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Kronos Course Overview

Kronos is a people-centric software developed for monitoring employee-related concerns for HR, such as time and attendance, holidays, vacations, accrued leaves, work hours of the staff, and a few other workforce analytics. Kronos is a web-based online tracking cloud system that timestamps an employee’s logins and logouts along with maintaining a record of accrued leaves and approvals to calculate the accurate payroll.

The Kronos virtual timecard system automatically records holidays and calculates total hours of work and overtime while also displaying accrued sick leaves and vacation balances. Our Kronos Online Training guarantees learners of quality education under the mentorship of mentors with over 10+ years of experience in the field.


To apply for the Kronos Training Online, you need to either:

  • You should have a basic understanding of computer networking concepts like TCP/IP, DNS and firewalls
  • You should have a basic understanding of Operating systems like Windows & Linux
  • You should have a basic understanding of security concepts like access control, encryption and authentication
  • You should also be familiar with at least one programming language like Java, Ruby or Python.

Kronos Course Content

At HKR Trainings, we aim to provide our Kronos Training receivers with a better understanding of how Kronos controls labor costs, reduces compliance risk, and improves workforce productivity.Our trainers are skilled individuals who also love educating about the workings of Human Capital Management and the recent developments in the field to keep you updated and ahead of your peers. 

Enroll now to start learning Kronos and get a headstart on your career by taking advantage of the expert-crafted curriculum we follow!

  • HCM and WFM
  • Kronos Workforce timekeeper tool uses
  • Kronos performance
  • Kronos Modules

  • Navigation fundamentals
  • Managers, employees, and payroll managers' tasks
  • Navigator view
  • Genies Introduction
  • Employee and workforce timekeeper genies
  • Making Use of Setup
  • Search tools

  • Timecard area, Timecard widget part areas
  • Adding/changing pay codes
  • Adding/changing punches
  • Unsaved data
  • Types of Exceptions
  • Including comments
  • Overtime approval
  • Timecard visuals, audit procedure
  • Modifying the pay code amount, Lock payroll
  • Approving timecard, the Approval procedure
  • Signoff procedure
  • Analyzing the rules
  • Historical corrections

  • Basics of People editor, licenses
  • Adding or changing and terminating employees
  • Reports from the Timekeeper
  • Categories and descriptions of reports
  • Reporting schedules
  • Running and viewing reports

  • Accessing and using the schedule planner view

  • Labour level overview
  • Entries, Employee Groups & Labour Level Sets
  • pay code definition
  • Combined pay code
  • Orders of display

  • Rounding, types of rounding rules.
  • Punch rounding rules
  • Exceptions to the schedule
  • Bonuses and Deductions
  • The allocation of pay codes
  • Principles of Combination
  • Pay code duration
  • Work principles
  • Order process
  • Holiday table
  • Holiday zone and credit Rules
  • Terms of employment
  • Pay policies

  • Codes for accrual
  • Patterns of dates and dates
  • Full-Time Equivalents.
  • Periods of Probation
  • Policies for Accrual
  • Limits
  • Accrual profile
  • Cascade profile
  • Pay Codes in Cascading Sequences
  • Balance of Accrual Cascades
  • Policies of cascade

  • Schedule periods
  • Schedule group
  • Login profile
  • Template for shift & pattern

  • Widgets, Workspaces
  • Custom Data fields
  • Navigator
  • Telephone fields
  • Building blocks for the workforce genie
  • Column sets for the workforce genie
  • Custom URLs and their profiles

  • Summarize all the points discussed

Kronos projects


Capitalism Systems

Description: Capitalism is an economic system in which private individuals or corporations own capital assets.


Beautiful House

Description: Beautiful House offers a plethora of decorating and design ideas, as well as expert guidance on a variety of topics.

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Kronos Training Online Reviews

Harshad Gaikwad

Harshad Gaikwad

Practice Head

I had an insightful experience with HKR Trainings while participating in the ServiceNow ITOM (IT Operations Management) Training online. Engaging in instructor-led sessions, the trainer offered detailed insights into various ServiceNow ITOM modules and practices. Throughout the course, the support team was consistently available, and the trainer adeptly clarified all my inquiries, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of ServiceNow ITOM concepts.
Balaji Gnanasekar

Balaji Gnanasekar

IT Analyst

I had a comprehensive learning journey with HKR Trainings while undertaking the PostgreSQL Training online. Engaging in instructor-led sessions, the trainer delved deep into various PostgreSQL functionalities and best practices. Throughout the training, the support team remained attentive, and the trainer skillfully addressed all my questions, facilitating a solid grasp of PostgreSQL concepts.
Amit Singh

Amit Singh

Technical Lead - Service Now

I had a rewarding experience with HKR Trainings while delving into the ServiceNow ITOM (IT Operations Management) Training online. Engaging in instructor-led sessions, the trainer provided comprehensive insights into various ServiceNow ITOM modules and best practices. Throughout the course, the support team was consistently available, and the trainer adeptly addressed all my queries, ensuring a robust understanding of ServiceNow ITOM concepts.

Kronos Training Online Objectives

Kronos is a popular time and attendance management system that provides workforce management solutions. Getting Kronos Training Online, gives you a personalized learning experience in real-time with a practical approach. Also, after getting certified in Kronos Training Online, you can easily manage attendance systems, time entries, schedules, and many more through a web interface. It replaces the manual time reporting system and helps to manage data electronically.

Following are the professionals who can benefit from Kronos training:

  • Developer
  • Consultant
  • Functional analysts
  • Application engineer 
  • Anyone willing to learn Kronos 

A basic understanding of C, JAVA, along with database PL and SQL is necessary.

While we provide assistance for job placement, your knowledge, confidence, and skills are essential in the interviews.

Our trainers are experienced professionals with a history of more than 10 years in the sector. They are well-acquainted personnel with a flair for making learning fun and easy.

To join our program, you can either click on the ‘Enroll Now’ icon at the top of the screen, contact us at our Customer care number, or simply submit your details in the pop-up, and our team will get back to you with the details as soon as possible. 

The Director of HKR Trainings issues the Course Completion Certificate.

Kronos is a configurable software specifically designed to streamline the workforce of all business sizes.

Kronos offers workforce management solutions, including HRMS. 

Many companies have started using Kronos to increase productivity. Kronos’s top-tier clients include Whole Foods, GameStop, Honda, Bridgestone, croma, DHL, Gartner, and J.P. Morgan, along with government agencies and companies in the health and banking industries.

Many organizations and institutions use Kronos to reduce the HR burden by utilizing Kronos’s simplified and automated schedules that help reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of the workforce.

By learning Kronos at HKR, you will be able to find a job in any business that employs the Kronos technique for HR management.

Our Kronos training program provides a learner with a strong comprehension of Kronos concepts like the Kronos Workforce Management, navigation fundamentals, setting up a basic scheduler, people editing, accruals, pay policies, accruals, timecards, and timekeepers.

Kronos Training Online FAQ's

Many professionals prefer Kronos training offered by HKR Trainings to learn Kronos. Along with the course HKR Trainings also provides you with many online resources and keeps you updated on Kronos platform.

Kronos Workforce Central is a workforce management package that includes time and attendance, absence management, scheduling, and other features. Kronos Workforce Central is a set of tools designed exclusively for businesses to manage their complete workforce on a scalable, secure, and mobile cloud platform.

We use Kronos to track payroll expenses, Kronos Workforce Timekeeper employs a "labour account."

Retail, hospitals & healthcare, computer software, higher education, information technology and services, food production, computer hardware, medical devices, automation, and wholesale are among Kronos Workforce Central's customers.

Kronos is a configurable software specifically designed to streamline the workforce of all business sizes.

Kronos offers workforce management solutions, including HRMS.

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