expenses, simplifying IT operations, and freeing up IT staff to focus on core business initiatives.
  2. Accelerate time-to-value – Businesses can quickly and easily deploy IDaaS solutions, with little or no on-premises technology to deploy, configure, or maintain.
  3. Reduce risks – IDaaS solutions increase safety by removing risky password management practices and reducing vulnerabilities and attack surfaces.
  4. Improve user experiences – IDaaS offerings increase user satisfaction by removing password fatigue and allowing users to access all of their applications in a consistent manner using a single set of credentials.

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In the above blog post we had discussed the importance and key features, benefits of cyberark IAM. If you find anything not covered please drop your comments below. You will consider your requests.Happy learning!

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