UiPath vs Blue Prism

In this blog, we are going to explain the major differences between two RPA tools; they are Blue Prism and UiPath. In this modern tech era, everything depends on automating, integrating the applications and this will lead to getting an effective output. When it comes to Artificial intelligence programs, we have a popular tool to automate the robotic process or artificial applications that is popularly known as the “RPA” tool. Learning this tool may help you to become an expert in RPA tools, they are; UiPath and Blue Prism. Today we are going to explain the definitions, benefits, and major differences between the Uipath and Blue Prism tools. Are you excited to unleash your RPA skills? Then let’s begin:

What do you mean by the UiPath Automation RPA Tool?

UiPath RPA tools can also be called the Windows desktop or RPA software, this is specially designed to empower only business analytics, and also result in automating the business process within their organizations.The Uipath tool is developed to reduce the manpower in the business organizations and consists of fewer program codes such as .net or C#,and scripting languages (UNIX and LINUX). When you start working with Uipath, they majorly focus on activities related to the flow chart. Uipath Automation also offers a multitude of services, process data modeling change management, deployment management, remote execution management,scheduling management, and execution monitoring.

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Benefits of using the Uipath Automation Tool

The following are the major benefits of using the Uipath automation tool;

1. Offers effective business productivity:

This helps to automate with unrivaled speed accessible via Citrix or remote desktop.

2. Cost-effective tool:

Offers minimal operational costs and better utilization of information technology resources.

3. Customer experience:

Improves the customer experience across the front office and back-office operations.

4. Artificial intelligence-driven:

This will helps to add machine learning to turn rules-based exceptions to experience based on the decision making process.

5. Secured to use:

Defense grade security and auditing for reliable deployment.

6. Easy to use:

Uipath RPA tool offers a faster automation design and deployment process. 

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Limitations of using the UiPath RPA Tool

The following are the few limitations of using the Uipath RPA tool:

1. The RPA Uipath is not an effective computing solution.

2. By using the Uipath tool, the user cannot read the data, as it consists of non-electronic and unstructured data.

3. When a business enterprise started using the Uipath automation tool to automate the business enterprise should take care of several input data that are used by different sources.

4. Huge capital investment is required and the maintenance cost is also very high due to the maintenance of high caliber labor is required.

5. Continuous power supply is required.

6. Any breakdown while automating the business process may lead to the entire breakdown of an application.

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What do you mean by Blue Prism?

Blue Prism is a UK-based software development company in the field of automation anywhere or robotic process automation. The group supplies a software robot application process which helps to automate the clerical black office process that works exactly like a human.This RPA tool offers services like a digital workforce which is designed to automate the very tough, end-to-end software development operational activities. The blue prism RPA tool helps to improve the capability of the virtual business workforce which is powered by Software robots applications. The main purpose to use these Blue prism tools is to automate the business operations in agile integration and cost effective type.This RPA blue prism tool is developed on the basis of Java programming language and provides functionalities like drag and drop.

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Benefits of using the Blue Prism Tool

The following are the major benefits of using the Blue prism tool:

1. Secured and accurate:

RPA blue prism tool offers no limit number of process, and later they will be executed in this tool. Blue Prism RPA tool delivers accurate and secure results to any business process that automates your enterprise-related tasks.

2. Robust tool:

Blue Prism RPA tool offers various robust features like data encryption, end-to-end audition, and data encryption. So if you make any changes to auditing and any user-related task that will not affect the business application.

3. Scalable and resilient feature:

This Blue Prism RPA tool allows scalability while working with central management. Henceforth, all the business processes will be automated as per customer needs and monitored centrally.

4. 24*7 online support work force:

The blue prism is mainly designed to work virtually without a person physically. This will also help to monitor every human-related task on the screen.

5. Offers business analytics:

Blue Prism offers extended features like dashboards configurations, and redirect the session information to monitor the security process.

6. Offers cloud support:

Blue Prism offers better working capacity support as per your business requirement. Users enable to create demand and manage the entire workforce.

7. Provides data security and data abstraction facility:

As we know that Blue Prism tool is designed to work autonomously and all the business processing will be performed effectively and helps to store the data centrally. So this will enable us to offer well-defined data abstraction and security processes.

8. Executes artificial intelligence:

Blue prism is an RPA tool; this RPA automates the robotic process in the systems and reacts dynamically migrates the data to multiple environments.

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Limitations of using Blue Prism

The following are the few limitations of using blue prism:

1. Blue prism intelligent RPA tool has been available on the market for a long time and should be the leader in the automation process. However, the latest market trend shows that Uipath and automation anywhere RPA tools getting better when compared to Blue prism.

2. The layout of the Blue prism RPA tool looks a bit old fashion, and you might consider MC VISO over the Blue prism.

3. More importantly, the blue prism tool has no trial software; this meant that we could not able to learn in our spare time. This may lead to a delay in learning and prefer Uipath over blue prism.

4. The blue prism software looks like Windows 98 version compared to a sticker, so the visual appeal is quite different especially in pre-sales situations.

5. The blue prism tool may be a bit strict with planning and layout in the process flow. So it gets very messy quickly.

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The differences between Blue Prism and UiPath

In this section, we are going to explain the comparison between blue prism and Uipath on the basis of features:

1. Installation:

a. Blue prism is very easy to install, which takes less than an hour. The entire installation can be done based on windows 98 packages and an SQL database server. Additional software configuration can also be done easily once you install Blue prism.

b. When comes to Uipath installation, a list of software prerequisites should be met. The components of Uipath are very easy to install as just like a windows package. Uipath orchestrator required a lot of care and takes helps from the SQL database server. In the Uipath installation process, documentation about the installation guide can be improvised and user-friendly.

2. Deployment:

a. Deployment process in Blue prism is quite simpler. This required creating packages, export and import them.

b. In Uipath you need to follow many steps they first need to connect to the studio and trigger the orchestrator process. Once you are done with the publication, a newer version will be created, and move that version to a different platform.

3. Source control:

a. In the blue prism, you can compare any two versions to process easily in visual form and also helps to identify the differences too. This will lead to control the version and tracking of code changes. Various blue prism file versions are located in the centralized SQL database server and easy to access.

b. Whereas in Uipath, comparisons between any two versions are comfortable and no hectic task needed. You just need to add the mechanism for Uipath full source code audit explicitly done.

4. Readability process:

a. Blue prism RPA tool consists of better aesthetic sense and visual data elements. Process flow during the time configuration becomes comfortable and resize or recolor the elements used.

b. Whereas in Uipath, the process flow is completely fixed, and the data elements are not visual when compared to Blue prism. Users cannot customize the process flow elements and the attributes.

5. System to system integration method:

a. In the blue prism, you will get excellent system to system integration on both the server side and client side. This also supports Restful API calls.

b. In uipath, the system will have appeared outside and you need to make RESTful API calls to start the actual process. So by default, this will supports the RESTful API calls.

6. Debugging:

a. Debugging in the blue prism is a smooth process and users can interact dynamically.

b. In Uipath, debugging is a tiresome process and you cannot find dynamic interaction with test variables.

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Final Words

In this Uipath VS blue prism blog; we have explained the comprehensive overview of the major RPA tools such as Uipath and Blue prism. This blog also helps companies and users to choose between these tools according to their features availability, limitations,and advantages. Blue Prism RPA tool is mainly used to provide a virtual workforce whereas Uipath is most widely used by non-programmer as it doesn’t require any programming language knowledge to perform various operations. I hope this Blog may help a few of you who want to begin your career as an RPA developer to review, explore, and choose the best RPA tool while working with the artificial intelligence process.

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