Commvault Vs Veeam

In the present relentless world, clients and representatives need their information accessible consistently and organizations can't manage the cost of any vacation for strategic resources. However, as we probably are aware, frameworks can crash for various reasons. Simultaneously more modern types of ransomware are arising putting associations in danger. Commvault and Veeam are dynamic contenders whose focus on business is backup and recovery execution. Commvault, a public organization with 2,500 workers and 2018 income of $670 million, a 7% year-over-year increment. Veeam,a privately owned business which reports 2,000 workers and a 2018 income of $963 million. It is productive yet acknowledges venture reserves $500,000 in 2018. This blog post is centered around the commvault vs veeam main focus areas, what is commvault, why commvault, what is veeam, why veeam, comparison between commvault vs Veeam, products related to commvault and veeam, advantages and disadvantages of commvault and Veeam, etc.

Focus areas: Commvault vs Veeam

Commvault is centered around keeping venture market authority by consistently growing new backup items and improvements to balance changing information stockpiling market needs. Another methodologies is to undervalue its virtual reinforcement ability in rivalry with Veeam, center competency is virtual information security. While Veeam's main area is mid market virtualized conditions, it is struggling into the venture by concentrating on high accessibility and adding actual backup uphold. Its advertising and deals groups aim at endeavor contenders Commvault, Dell EMC, and Veritas. Commvault gives local deduplication abilities and alternatives for backuping Citrix Xen, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. Veeam has more local alternatives for mechanization, some computerization highlights are just accessible through Veeam Availability Orchestrator for administration and compliance. 

What is Commvault ?

Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery underpins the functioning frameworks, apps, document frameworks, and information bases, just as physical, virtual and distributed storage tasks. Progressed AI and AI calculations consistently screen tasks for mistakes and naturally advance its performance. The item portfolio utilizes specialists for app explicit, document, and information base exchanges between actual servers and auxiliary information archives. It secures information on both disk and  tape, and coordinates encryption. The cloud connectors present in it uphold backup, depictions, and replication to AWS, Oracle Cloud, Azure, and Google Cloud, etc. The inventory empowers IT to recuperate single documents from a solitary console. 

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Why Commvault?

Commvault's information insurance suite can be found stimulating to send and upgrade. Once appropriately designed, everyday administration is sensible for experienced administrators. Commvault is exceptionally versatile and adaptable, and it serves SME organizations which require high accessibility.

What is Veeam?

The Veeam Backup and Replication,  at the block level, produces VM backups. The product permits administrators to deftly recuperate individual VMs, whole VM networks, filesystems, and singular records. Veeam Cloud Mobility quickens information transfer between the premises and the cloud. It focuses on quick recuperation utilizing depictions, and supports driving storage makers including IBM, NetApp, Dell EMC, and HPE. Scale-out Backup Repository works out the fundamental incentive. SOBR, a virtual reinforcement vault that sensibly gathers singular backup stores. The individual archives are known as extents in the parent SOBR. 

Why Veeam?

It provides Instant VM Recovery, so administrators can rapidly backup on the host, and relocate the VM to neighborhood or shared stockpiling. It gives long haul information maintenance on item storage. It deals with physical and cloud based tasks. Information insurance for Windows and Linux is a generally new expansion. It isn't as cutting edge or far reaching as Commvault Server backup, yet is an expansion for vigorously virtualized conditions that is required to backup actual hosts.

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Comparison between Commvault vs Veeam


Utilizes agents to enhance information assurance for document frameworks, apps, information bases, and archives. Veeam showed it as a serious differentiator and has added specialists for actual server and app explicit assurance. 


Commvault Virtual Server Agent functions failover and failback tasks for VMware, Xen, Hyper-V, Acropolis, and numerous more. Veeam Backup and Replication mechanizes failover and failback for Hyper-V VMs and VMware.


Venture items with significant expense per TB physical, less virtual valuing. Higher virtual and authorizing adds to costs. 


Mid-market, driving into big business. Veeam comes up short on the size of Commvault, however its hyper-accessibility and financially savvy informing is powering their endeavor drive.

Backup program

The organization appears to zero in on big business clients and cloud suppliers. Commvault doesn't offer any items for more modest associations. Veeam's way to deal with the market is to give programming that is designed for different fragments. The organization provides programming for SMBs and huge undertakings. 

High accessibility

CommServe and workflow motor are intended to chip away at a Microsoft high accessibility group. Dynamic grouping works by introducing numerous CommServe occasions onto a solitary actual hub. This is helpful when restricted equipment assets are available. Veeam doesn't list high accessibility among its present highlights, yet the organization has upheld high accessibility before and it's impossible that this ability can be taken out.

Physical backup support

Commvault upholds server reinforcements and takes into consideration physical to virtual and vice versa changes. Veeam at first centered exclusively around virtualized conditions. Yet, a couple of years prior, the organization started standing with physical server backups for functioning Linux or Windows. Veeam provides comparative assurance for both physical and virtual conditions. 

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Disaster recovery

Commvault's product underpins DR across open and private clouds. Complete Backup and Recovery is intended to empower key DR based capacities, for example, failback, failover, analysing and converse security. Veeam gives DR usefulness, including cloud compactness, inside Availability Suite. 

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Key Products of Commvault

  • Complete Backup and Recovery: The suite incorporates document, app, and VM recovery and backup, record/VM filing, encryption, information insurance, mailbox assurance, VM Live Sync, equipment depiction execution, reproduction, and DR failover/billback. It additionally incorporates tape library execution and operational detailing.
  • Suite extensions: It incorporates Commvault HyperScale for the purpose of adaptable information insurance engineering. Commvault Orchestrate is utilized for advanced apparatus, analysing, administration conveyance, and information administration.

Key Products of Veeam

  • Veeam Accessibility Suite (Large Enterprise): This controls whole reinforcement, recuperation, and duplication conditions with strategy driven tasks and proactive detailing. Quick RTO and RPO improves DR for crucial apps, and Scale-out Backup Repository combines different backups into a solitary virtualized collection.
  • Veeam Backup and Replication (Mid-level to SME and Enterprise): This can be a leader item that oversees virtual and other cloud tasks from a solitary administration point. Granular reestablishes empower administrators to recuperate whole VM networks to single documents. 
  • Veeam Backup Essentials (SMB): It disentangles reinforcement framework multifaceted nature at a low cost. It also ensures high accessibility for physical, virtual, and cloud performances. 

Advantages of Commvault 

  • Commvault started with actual servers, and after that included virtual safeguard for servers and cloud incorporation. It secures UNIX, Windows, Oracle servers and Linux.
  • The framework underpins smooth redesigns by pre-update analysis. It consequently analyses the situations and index fixes which IT must make prior to dispatching the upgraded version. 
  • A help group with brilliance and capabilities in Commvault and explicit apps, hypervisors, and the databases. 
  • Strong cloud asserts backs up information to an assortment of cloud suppliers, and provides encoded cloud reinforcements. 
  • High incentive for enormous and complex conditions with requesting maintenance and accessibility prerequisites, and an assortment of tasks and information. It intensely focuses on its activities to explicit application and tasks. This empowers IT to upgrade RTO and RPO for business basic apps.

Disadvantages of Commvault 

  • It firmly proposes designing administrations and administrators preparing for new establishments. Sending and advancing can be found complex. 
  • Commvault actual backup is costly with a significant expense for each TB. In any case, it keeps virtual reinforcement very moderate.

Advantages of Veeam

  • Veeam is commonly easy to introduce and execute.  It is comparatively easy to design and enhance bigger deployment.
  • Veeam is better at replication and virtual backup for Hyper-V and VMware. Quick VM level replication empowers fast framework recovery in the virtual conditions. A disentangled administration interface creates complex checking and alarms, and gives a smooth overhaul measure. Veeam’s virtual safeguard incorporates VM failover and failback. 
  • Veeam aids in actual server reinforcement, and improves explicit functional capacities required for Oracle, AIX, and Office365.

Disadvantages of Veeam

  • In spite of the fact that picture level recuperation is exceptionally quick, document level can be found significantly more slow. This has no reasonable effect while reestablishing a couple of records, however can influence recovery while reestablishing huge informational indexes. 
  • Veeam is more affordable than Commvault, yet valuing isn't a logical correlation. Commvault's actual evaluation is significantly higher than Veeam's nevertheless more developed and exhaustive.

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Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery and Veeam Backup and Replication are both data center backup solutions that work to document and reestablish business information. Veeam is generally famous with medium sized organizations, however it is utilized by little and huge endeavors because of its adaptable bundles. Commvault is generally mainstream with huge endeavors, however it is utilized by fair sized organizations as it is well prepared to deal with complex innovation conditions.

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