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SAP Fiori is a design system that enables you to create business apps with a consumer-grade user experience, turning casual users into SAP experts with simple screens that run on any device. SAP Fiori is the user interface or user experience (UX) that supplements and can replace the SAP GUI. This streamlined application uses tiles to encapsulate standard tasks, such as approving purchase requisitions, viewing sales orders and approving timesheets. SAP Fiori Tools simplifies the development of SAP Fiori elements applications by providing extensions for your SAP business application studio and VS code development environment. The SAP Fiori tools extensions help you create applications, visualise navigation, automatically generate code and more. In the below, we are going to discuss about the What are SAP Fiori Tools, Core Capabilities of SAP Fiori Tools, Principles of SAP Fiori Tools & Benefits of SAP Fiori Tools.

What are SAP Fiori Tools?

SAP Fiori tools are a set of extensions for SAP business application studio and visual studio code that makes it faster and easier to develop SAP Fiori elements applications. SAP Fiori provides all business roles in real-time on compatible hand devices. It offers business roles on easy to use functions, simple with unmatched responsiveness on desktop, smartphones and tablets. There are three types of apps in SAP Fiori Tools. 

  • Transactional apps : Transactional apps are often simply web representations of the transactions from the SAP GUI.
  • Analytical apps : Analytical apps provide role-based real-time information about business operations. Those apps integrate the power of SAP HANA with the SAP business suite. It provides real-time data from a large volume of data in the front-end web browser.
  • Fact Sheet apps : Fact Sheet applications display contextual information and critical facts about central objects used in your business operations. The end-user can drill down into its details from a fact sheet app (tile). Also, you can navigate from one fact sheet to its related fact sheets.

Core Capabilities of SAP Fiori Tools

SAP Fiori tools provide many capabilities to increase the efficiency of developing SAP Fiori applications using either SAP Fiori elements or the SAPUI5 freestyle approach. SAP Fiori Tools, together with SAP Fiori elements, reduce development time maintenance cost and leverage the advantages of metadata-driven UI. The following capabilities are used in the SAP Fiori Tools in the guided extension development.

  • Guided development allows the user to walk through the steps required to implement a specific functionality in the Fiori element application.
  • Users can choose to insert the code snippet or copy the code snippet to the clipboard and make the relevant changes in the project.

The following are the features and capabilities of SAP Fiori Tools

  1. Rol-bases
  2. Personalized
  3. Search and Navigation
  4. Responsive

Principles of SAP Fiori Tools

The design philosophy of SAP Fiori is based on five core principles. SAP Fiori user experience is role-based, adaptive, simple, coherent and delightful. In the below, we have briefly explained the principles of SAP Fiori Tools.

Role-based : SAP Fiori Tools is designing for your business, your needs, and how you work. It draws from our broad insights on the multifaceted roles of today's workforce. SAP Fiori Tools provides the correct information at the right time and reflects the way you work.

Delightful : Apart from making you work smarter, SAP Fiori also enriches your work experience by allowing you to do your job simpler.

Coherent : Whether you fulfil a sales order, review yout latest KPIs, or manage to leave requests-SAP Fiori Tools adheres to a consistent interaction and visual design language. Across the enterprise, you enjoy the same intuitive and consistent experience.

Simple : With SAP Fiori Tools, you can complete your job intuitively and quickly. SAP Fiori Tools helps you focus on what essential functions are easy to use and personalize the experience to focus on your relevant tasks and activities.

Adaptive : SAP Fiori Tools enables you to work how and where you want, regardless of the device you use. And it provides relevant information that allows for instant insight.

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Developing SAP Fiori Applications with SAP Fiori Tools

To develop an application that connects to SAP data sources, you can use one of the following options.

  • SAP Fiori elements create standard applications based on basic page-type templates for common SAP scenarios for floor plans. These templates provide UI code, including some logic, so that the data from the backend goes precisely where it is supposed to, and the UI behaviour is based on the metadata you provide. You can customize the floorplans using XML annotations.
  • SAPUI5 freestyle gives you complete flexibility about your application's look and performance. You can select templates and specify the layout, flow, menu structure, colours, fonts, interactions, patterns and more. You have to write the javascript UI code for each screen, which may be time-consuming.

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Benefits of SAP Fiori Tools

SAP Fiori's benefits are many. Working with SAP companies over the long term, we have found the move to Fiori to pay off along multiple dimensions. The most common advantages relate to Fiori's modern design at a high level. Other key benefits include the following.

Increases in Productivity : Fiori designed interfaces are easier to use than earlier SAP UIs, enabling more productive work. Fiori can drive reductions in time spent on tasks of up to 64% with more straightforward menus and tiles and fewer clicks. For example, in a comparison between SAP Fiori and SAP GUI involving a collections workflow, the processing time fell from 2:12 to 47 seconds and 39 clicks, eight-screen changes and five fields filled to 11 clicks, two-screen changes two served areas.

More Intuitive Workflow : Fiori designed UIs featuring business logic rather than SAP logic. Ṭhis makes them more intuitive to the vast majority of information workers, who are not versed in SAP.

Improved Mobility : With its mouse and keyboard structure, SAP GUI was not well-suited to mobile form factor and the variety of mobile interface styles. The switch to Fiori delivers advantages to mobile employees. It also helps companies with Bring Your Device (BYOD) policies.

Better Fit with SAP HANA : Fiori is optimising for SAP HANA workflows. For organisations that have built ad-hoc processes on ECC, Fiori helps modernise. Fiori lets you get the maximum benefit from a migration to SAP HANA.

Workforce Flexibility : The standardised Fiori interface and its coherent design philosophy make it easy for employees to learn new jobs quickly. Having mastered one Fiori app, users can transfer that knowledge to other apps. Workers can then move between roles more readily.

Improved Morale : Fiori has been used to make work less tedious. Interfaces designed with Fiori give contextual support, which reduces frustration.

Less Development : As SAP Fiori and SAP HANA have evolved, customers are discovering less need to create their tools. The growing Flori library and the SAP Apple partnership offer a wide range of preset app options.

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In this blog, we have discussed the SAP Fiori Tools. It covered all the topics such as Core Capabilities of SAP Fiori Tools, Principles of SAP Fiori Tools & Benefits of SAP Fiori Tools.We can say that SAP Fiori Tools has helped corporations across the globe to enhance their user experiences. Along with this, employee productivity has also improved. Furthermore, SAP Fiori has boosted application development. The ever-growing Fiori library and the Apple partnership offer developers a vast range of app options. SAP Fiori Tools is very useful for employees who have worked in top organisations. Hope you found this article useful!

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