What Is Tosca

Due to high demand, software testing technologies have progressed significantly. It makes life easier for testers by providing handy options and capabilities. It is critical to seek out a high-quality tool because it can help you save time. As it provides so many choices, the Tosca automation tool has received much interest. In the marketplace, there are a plethora of software testing automation solutions. Hence, finding the correct tool, both free and commercial versions, is critical to achieving efficiency. In this blog, we are going to comprehend the Tosca concepts such as what is Tosca, why Tosca is used, the history of Tosca, what are the features and benefits of Tosca.

What is Tosca?

The abbreviation for TOSCA is Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications. Tosca test suite is a software testing tool for businesses that are frequently used to automate the process. It provides complete test case capability for an efficient test management process. Tosca is classified as an enterprise tool since it may be used in large-scale applications.


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Why Tosca?

Tosca is one of the best and most often used automated testing tools. It is widely employed in large-scale applications to achieve successful outcomes. Tosca is used by most testers in the automotive, metal & mining, financial, and education industries due to its user-friendly characteristics. 

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History of Tosca

TOSCA Testsuite is developed and designed by the TRICENTIS Technology & Consulting GmbH (A Vienna-based Austrian software firm). Tricentis was established in 2007 by Franz Fuchsberger and Wolfgang Platz, transforming their former consulting firm into a software firm. The company's headquarters are in Mountain View, California, and Vienna, Austria.

  • Tricentis received a $9 million early-stage investment from Viewpoint, which is now part of Kennet Partners, in 2012. Sandeep Johri took over as CEO in 2013. Johri has sat on the boards of many startups and worked as a VP of HP's cloud business.
  • Insight Venture Partners provided $165 million in series B funding to Tricentis in 2017.
  • Deutsche Bank, Toyota, UBS, Allianz, BMW, and Starbucks are among the company's clients.
  • Tricentis and SAP, an enterprise software company, announced cooperation in July 2020. The Tricentis continuous testing platform, which is being incorporated into the SAP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) portfolio, would be the testing platform for the SAP Solution Extensions program under the terms of the agreement.
  • Machine learning techniques are used by the Tricentis tools to identify potential integration risks among SAP and third-party applications. They're also utilized to automate SAP and related application end-to-end testing.
  • Kevin Thompson was named CEO and Chairman of the Board in April 2021.

Key features of Tosca

Tosca covers several features on testing API, and mobile, along with automation and artificial intelligence techniques. It offers the following features:

Vision AI

  • Vision AI is the next technology that "sees" in the same way that humans do.
  • It allows for quick automated testing for apps that were previously difficult or impossible to automate, like those operating on distant desktops.
  • It can also automate tests based on design mockups before any code is developed
  • It allows you to test far earlier in the development cycle.\

Test automation based on models

  • Create codeless, resilient automated testing using a unique technique that separates an application's technical information from the automation model
  • It allows you to increase automation rates to 90%+.
  • It lowers the maintenance costs.
  • Increases productivity.

Risk-based test optimization

  • Using a risk-based approach to testing allows you to reduce the number of tests in your automation suite while reducing risk in your software releases. 
  • It enables you to prioritize testing for business-critical functionality. Lowers the overall test creation.
  • Reduces the maintenance costs.
  • Make better "go/no-go" release decisions.

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Service Virtualization

  • The nightmare of trying to check replies from systems that are difficult to access/provision or that haven't been developed yet is over with service virtualization. 
  • This eliminates one of the most significant causes of testing delays.
  • It enables automated tests to perform at any time.

Test data management

Expecting “good” test data is another hindrance that delays traditional software testing. You can use test data management to produce and deliver stateful data on-demand (imported, masked, or synthetic) for even the most complicated situations.

Distributed execution

  • distributed infrastructures and virtual machines can be used for executing several tests in parallel.
  • Testing is made faster and at scale.  

API scan

  • API testing may be made easier.
  • The codeless approach accelerates the process.
  • It increases test stability.

Assistant for recording automation

By giving business users an easy way to record their day-to-day actions, which can later be transformed into automated test cases, they may avoid manual testing.

Mobile testing

  • Create mobile tests quickly.
  • It can be used as building blocks for end-to-end test scenarios on iOS and Android devices.
  • Supports using native, hybrid, or mobile websites

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Benefits of Tosca

Tosca has several advantages. The following are the most significant benefits.

  • Tosca is a wonderful solution that allows users to experience no scripting option. As scripting isn't required, it's no surprise that individuals use it more frequently.
  • Tosca employs the Agile testing approach because it aids in the development of both small and large-scale applications.
  • Most prevalent technologies, including SAP, ORACLE, JAVA, SOA, HTML, and so on, are supported by the Tosca automation tool. 
  • Offers excellent vendor assistance to gain a large audience.
    Provides a simple interface at a reasonable price.
  • Guarantee high-quality rapid results in a short period of time.

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Tosca is a user-friendly automation tool that includes a test suite for software testing. The remarkable feature allows consumers to benefit from improved functioning on a regular basis. It provides low-cost testing services across various platforms.

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