JMeter Random String

Apache JMeter seems to be a Java-based open source software that allows you to run workable, load, achievement, and recurrence assessments on an application. The implementation might be attempting to run on a Web server or it might be stand-alone. It allows for test results both on client-server and web models with dynamic and static resources. It supports a wide range of protocols for testing, including HTTP, HTTPS, JDBC, FTP, JMS, LDAP, SOAP, and others.

Why do we use apache jmeter?

  • It contains a full GUI-based workbench for experimenting with tests. It also allows you to work without using a graphical user interface. JMeter can also be installed on a server, enabling tests to be run in a distributed manner.
  • It offers the concept of templates, which are predefined test plans for various schemes or protocols which can be used straightforwardly to generate your requisite test plan.
  • It allows you to construct test plans architecturally by utilizing powerful features such as Thread Group, Controllers, Samplers, Listeners, and so on.
  • Through effective logging, it allows for debugging and error monitoring.
  • The idea of variables allows it to endorse generalized testing.
  • It enables the generation of various types of test plans, such as Web, Database, FTP, LDAP, Web service, JMS, Monitors, and so on.
  • It enables remote testing by managing big JMeter occurrences as data centres across nodes and accessing them through a single customer application.
  • It provides real-time test results for metrics such as latency, throughput, response times, active threads, and so on.
  • It allows you to perform regular expression testing as well as a variety of other functions.

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Jmeter random string:

JMeter lets you run testing procedures on your application with any type of request. During these tests, we may need to generate new data, timestamp it, or deceive a response.JMeter offers built functions that are highly transferable to your testing methods for these purposes. Let's look at the ones you could need throughout a test.

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  • Random String:

There are several ways to generate a random string in JMeter.


  1. ${__RandomString(5)} This will generate a random string, which may or may not be readable.
  2. ${__RandomString(5,ABCD123)} This will generate a random string using only the alphanumeric values you supply.
  3. ${__RandomString(5,,var)} This will generate a random string and then assign it to a variable. As a result, you can use that variable in another script by using the $var expression. The RandomString function's second parameter is optional.
  • Random Number:

There are several ways to generate a random string in JMeter.


  1. ${__Random(5)} This will generate a random number of a specified length.
  2. ${__Random(5,var)} This will generate a random number with a specified length and then assign the value to a variable. As a result, you can use that variable in another script by using the $var expression.
  • UUID:

A UUID (universally unique identifier) is a 128-bit number that is used to identify data in computer systems. You should use the __UUID() functionality in JMeter to generate one. UUID is nearly unique due to its length and random $UUID() and you will get a value like this 0c7dba7e-7587–46d0–88f2-dfe577b88432

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  • Split String:

If you need to split a String with a delimiter, use the $SPLIT() function.

Simply create a BeanShell Processor in the location where you want the split operation to occur. Then, in the beanshell script field, enter $__split($param,splitParam,|).

  1. The first parameter is the parameter that you want to split.
  2. Second parameter: This variable will be assigned splitted values after the split. When using it, you must define an index.
  3. The third parameter is the delimiter that you have in the String.
  • Time:

Users could use Time capabilities to get the current time in various formats. To format a time value, individuals could indeed clearly state a date time layout.

  1. $__time(dd/MM/yyyy,) will get you the date 02/12/2018.
  2. $__time(dd-mmm-yyyy hh:mm,) will get you to 02–12–2018 12:22.
  3. $__time() returns a timestamp such as 1598723200239.
  4. There are many other functions that you can use with JMeter, but if those are insufficient for you, JavaScript is available to assist you.
  • Javascript:

You can use the __javaScript() function to pass any javascript code as a parameter and do some crazy things.

Create a number between 0 and 10 $__javaScript(Math.floor(Math.random() * 10))

After comparing a variable to a hardcoded string, the true/false result is stored in a variable.


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