SAP SD Sales Document Types

In this article, you will be learning what are all the important SAP SD sales document types available and why we need them in the organization. Are you excited to learn and explore? Then let’s get started.

SAP SD sales document types

Every ERP-based organization prefers to implement the two most important functional modules they are; Material management and SD. SAP SD (Sales and distribution) is one of the significant functional modules of any enterprise resource planning (ERP). The SAP SD module helps in the bills management, shipping, services, transportation, and selling of the products. This functional module is closely integrated with other modules like Material Management (MM), product planning (PP), and logistics. 

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Reasons for having various sales document types:

In general, different sales documents have been used to perform various operations. Here we would like to give some reasons why Sales documents are necessary;

  • With the help of sales documents, users are able to record the sales and purchase order history.
  • If you want to store different sales number ranges, then we prefer to have a sales document to restore them.
  • Sales document is needed when you are selling products or goods to customers.
  • Users can also configure the sales documents to make a data entry about sales processing levels.
  • The sales documents are required if the government sectors raise a purchase order along with terms and conditions.
  • One of the important advantages of having a sales document type is to execute the records. 
  • Sales document type also enables organizations to have complete dealers’ and consumers’ details along with their purchase or sales order activities. 

Different types of SD sales documents:

In this section, we will be explaining various types of Sales documents. 

Inquiry document types:

Inquiry happens at the two stages of sales order activities are Pre-order sales activity that takes place before the product is sold out and post-order sales activity that takes place after the product is sold out.

 Reasons to have inquiry document types:

  1. To track lost sales
  2. Recording of the pre-sales order history to negotiate large sales contacts. 
  3. Selling the goods or services to large-scale industries they might ask for sales document type for their reference. 

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         In general, the sales inquiry document type consists of the following information;

  1. Material and customer details 
  2. Pricing can be of customer or material 
  3. Delivery dates details and delivery quantities 
  4. Contains information about the shipment processing 
  5. Information about the billing and pricing
  6. Inquiry, contacts, quotations, and validity details. 
Quotation document types:

Both the inquiry and quotations can be considered as the first documents of Sales.  Quotation serves as a blueprint or a legal document about the purchase orders and their validity. 

 In general, the quotation consists of the following details;

  1. Legal information about the materials and goods/services.
  2. Validity details about goods or products 
  3. Delivery details and delivery dates details

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Now let’s talk about a few standardized sales order documents;

  • Standard order
  • Contract details 
  • Cash sales and rush orders 
  • Free of charge delivery 
  • Consignments and Returns orders
  • Credit and debit memo request 

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Suppose if you are using any of the above documents types, you need to work with various transaction codes as well as various windows screens. For example Inquiry, quotations, and contracts. Both quotations and contracts work the same way,  where the quotation is a legal document that contains all the information about the products, validity, and the contracts. After the mutual understanding between you and a third party vendor, then you need to supply a specific product within that time frame. 

Cash Sales and Rush Orders:
Cash sales are order-related billings/ pricing whereas Rush orders are all about delivery related information. In general, cash sales orders are a type of orders where customers' orders need to be picked up and paid for orders on-spot (immediately). Rush orders are nothing but in-production sales orders, shipping, and logistics details. 


Returns are also a type of document, where it contains information about the customer returning the products for any specific reasons (For example quality issues, damage, or dispatch of wrong products). The return documents can be created with original order reference or without order reference. 

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Consignment Order:
Consignment order is nothing but where you have placed your order at the customer’s premises. In consignment order, there are three types available that perform different functionalities. They are;

Consignment issue order, Consignment issue delivery, and consignment issue invoice.

Free of Charge:

Free of charge is also a type of sales document that contains information about delivering goods/services to the customers free of charge. With the help of this, you can promote your products or services in a more effective way.

Credit and Debit memo request:

credit memo request is used as an offset to an existing balance. In SAP SD, the credit demo request documents are commonly used to register a complaint about customer credit requests. The debit memo request is also used to request the customer debit requests. The main differences between both the credit and debit memo requests are, a credit memo request document is created to reduce the customer’s existing balance requests whereas the debit memo request is created to increase the customer’s existing balance requests.

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How to customize the SAP SD order document types?

In this section, we are going to explain how users can customize the SAP SD order as per their needs and requirements. One thing you must keep in mind is that you need to copy the standardized document type then you can add/modify or delete the required fields as per your wish and use them accordingly.

The steps include customizing the SAP SD document types:

  • First, go to the SAP access menu-> use the transaction code VOV8 -> then the new window will pop where you can access the custom screen to perform the required tasks as shown in the below image;


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The customization screen looks like this;

customization screen

  • Or you can also use the t-code SPRO or either press “F5”, the image as shown below;


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  •   Now follow the navigation -> sales and distribution -> sales -> sales documents -> go to header -> now define the sales document types as shown in the below image;

sales document types

Maintain sales documents type

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  • The below window shows the customization of the sales documents type “OR”.

Maintain Sales Order Types

sales documents types

Here we will mention a few points about the incompletion log;

  • An incompletion log is a mechanism that verifies and maintains all the needed information to make an entry. 
  • This type of incomplete log makes sure that the SAP system will not allow users to save the sales documents if you have left unfilled some of the fields. 
  • With the help of an incomplete log, users can also define the required fields they will be populated at the time of customizing the sales order. 
  • Even in a few cases, users can also customize the incompletion log then assign it into the customized sales documents to fulfill the unfilled fields.

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Final words:

This sales document type article is important as per the customers’ points of view, without proper sales documents it’s impossible to sell or purchase the products or goods. In this article, we have tried to explain a few SAP SD sales document types along with their importance and even you will learn the definitions for required document types. If you are a fresher or you want to pursue your career in the SAP Sales and distribution profession, I think this is the best article to read, learn, and explore yourself towards the Sales module. 

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