SAP SD Tables

This blog is intended to explain the SAP SD tables in detail. We are going to discuss three main aspects of the sales, shipping and billing process. We will cover the tables available for sales and distribution. The SAP SD tables of sales and distribution for alteryx users have also been discussed.

SD Tables in SAP:

The SAP SD module is built on tables and uses them to store data. We'll go through SAP SD tables and their relationships in this tutorial. SAP SD tables are critical storage for corporate data connected to SAP ERP software's sales and distribution activities. The SD tables are basically divided into three parts:

  • Sales
  • Shipping
  • Billing 

These are the SD module's building blocks, and it's only natural to address tables in this sequence. Please look at the slides to see how the tables from different blocks were connected. Being an expert in SAP SD necessitates an understanding of these relationships. 

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1) Sales

In SAP SD, the first block is about sales procedures.This indicates that the SAP SD tables in this block would be related to sales orders, quotations, and other similar transactions. We designed a visual slide that lists all of the tables and their relationships. 

SAP SD Sales

2) Shipping

ThIs section is about SAP SD's shipping processes. In this section, SAP SD tables deal with inbound and outbound deliveries, as well as shipments. Likewise, we've created a visual slide with links illustrating table relationships. 

SAP SD Shipping

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3) Billing

The billing feature of SAP SD is the last but not least. SAP has a variety of tables which are used to support a company's billing procedures. Billing documents, as well as other related data, such as output conditions, are saved in these tables by SAP. 

SAP SD Billing

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SAP SD Significant Tables for Sales and Distribution

The following are the SAP SD tables for customers, sales documents, delivery documents, billing documents, shipping unit.

1) Customers

KNA1: General Data

KNB1: Customer Master – Co. Code Data (payment method, reconciliation acct)

KNB4: Customer Payment History

KNB5: Customer Master – Dunning info 

KNBK: Customer Master Bank Data

KNKA: Customer Master Credit Mgmt.

KNKK: Customer Master Credit Control Area Data (credit limits)

KNVV: Sales Area Data (terms, order probability)

KNVI: Customer Master Tax Indicator

KNVP: Partner Function key

KNVD: Output type

KNVS: Customer Master Ship Data

KLPA: Customer/Vendor Link

2) Sales Documents


VBUK: Header Status and Administrative Data

VBAK: Sales Document - Header Data

VBKD: Sales Document - Business Data

VBUP: Item Status

VBAP: Sales Document - Item Data

VBPA: Partners

VBFA: Document Flow

VBEP: Sales Document Schedule Line

VBBE: Sales Requirements: Individual Records

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3) SD Delivery Document

LIPS: Delivery Document item data, includes referencing PO

LIKP: Delivery Document Header data

4) Billing Document

VBRK: Billing Document Header

VBRP: Billing Document Item

5) SD Shipping Unit

VEKP: Shipping Unit Item (Content)

VEPO: Shipping Unit Header

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The most significant SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) tables for Alteryx users

For users of Alteryx and the DVW Alteryx Connector for SAP, we'll now look at the most significant SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) tables. 

SAP Sales and Distribution table

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The following SAP systems contain SAP Sales and Distribution tables:

  • SAP ECC 

SAP Transaction Tables for Sales and Distribution (SD)

The SAP SD transaction tables for sales, delivery and billing process is as follows: 

1) Sales Document Tables

The documents of SAP Sales include:

  • Inquiries
  • Quotations
  • (Sales) Orders
  • Contracts
  • Credit Memo Requests
  • Debit Memo Requests 

The following are the most important tables in a sales document:

  • VBAK - Sales Document: Header Data
  • VBAP - Sales Document: Item Data 

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2) Delivery Document Tables

The documents of SAP Delivery include:

  • Delivery / Shipping Notifications
  • Deliveries

The key Delivery Document tables are:

  • LIKP - SD Document: Delivery Header Data
  • LIPS - SD document: Delivery: Item data 

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3) Billing Document Tables

The documents of SAP Billing include:

  • Invoices
  • Credit Memos
  • Debit Memos
  • Intercompany Invoices

The key Billing Document tables are:

  • VBRK - Billing Document: Header Data
  • VBRP - Billing Document: Item Data

Master Data Tables for SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)

  • KNA1 - General Data in Customer Master
  • KNB1 - Customer Master (Company Code)
  • KNKK - Customer master credit management: Control area data
  • KNVV - Customer Master Sales Data 

Data Tables for SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Configuration

  • TVFK - Billing: Document Types
  • TVFKT - Billing: Document Types: Texts
  • TVKO - Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations
  • TVZB - Customers: Terms of payment 
  • TVZBT - Customers: Terms of Payment Texts

We hope this blog is very helpful in knowing various tables discussed on SAP SD.   

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