Robotic Process Automation Examples

With ever-changing technology, each company wants to bring them to the forefront by improving efficiency, reducing costs and strengthening the resilience of the organization. The technology that can help them is RPA, referred to as Robotic Process Automation. Robotic process automation is a technology used for building, deploying and managing Software robots that mimic human actions in interaction with the digital systems and the software. Like human beings, software robots will understand what is written on the screen, identify and extract data, etc., and perform various actions as defined quickly and consistently than human beings without taking a break. Robotic process automation simplifies workflows, making organizations more cost-effective, flexible and responsive. So using RPA companies enhance their productivity enabling the employees to focus on the other important tasks. So, to demonstrate the usefulness of RPA, we have come up with some real-time examples:

Some Real - Time Examples of Robotic Process Automation

WEB Scraping

A web scraper is a tool by which users can retrieve data from various websites. The web scraper will take the information gathered and export the data to a spreadsheet for in-depth analysis. We need to spend hours of time browsing and gathering the required information, and this is a boring task and may even lead to mistakes. With the implementation of Web scraping, companies can retrieve the data effectively and reallocate human resources to those that focus on the operations and ROI.

Robotic Process Automation in Web Scraping uses bots to automate the retrieval of web data from the selected websites and store it. It gives quick results without the need for manual entry of the data, without any errors. Some examples of RPA web scraping are extracting the details from competitor websites, using Web scraping for retrieving financial information for in-depth market research, etc.

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Call Center Operation 

Call centres involve various repetitive and time-consuming tasks that rarely require decision making. Using RPA in call centres for these excessive scales of rule-based functions will have a great impact, and it will enhance the experience of the call centre agents and the customers. 

Generally, when a customer reaches the call center agent, he needs to identify the customer to get the necessary information about his orders, pending tickets, etc., in their database. During the retrieval of the customer information, the agent may face several issues which may affect the customer experience. 

RPA facilitates the retrieval of customer details from various systems without switching to different applications. Deployment of RPA in the call centres will minimize the time for detecting the customer and viewing all the required information of the customer at the same place. So, the customer need not wait for a long time while the agent is retrieving the customer's information. This will automatically enhance the customer's experience by minimizing the duration of the call.

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E Commerce Operation 

Robotic Process Automation plays a vital role in E-commerce operations. In E-commerce operations, RPA is used in maintaining customer relations, workflow management, auditing and finance, demand and supply planning, logistics and supply chain management, etc. RPA in E-commerce saves time and resources, minimizing the number of errors and improving the customer experience and the number of sales. 

RPA as a service enables e-commerce companies to rent cloud-based software robots hourly, starting as low as 2 hours a week. This indicates that you can enjoy the benefits of RPA without any investment in the licenses and software.

File Transfers

File transfer refers to the movement of files from one system to the other. Whatever the reasons why organizations do not devote sufficient time to managing their data for backups, such processes may be completely automated with RPA solutions by giving them the necessary credentials, source and destination information for the entire job you want to automate. Tracking the complete process can be managed by the RPA solution; the human task may be generated when human intervention is necessary.

Automating the file transfer provides the benefits like reduction of human errors, saving administrative hours, simplifying the data transfer, removing the delays and bottlenecks, improving transparency and monitoring through automated reporting, etc.

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Email Automation

Email is now the primary means of communication for companies worldwide. So, many organizations are looking to automate some parts of their email operations to serve clients more effectively and to enable humans to concentrate on the messages they alone can manage. Robotic Process Automation functionality has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface enabling the users to automate email actions quickly and easily without the need for a single line of code. Users can enjoy the benefits of email automation while capturing inbound messages, monitoring mailboxes, and triggering an incoming email-based process.

Accounting automation

While industries have already started using RPA in their processes, Automation has also started to seep into the back office. With the help of "robot" software that can follow specific rules and actions, processes (that usually require human beings to perform a time-consuming intervention) can be automated.

Robotics Process Automation quickly transforms accounting and financial operations, probably faster than any other modern technology. The RPA in accounting can automate regular, repetitive, rules-based processes, allowing accounting staff to spend more time serving the clients and other more important tasks. In accounting, RPA can be effective and reduce processing times, minimize input errors, and reduce costs.

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Report Generation and Distribution

The use of spreadsheets and reporting are fundamental activities in many organizations and an integral part of strategic decision-making. However, generating effective reports can be a difficult process for your team, and many basic applications need manual input to compile reports. Report automation removes the need to generate reports manually, reduces the risk of errors, and frees the analysts so they can analyze the data to their best.

Through Automation, the report can be emailed to stakeholders, removing the manual involvement needed in the report generation/distribution process. Automation facilitates user-friendly time and event-based scheduling to allow reports to be generated, encrypted, uploaded, emailed to the management, etc., within a single automated workflow.

Telehealth and Virtual Medical Services

In every country, the healthcare sector is a complex system but essential for the well-being of the citizens, which includes health insurance, medical equipment, clinical trials, etc. Managing the information related to the clinical applications, scheduling the applications, third party portals and other related work is a challenging task. Integrating those systems is just as difficult and requires a lot of work.

And Maintaining the balance between the growing number of people requesting care and the administrative burden of hospital processes requires a more efficient and accurate administrative process. Using Automation in the healthcare sector can help healthcare organizations increase operational efficiency, reduce operational costs and reduce human mistakes in data processing. 

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Data analysis

Data has a significant role in various businesses for various reasons. It makes it possible to make decisions, identify trends and much more that is good for the company. But, big data analytics is not always simple. So it's just impossible to do everything by hand most of the time. The analysis of all data by a human hand will be a laboriously long, arduous and boring process. That is why many different businesses are leveraging Robotics Process Automation to assist them in analyzing data. Companies use RPA technologies to manage a range of different processes efficiently. Some of the benefits of using RPA in data Analysis are: 

  • Efficiency
  • Errors reduction
  • Minimized costs

 Remote Working

Emerging technology like Robotic Process Automation is offering a number of productive ways to work remotely. For the past two years, employees have been working from home. It is challenging for HR to manually review the time records of the employees and their absences. Automating the process through the RPA can allow HR to validate records by verifying the active time of employees and the other factors. Bots can also remind the HR with alerts about being absent or any other configured aspect. This provides an opportunity for HR staff to manage time and attendance better.

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 Conclusion : 

All the above are some examples of robotic process automation. RPA has a wide range of benefits for organizations. Apart from these, there are plenty of other examples in which Robotic Process automation is helpful. RPA automates repetitive work and improves operational efficiency, data security and efficiency without compromising an organization's existing infrastructure and systems. I hope this blog is helpful.

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