What is PowerApps

PowerApps is a Microsoft offering along with the Office 365 suite of tools which offers exciting opportunities for building custom applications, promoting process automation, and increasing the efficiency of businesses of all sizes. If you are having a specific process which utilizes various parts of the Microsoft suite, such as Excel, SharePoint Online, and Dynamic 365, then a PowerApps-based Application has the power to bring all of them for your users into a single convenient and handy experience. The beautiful thing about building your own application is that you can ensure that the application is fully wrapped by the unique requirements of the user and how the employees work. In this blog, let us learn about PowerApps and its contribution to business productivity in detail.

What is PowerApps?

PowerApps is regarded as Platform-as-a-service based on its core functionality. The main purpose of PowerApps is to assist the businesses in creating mobile applications which will be useful to run on Windows, iOS, and Android. They are called to be modern applications which can work on any browser or operating system without any issue.

 PowerApps is a suite of applications, connectors, services, and data platforms which offers a fast development environment for building custom applications for your business needs. PowerApps is also called as a mobile application platform where modern developed applications execute for your business operations. Its role is to manage differences and variations in the Operating Systems while running the applications seamlessly. With the help of PowerApps, customized business applications can be developed which can connect to the data stored either on the underlying data platform or on different on-premises and online data sources like Dynamic 365, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, SQL Server, etc. 

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Importance of PowerApps:

The integration of Power Apps in business has proven its worth. Today companies are using the technology to modify the operational communication in the enterprise. A number of routine measures were implemented recently to streamline the production rate. Power Apps is one of those technology booms raised by Microsoft for organizations for creating custom apps to achieve business goals and objectives. The service provided by PowerApps is helpful for knowledgeable people to create a variety of applications to manage office chores. 

There is no requirement to implement programming or coding aspects for the same platform that enables drag-and-drop function for better convenience. The only thing that the employees should bother about is adequate training on the use of the PowerApps platform. PowerApps has revolutionized for companies and startups to develop internal desktop portals or management applications without the need of being a coding expert.

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Integrating PowerApps for operational efficiency of a business:

Before the PowerApps era, it was pretty hard for businesses to come up with good solutions to satisfy business or productivity requirements. The time factor has been very responsible over the past few days, which has interrupted the company's productivity performance. As a result, the integration of PowerApps tools to build powerful in-house apps and portals has improved business management. Following are some of the benefits of integrating PowerApps:

Availability: Power Apps is an application development platform which includes a Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Hence, the service has a high availability which is intended to help you to develop many types of applications and integrate them to various platforms. This approach allows Power Apps to be used to transform manual business operations into automated implementation. As a result, PowerApps has become very popular among businesses. 

Data Integration: If a company has integrated its operations with Common Data Service by Microsoft, in such situations, apps created by PowerApps make it easy for you to access commercial data from your operations. PowerApps may also help you embed data from more than 200 sources like Excel, OneDrive, Dropbox, Powerpoint, etc. Using these data integration capabilities, your business operations related to data sharing can be carried out effectively with no boundaries like location. Therefore, Power Apps has proven itself in the area of data integration.

Automation: With the integration of PowerApps to create or develop applications of the company, we can automate the business processes and functions. Therefore, aspects of manually entering data can be completely removed from the business operational jobs. Additionally, the automation implemented in the applications may enable you to send or receive the data or the updates from buyers or workers in the company. The automatic update function will be built into smartphones with push notifications for instant alerts. At the same time, you may create applications to troubleshoot or report with automation as well, even if the administrator does not control the application or portal. 

Business productivity: When you know how to create applications for your business, you may achieve the goals and requirements of the business. In the process, you may obviously expect high productivity as the time consumption for the execution or implementation of some processes reduces enormously. The apps that are built with the PowerApps platform are concerned about the automation of these selected processes. The people who should perform those processes manually become free from those worries and will be able to handle other basic operations.

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Who Can Learn PowerApps?

PowerApps was intended for people with no coding or development experience for creating a custom Application from the beginning. Applications built with Power Apps deliver rich business logic and workflow capabilities to turn the manual operations of the business into automated, digital operations. PowerApps also delivers an extensible platform which allows professional developers to programmatically interact with the data and metadata, implement business logic, build custom connectors and embed with external data. 

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PowerApps for Application Creators or makers:

With the help of Power Apps, Three types of applications can be created. They are Portal, model-driven, and Canvas. 

  • PowerApps Studio is an Application designer used to build canvas applications. The application designer makes it possible to create applications that feel more like building a slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint. 
  • The Application designer for Model-driven Applications allows you to set the sitemap and add components to create a model-driven application.
  • Power Apps Portals Studio is a tool for WYSIWYG design for adding and configuring components, webpages, lists, and forms.
PowerApps for app users:

You may run the applications created by you or by someone else and shared on your mobile devices like (tablet or phone) or in your browser. 

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PowerApps for admins: 

PowerApps administrators may use the Power Platform admin center for creating and managing environments, view Dataverse analytics and obtain real-time, self-help recommendations as well as support for the PowerApps and PowerAutomate.

PowerApps for developers:

Application makers and Developers who may write code for extending the creation and customization of business applications. Developers may use code for creating data and metadata and application of server-side logic with Azure functions, plug-ins and workflow extensions, application of client-side logic with JavaScript, integration of external data with virtual entities and webhooks, develop custom connectors, and integrate applications into the website experiences for creating integrated solutions.

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In this blog, we have learned about PowerApps, the importance of PowerApps, the benefits of PowerApps, and for whom PowerApps is for. We hope you found this information useful. If you are in search of any topic related to PowerApps, do not hesitate to comment on it in the comment section. For more topics, stay tuned to HKR Trainings. 

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