Webmethods Vs Mulesoft

The WebMethods is an incorporation Platform that has a wide range of runtime parts and different development devices. MuleSoft gives an incorporation platform to assist organizations with associating information, apps and gadgets over on-premises and cloud accessing environs. The organization's foundation, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, incorporates different apparatuses to create, handle and trail APIs, which uphold these connections. In May 2018 MuleSoft was procured by Salesforce, a SaaS supplier. Salesforce utilizes MuleSoft innovation as a feature of its Salesforce Integration Cloud. In this tutorial, we will learn about what webmethod is, why it is used, what mulesoft is, the comparison between Webmethods and Mulesoft and its advantages and disadvantages. Now, let’s go through them in detail.

What is Webmethods

The WebMethods underpins numerous e-principles Like XML Rosetta Net , EDI and so on. It is viewed as a middleware market. The principal contenders of Webmethods are Vitria, TIBCO, and IBM WebSphere MQ item series. it incorporates EAI and B2B ability. It gives a graphical instrument to deliver flow administration that does planning from any information design into the other organization and interfacing distinctive apps together. Software AG's webMethods Integration Platform can be defined as a demonstrated, pre-incorporated programming suite including the market-driving Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) which empowers endeavors to quickly coordinate frameworks, administrations, gadgets, measures, colleagues and information to give new business esteem and enhance business execution. Integration Server can be considered one of the center app servers in the webMethods platform and is Java-based. 

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Why Webmethods?

Webmethods bolsters the combination of different administrations, for example, planning information among configurations and correspondence between frameworks. It is an EBS which rapidly associates all frameworks and apps regardless of where they dwell. WebMethods Integration is an amazing integration platform as a service(iPaaS) which empowers you to robotize undertakings by associating applications and administrations, for example,  Evernote, Salesforce, Marketo,and Gmail. It lets your most loved applications trade information and converse with one another flawlessly, and disposes of the need to recruit costly designers to construct your number one reconciliations. Use webMethods Integration for quicker business execution of SaaS applications, to bring down the TCO by wiping out support and overhaul projects, and for self-administration coordination where skill isn't needed.

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What is Mulesoft

The MuleSoft Anypoint stage is planned by the Event Driven Architecture (EDA) and Mule Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). MuleSoft unites this by aiding associations change and improving quicker by creating it simple to associate any app, information, and gadget with APIs. APIs take demands and mention to a framework what a client needs it to do, at that point restores the reaction back to the client. MuleSoft and Salesforce enable organizations to open information across frameworks, create adaptable combination systems, and at last make separated, associated encounters at a quicker manner. Through different combining designs, Salesforce items, and outside systems, the reconciliation prospects are unending. Creating coordinated apps with Heroku and Lightning Platform, accomplishing a solitary client in Sales and Service Cloud by incorporating siloed frameworks. It synchronizes request, receipt, and item data by interfacing the Salesforce 360 with sources.

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Why mulesoft?

MuleSoft associates an assortment of information sources and apps, and executes analytics along with ETL measures. It has evolved connectors for SaaS applications to permit investigation on SaaS information related to cloud-based and conventional information sources. Through utilizing an API driven approach, every reconciliation turns into a reusable block. This cycle which advances a reusable method empowers associations to fasten IT conveyance, increment dexterity, and convey development at scale.

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Comparison between webmethods and mulesoft:

Vendor :

Software AG is a business framework software with items in different innovations like BPMS, app modernization, DBMS, ESB, and SOA. MuleSoft gives the most generally utilized combination stage for interfacing SaaS and marketing apps in the cloud. It lets associations tackle the intensity of apps through incorporation. 

Pricing/cost :

WebMethods value starting from $49 every month , WebMethods is appraised 4, that is below the normal expense of Enterprise Integration programming. Mule ESB value starts from $80,000 every year , when contrasting Mule ESB with their rivals, the product is evaluated 4.

Features and functionality :

The device should uphold the work flows, methods, reports and requirements that are necessary to your group. 


Basic Reports, Data Import/Export, Online Customer Support.

Mule ESB:

API, 24/7 Telephone Support, Online Customer Support, Mobile Access, and Telephone Customer Support.

Target customer size :

Clients of the product have a place with significant enterprises and incorporate organizations. Mule ESB is a good option for huge ventures just as little to enormous organizations over a few enterprises including government, retail, media and broadcast communications, medical care.

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Advantages of webmethods

  • It is user friendly, stable and powerful.
  • Webmethods provides support for IT through Business Process Management, B2B / Trading Networks, SOA governance and Business Activity Monitoring.
  • It includes all features of ESB (Java, Enterprise Gateway, TN, Adapter) and BPM (rules engine, task).
  • The data caching can be consolidated and the API gateway could support integrations and loads.
  • Quick business execution of SaaS apps.

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Disadvantages of webmethods

  • The logging framework requires improvement.
  • Lack of clarity in interaction among configurations and components.
  • Lack of technical coordination and dashboards.
  • Less user friendly interface.

Advantages of mulesoft

  • The most notable feature is the utilization of DataWeave that allows the conversion of data from one to another easily.
  • Mule API gateway provides API administration and execution.
  • Mulesoft executes analytics and inquiries on the consolidated client information to find client development patterns.
  • The interaction with a wide range of frameworks for meeting marketing requirements.
  • Salesforce Integration, data transmission and formatting.
  • The connectors are available for the purpose.

Disadvantages of mulesoft

  • Mulesoft is weak in method oriented integration.
  • The consumption of memory is much higher.
  • Lack of stability.
  • Difficulty in troubleshooting.

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Webmethods is an incredible arrangement that provides a demonstrated and pre-coordinated programming suite which makes it simple to rapidly incorporate frameworks, servers, measures, gadgets, accomplices and information. Through this, the associations get an answer for application incorporation, B2B and cloud incorporation and portable applications too. MuleSoft makes it simple to bind together information to convey a solitary perspective on the client, robotize business methods, and manufacture associated experiences. MuleSoft's extended perspective on connecting gives the adaptability to incorporate new innovations without randomly coding each new coordination. It makes an organization of information, apps, and gadgets through APIs. 

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