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The size of data keeps on increasing with time which also increases the complexity of analysis. For these reasons, big giant companies look after readymade software solutions to process raw data into impressive analytical charts, graphs, and pivot tables to save time and error.

Business planning software solutions are high in demand because of their flexible and quick data processing feature. The problem of searching reports and getting ideas about sales performance is no more a burden. Software like Anaplan can solve many problems related to complex data calculations, forecasting, consolidation, etc. In fact, people not belonging to the profession of data science can play with data like a pro to achieve future growth.

What is Anaplan 

Anaplan is a business planning software solution that can reduce the overload of data analysis in comparison to the traditional excel and spreadsheet-like tools. It is full of extensive features to set up planning and models for any business. Instead, there also exist a lot of competitors of Anaplan that provide similar services of data analysis with some additional or fewer benefits. The hyper block technology of Anaplan uses an agile methodology for making flexible planning and decisions. It allows users to make changes even in the mid-way and instantly look after the outcomes of the changed event.

This software solution is capable of analyzing raw data in the most advanced way to better predict the future approaches for making marketing plans.

Why we use Anaplan 

Anaplan is basically used for making strategic and territory planning for a company. This plan is made based on the raw data derived from the business. For example, the performance of an earphone manufacturing company in the market can be monitored by analyzing all the offline and online sales reports, customer feedback reports, damaged product reports, etc. In the same way, different company has to analyze different reporting protocols for making new plans for their businesses.

Anaplan is primarily used for:

  • Dynamic planning
  • Intelligent decision making
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Analyzing reports

Competitors of Anaplan

No doubt, Anaplan is the most popular web-based business planning tool. But, there still exist many dominating competitors of Anaplan, which are rich in business data managing features. Every competitor comes with a different and unique ability to display and analyses data. But, the primary motive of all these software solutions remains the same. 

All of the competitors mentioned below are best with their own capabilities of displaying data, user interface, simplicity, and easily be operated without any prior knowledge of data processing. The best one could be decided based upon your preference of business model. 

Some of the most popular competitors of Anaplan include the following

1. Workday Adaptive Planning

It is among the most highlighted competitor of Anaplan, which is easier to administer. It allows users to make a report and monitor them with the help of different data fitting models. The end result of this software gives more clear sight for profit analysis. Companies mostly use it for expense management, revenue management, capital management, and making balance sheets. The agility-based system in the software is helpful in speeding up the planning procedures, which also benefits in making faster decisions. It is adopted by more than 5200 growing businesses across the world for taking advantage of budgeting and forecasting services.

2. IBM Planning Analytics

It is also an alternative to Anaplan, which comes with a single solution for managing the finance, HR, sales, marketing, and other operational units of any company. It provides an easy feature to monitor the retail store performance in one frame. All data related to sales by region, top sales, and weekly and monthly sales reports can be generated in seconds using its cloud technology. It also comes with an excel API tool where all the data can be directly linked to the cloud by connecting to the data sources.

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3. OneStream Platform

OneStream is a multi-intelligence finance platform, same as that of Anaplan. It comes with more than 50 business solutions to maintain the workflow. The simplified interface easily integrates the financial and advanced consolidation reports. In fact, multiple reporting formats can also be integrated on the same screen to analyze the whole performance of the company. The best part of OneStream is the leverage of multiple currency reports. It allows merging the marketing data of the same company performing in a different country with a different currency. 

4. Prophix

It is among the best finance solution for the organization to centralize their data from one or more data sources. Users can access three types of data in a single dashboard after logging into the Prophix portal. The dashboard can display data-based job information, financial information, and cash board. The cash board section helps to better predict the benchmark and analyses the performance of the company. It can be the best solution for those company that has to generate and send more and more reports. The report can be generated with one click by clicking on any segment of displayed charts and graphs without manual operation. 

5. Oracle Cloud EPM

Oracle is quite similar to Anaplan in the matter of finance management. The data of the entire organization of different departments can be connected with single Oracle integration. It also supports a forecast update feature which automatically updates the data with respect to the bottom-line data. Integrating a new business model is very easy to do with Oracle. The drag and drop method allow for a combination of two new or existing models and checks the outcomes within one click. The machine learning integration in Oracle easily detects the biased business model to further refine the plans. 

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6. Jedox EPM Software

It is the best software to kickstart the planning procedure. Jedox claims to be the most secured data and finance management solution. It supports hybrid deployment options through which the data from Excel can easily be deployed to powerful analytical tools available on the cloud. Jedox is the best tool for the corporate performance management team because it can easily insight the key challenge in the report. Every time it keeps updating the feature to provide a more flexible operation with data.

7. Planful Continuous Planning Platform

Planful is the business analytical tool for the new age. They claim that the financial IQ of the business can be elevated better with the help of new-age data processing technology. Despite the fact that all the features of Planful remain the same as that of Anaplan and other competitors. Users can generate finance presentation reports from the cloud in combination with other features. 

8. Vena Solutions Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Vena Solutions allows to import of the excel file on the cloud and allows users to create a forecast. This report can be further used to perform analysis. It provides solutions for small to large business owners and also to growing market players. It has separate budgeting and planning features which help the finance team to focus individually on each segment and make plans for budgeting.

9. Board

Board is among the best self-analyzing software that can develop a simple analyzing and planning environment. It offers single integrated architecture for viewing reports. Budgeting, planning, and forecasting reports can easily be made with the Board. Users can take benefit from complete management of audit trails to drill the depth analysis. Additional options like profitability analysis and scorecard are also available on Board to explore a customized insight.

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The growth of a company is mostly dependent upon the financial and business team. The workflow from all the departments is, therefore, necessary to monitor the proper scale of the business. A software solution like Anaplan and other alternatives are therefore essential to fasten the analysis and planning procedure. This doesn't only save time but also improves the accuracy of data management in comparison to the traditional techniques.

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Anaplan is a robust software solution that provides business operational practice for different departments like Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR, and Supply Chain in one place.

No, there is a huge difference between Anaplan and Tableau. Tableau is used as a data visualization tool, whereas Anaplan is used as both a business planning and visualization tool.

Data can be structured in the form of graphs and charts using Anaplan. So, data can also be visualized using this software, and it too works as a data visualization tool.


Anaplan is web-based business planning software that can process raw data into optimized and impressive charts. It displays graphs for proper analysis to monitor the performance of a business and set future goals according to the report.

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