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As of 2020, we have been seeing many diversifying changes in this technological world. We deal with every aspect of the organization with the data. Every business organization holds its own set of information that is required for the management to store, analyze, and ensure that precise decisions are taken. In traditional times, the data was handled and managed in the form of paper or sheets. In the latest times, we observe that the information is turned to electronic data wherein we are not using a paper-based work and running a business by dealing with electronic data which is stored in our systems. As the data is large to manage, we or the business organizations, definitely need a platform wherein they can work their large amount of data. Hence, SharePoint is one of the platforms or web-based management systems that is involved in reducing the challenges of presenting and organizing a large amount of data. In this blog, you will gain an understanding of SharePoint, its features, and its importance along with some differences between SharePoint online, SharePoint server, SharePoint one drive, etc.

What is SharePoint? 

SharePoint is a platform designed and developed by Microsoft, which involves sharing and managing the content, knowledge, retrieving the information, collaborating, and empowering teamwork across the organization. Hence, SharePoint is considered document management and collaboration to you that helps manage all the internal for purposes all the departments in an organization together. 

SharePoint is a web-based management system or web-based portal that allows access and shares the electronic data securely. In simple terms, SharePoint is a website that stores a large amount of data in the database and represents the data in the form of organized web pages.

SharePoint allows its users to login, access, share and collaborate with others in a secure way and a mobile-friendly environment. SharePoint works best on the Microsoft web browser, Microsoft edge or internet Explorer. It is compatible to use on most of the commonly used browsers like safari, chrome, firefox, etc. A SharePoint system needs the servers which have to be configured internally by the IT department of the organization. Or you can also purchase the SharePoint online service from Microsoft.

What does SharePoint allow you to do?

SharePoint is known for its collaboration with the organization and functions of the organization based on the requirements. Most of the fortune 500 companies are utilizing SharePoint as it is one of the platforms that every business organization trusts. Here are some of the key functionalities in SharePoint which hold value to the organization and its needs.

1. Upload the files and access from anywhere: 

SharePoint has come up with the feature where you can upload the files from the computer into your document library. You have an option to click on the upload button on the command bar, which helps you to perform this functionality. In the SharePoint server 2013, you need to click on the new document, browse a new file, and upload it. 

2. Open the document in a document library: 

SharePoint allows you to open the document in the library by clicking on click to open the document that you would like to work on and it will open up in the office online. If you are interested or would like to use it with an application that is installed on your computer, then you can click on the edit document option, edit in the application name.

3. Work on the same document with others at the same point of time: 

SharePoint will help you in working in the same document that the other person is also working on. In the document library, you will need to click to open the document that you would like to work on, and it will open in the office online. It also provides the flexibility to view the number of people that are currently working on the document at the top right of the document. 

4. Sharing of documents: 

SharePoint allows you to share the documents with each other. You will have an option to select the document that you would like to share, click on the ellipses... to Open the menu and then click on share. The document will be shared with the respective person, as mentioned. 

5. Sharing websites: 

SharePoint allows you to share the sites. This option is applicable only if you have the site owner's permission. You will need to click on SharePoint or sites, select inside that you would like to share, and click on the share button. This will transfer the sites based on your requirement. 

6. Create a team site: 

SharePoint has some of the features to create a team site. You will be able to create a site from the SharePoint home page if you are using Office 365. And it will be automatically created in the office 365 group. To create an office 365 group in Outlook for people, you will automatically get a team site in SharePoint Online.

7. Search for something: 

SharePoint has an option where you can search for a Keyword in the search box and then click on the search icon. You will be able to review the information that you have searched for. 

8. Sharing of information with the whole organization: 

SharePoint provides you with an option to share the information with the whole of the organization. If you are using Office 365, or SharePoint Online or SharePoint server 2016, then you will need to click on the app launcher followed by newsfeed tile or yammer, type in your message and post. 

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Why is SharePoint essential?

Microsoft SharePoint possesses some core functions that help in storing the documents in an effective format then using the regular folder system and bring the organization together so that every individual in the organization will receive the information that is relevant to them. 

There are some of the advantages that help you understand why SharePoint is essential in business organizations or the current era. Let us know a little more about SharePoint and its benefits. 

Context around the documents and folders: 

A traditional document storage facility is usually a folder in some part of somewhere on the server. SharePoint is found to be more effective than the conventional method as it provides the flexibility to bring the context around the folder itself by tracking the versions of the document. Let us consider an example of a document in the traditional method, and you will not be able to view the running version history for each record or see any changes that are made to the document or the file name.

Establish communication with the staff: 

The traditional times, you might have copied the email for everyone and sent a group email. When such a group email is sent, it could be either ignored or lost. Most of the people would lose or miss out on some important communication. In such scenarios, SharePoint offers team collaboration to communicate all the essential information to all the organization staff.

A central repository of information: 

SharePoint is the platform that brings all kinds of information into one single place so that this staff can easily find information whenever they need. Sometimes it could be some general warnings or meetings about some particular customers, or incidents that everyone should be aware of. With SharePoint, you can post a message, and everyone will be able to access it.

Encourage collaboration: 

SharePoint is designed and developed in such a way that it brings the organization into a central point that can collaborate. This is specifically important for organizations that are not geographically connected with each other. SharePoint also provides the flexibility to connect with the other staff using its portal. It brings all the people together in the organization and builds a company culture that brings out some innovative ideas which help in the development of the organization.

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SharePoint features:

We have got to know a lot about SharePoint, why it is used and its importance. Let us know about the features that have brought up immense popularity today to SharePoint as it is being utilized by most of the organizations. SharePoint has got some exciting features that we need to learn about.

SharePoint communication sites: 

The modern SharePoint communication sites are those sites that are mainly used to share the news, policies, information to the users who are included in the organization. There are three different types of templates of communication sites in the SharePoint server 2019. They are topic, blank, and showcase. 

SharePoint lists and libraries: 

SharePoint has come up with the feature list and libraries in the SharePoint server 2019, which brings it support to the users to review the information quickly. The information could be anything related to the documents, including the permissions and metadata. It also includes one of the useful features called a move to or cop to, which allows users to quickly change the location of the document to the most appropriate one as and when required. The SharePoint list in SharePoint 2019 also includes a conditional formatting feature that helps in configuring the different display rules for the specific columns to review the status of the item quickly.

SharePoint home: 

SharePoint home is one of the most significant features in SharePoint on-premises. It brings all the news from the different teams, team sites and communication sites together in a single location. It also brings all the sites that you follow together, including the activity that has been performed from each site, allowing you to access the favourite sites whenever you need. This feature helps you keep updated about the latest information or the current updates related to the organization.

SharePoint Framework support: 

SharePoint has come up with the new feature in the version of SharePoint server 2019 which supports a framework called SharePoint Framework 1.4.1 which allows the developers to create the modern web parts that are flexible to work for both SharePoint Online and Sharepoint on-premises. The developers can make use of webhooks for list items with the SharePoint server 2019, and also include some extensions along with automatic JavaScript file hosting from the app catalog.

Hybrid app launcher: 

SharePoint comes up to the hybrid app launcher in the SharePoint 2019 which is specifically aligned with the one in the office 365. It allows its users a  seamless experience between the On-promises and the online environment in a hybrid model.

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Differences between the SharePoint server and Sharepoint online:

SharePoint server: The business organizations will make sure to use the SharePoint server when you would like to use the SharePoint as an application on your desktop. Hence it is the SharePoint category that would help you to set up and manage from the workplace itself. The SharePoint server comes up with the additional exciting features, including a news feed and the enterprise search capability. 

Sharepoint online: The organizations will make you sure to use the SharePoint online when you would like to utilize it in the form of a cloud. For this, you will need to subscribe to office 365 and access the SharePoint using the cloud.

Difference between SharePoint and Sharepoint one drive:

Sharepoint: SharePoint is a collaboration tool that is used by the businesses allowing the multiple individuals and teams to work on the documents and products at the same time SharePoint is an on-premise solution developed by Microsoft which includes its immense features with framework support. 

SharePoint one drive: SharePoint one drive is a platform which is used for storing the files or documents online. This is used by the business organizations which needs a Central location for accessing and storing the files. Onedrive has come up with the features of sharing and versioning, which will help in working together.


As working with numerous documents or files has become the deadliest task, the SharePoint platform has enabled its users to utilize, manage, and store the data in the form of documents and files effectively. All the management of the data or sharing of the data is securely done using the platform. Most of the business organizations are focusing on and utilizing this platform for its features which are enhancing and improving business Communications. Adding SharePoint as a skill in your resume is considered as an added advantage as it is one of the tools which is used by the organizations frequently. I hope the above information is helpful to you. I would recommend you to learn and deep dive more, get trained and certified in SharePoint, which would help you in bringing more opportunities in your career.

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