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Are you thinking about how to secure your devices for better productivity? To answer this we have come up with one of the demanding security tools known as “SIEM ArcSight”. SIEM stands for security information and event management system; this is a child product of the company “Microfocus”. SIEM ArcSight is an open-source platform that enables users to interact with the latest cybersecurity and internet of technology methods. In this SIEM ArcSight blog, we are going to explain how we can securely connect with people, devices, and systems. SIEM ArcSight will explain how to implement advanced features and tools to secure your device or system. Let’s get into the actual content.

Introduction to SIEM ArcSight:

As we already know that Microfocus is a cybersecurity company, they released a product in 2000 called “SIEM ArcSight”. The main purpose to develop this SIEM ArcSight product is to provide data security analytics and intelligence software for the various devices and systems. This product also serves as a log management method in various business enterprises. SIEM ArcSight offers digital identity and accessibility for the consumers and also empowers the workforce. This cyber security tool also provides a delightful and secure consumer experience. One of the important features of SIEM ArcSight is to protect your connected devices and data streams. Many applications have been using this tool such as government, healthcare, retail, finance, social media, and communications. Arcsight also helps consumers to identify and protect themselves from security threats. Now Arcsight has become a subsidiary product of HP (Hewlett-Packard).

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SIEM Arcsight overview

Arcsight is an enterprise security manager or ESM, that consists of ingestion and interpretations of systems loggings, establishing connections to threat feeds, real-time device correlation, data analytics, alerting security, and user data presentation through UI (user interface) dashboards and data reporting. ESM also supports baselining and mechanism notification, this can be achieved through the integration with various analytical products like Arcsight user behavior analytics or UBA. Arcsight also includes the data enrichment features like data assessment, network modeling, geo-location, user modeling, and vulnerability.

Why SIEM ArcSight:

Below are the key reasons which will explain why we need SIEM ArcSight:

1. SIEM ArcSight supports the big data Hadoop features and helps to collect the events and perform data analysis.

2. SIEM ArcSight makes use of machine learning language to assist various event management tasks.

3. Easy integration with third-party users and external users to threat risk management services.

4. This tool also helps to manage the active directory objects and properties. Also helps to manage the active directory permissions.

5. Manage the target system permission and offers massive configurations and customization capabilities.

6. Secured connectivity with people, things, and devices. This tool also offers configuration assessment to different system properties.

7. SIEM ArcSight is also a cyber security tool that helps users to protect devices from threats and licensing protection.

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SIEM ArcSight architecture overview:

The SIEM ArcSight architecture explains the functionalities and works nature. In this section, we are going to explain the architecture overview in brief.

The below diagram explains the architecture of SIEM ArcSight:


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SIEM ArcSight is a high availability security system design and associates with various service implementations that ensure high level operational performance. The default components included are communications, cache, commit, recovery, and hardware components. Firstly analysts will leverage the Arcsight console or a web browser to access ESM, Logger, and CA. Here the enriched events from ESM will be forwarded to the logger for long term event storage. Then events from all smart connectors will be forwarded to the ESM instances. All smart connectors are managed remotely via the ArcSight connector appliances or ESM manager. After that events of interest will be forwarded from logger to ESM for real-time correlation. Correlated events will be forwarded back to the logger for long term storage. Events from all smart connectors will be forwarded to separate loggers for load balancing purposes. All smart connectors are managed remotely via the Arcsight connector appliance.

Components of ArcSight:

The following are the major components of Arcsight:

1. Smart connector:

The main functions included are:

  a. Helps to collect all the required event logs from the network devices.

  b. Filters data enables you to save storage and bandwidth.

 c. Helps to parse all the events and normalize the common schema.

d. This even aggregates the events to reduce the event count.

 e. Categorize the events in a common format in order to establish rules and filters.

2. ArcSight manager:

The common functions included are:

a. This is a java server-based component.

b. Evaluates the events as per network model and information vulnerability.

c. Helps to develop real-time threat summaries.

d. Writes events to CORR event engine.

3. CORR event engine or Correlation optimized retention and retrieval engine:

The main functions included are:

a. Here ESM helps to organize the data and stores them in the corr engine as per the required event retention period.

b. Even correlation of events take place in the corr engine and archived for long-term use.

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User Interface components of ArcSight:

1. Arcsight command center:

a. Helps to manage users, event data, and storage.

b. Helps to monitor the events.

c. Generate reports and updates the license.

2. Arcsight console:

a. Build the filters, reports, patterns, discovery, rules, and dashboards.

b. Helps to monitor the data.

c. Administer the users and workflows.

3. ArcSight web:

a. This is a web interface manager and helps to monitor the events.

b. Mainly used to drill down the dashboards, reporting, and security analyst notifications.

4. ArcSight risk insight:

a. helps to assess the business impact this is due to specific threats to define the rules.

5. Pattern discovery:

a. This is used to detect various data patterns of any event flow and purposes include are:

1. Discover zero attacks

   2. Discover low and slow attacks

   3. Discover profile common patterns in networking

   4. Helps to automatically security rules. 

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SIEM Arcsight features

Below are the latest features of SIEM ArcSight:

1. Threat blocked:

This is one of the important features of security management. It includes the data access to the ArcSight threat framework and also helps to market the contents for the latest current security products like rules, reports, use cases, and dashboards.

2. Source ingestion:

The latest and most important feature of the SIEM ArcSight tool and helps to analyze the data from various devices and also incorporates the cyber threat data intelligence through STIX and CIF standard dashboards. Source ingestion consists of smart connectors that support event format, APIs, logs, flat files, firewall logs, Net flow, XML/JSON, and database connectivity.

3. High-level Performance:

 This feature also offers 100,000 events per second or EPS.

4. Value:

With the help of this feature, users can convert from legacy licensing data models to the new or latest release, and the ADP of any architecture reports the issues to manage conversion complexity and costs. To perform this Microfocus has implemented the changes to licensing format that includes pricing options to restrict the free data access.

5. Implementation:

This is also the latest feature; here the users generally report easy implementation. As per the Gartner report, ArcSight is an extensively customized tool to support threat management and compliance use cases. ArcSight API enables extensive data integration in multiple SOC environments.

6. Management:

This is the popular and best feature of the ArcSight tool. With the help of this feature data modular packages help to allow various custom rules, other contents, and SIEM dashboards will be exported and this will be shared across customers, devices, and systems. This feature also includes centralized management, reporting the enterprise security events, and data analysis.

7. Supporting:

Here users can generally note solid data management and security support, but it may cost you.

8. Scalability:

This is also a very important feature; you can scale up to 100,000 EPS along with distributed correlation.

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Advantages of SIEM Arcsight

The following are the key benefits of using SIEM arcSight:

1. Improves the customer experience

Customer expectation changes with every innovative product and new service. They demand that your organization provide them with the same digital experience they have at other companies.

2. Digital transformation services:

Digital technology changing organizations, products, and services, it is a source of innovations. Enterprises are facing the challenge of undergoing a digital transformation that will bring about mainly internal changes. While external partners are looking for ways to offer the end-users the optimal customer experience.

3. SIEM ArcSight offers flexible deployment and fully transparent.

4. Rapid deployments and high availability.

5. Clustering and appliance or virtual.

6. Multiple modes: agents, spanning, and bridge.

7. Security and governance.

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This blog may help a few of you to learn the SIEM ArcSight cybersecurity features, architecture, and advantages. The main purpose of SIEM ArcSight is to offer security for data connections, devices, and systems. SIEM ArcSight’s advanced automation tools help to integrate the end-user business applications and also provide digital transparency for customers. With the help of SIEM ArcSight, you can secure your business data from any threats, malware viruses and also helps to protect confidential data.

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