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By the term Commvault Documentation, we can know about information, transferring information safely and all the more productively, handle information approaches, recover with speed and genuinity, and use the information and data on business prerequisites. Commvault provides steady and much viable reinforcement to restore data and information in the undertaking from the most standard working structures, databases, and different applications. Both the recovery structure and reinforcement uses administrators to interface with record frameworks and the apps to empower the trading of data from creation systems to make sure about the environs. The commvault development alliance associates cloud, storing, hypervisor and other advancement demands. It channels partner design and fundamental data confirmation use. This tutorial covers the Commvault versions, its benefits, its bond with technology associates, commvault advantages, and Commvault data backups accessible. Now, let’s go through them in detail.

Commvault Versions

  1. Feature Release 11.22 
  2. Feature Release 11.21
  3. Feature Release 11.19
  4. Service Pack 18 (Retiring)
Feature Release 11.22:

This is the most recent version of Commvault. The steps and other features like visualization and cloud, commcell configuration, software upgrades, commcell disaster recovery, developer tools, commvault cloud services, and commvault for managed service providers (MSPs).


Step 1: Review Requirements 

Prior to installing the Commvault software, one should check prerequisites like the port necessities for Commvault, the packages which are installed and those in need of license and the hardware and system requirements.

Step 2: Installing and registering the Commvault software

  • Introduce Windows Updates on the backup server. 
  • Download the latest variant of the Commvault Enterprise Media Kit available in the Commvault Store and afterward duplicate the downloaded document to the backup server.
  • On the off chance that resource management software, antivirus, or security is introduced on the backup server, cripple that product prior to continuing with the installation. 
  • Acquire an activation code for the software.

Step 3: Completing the Core Setup Wizard

At the point when you sign on to the Command Center first time, you can complete the Core Setup utilizing the wizard. The wizard encourages you to build up a disk storage pool and to adjust the backup server plan as indicated by your prerequisites.

Step 4: Configuring Solutions in Command Center

Once you finish the core setup, the Guided Setup page shows up on the navigation sheet of the Command Center. On the Guided Setup page, you can configure backup and recuperation for PCs personal computers, virtual machines, information bases, and file record servers. You could likewise configure applications, for example, Exchange Mailbox for a far reaching solution for archiving and cleanup tasks. Cloud applications to regulate backup and recovery for cloud applications, for example, Google and Salesforce.

Step 5: Execute Post Setup functions

Add a CommCell license. Register CommCell and also configure the user security. Execute backups and restores and to safeguard additional servers.

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Virtualization and Cloud

Commvault gives a total backup and recovery for virtualized tasks, with assistance for cloud and multi-cloud conditions, on-premises organizations, hybrid conditions, and containerized applications. Utilize the Command Center to configure Virtualization arrangements rapidly, with brilliant defaults, a strategy based methodology that robotizes every day activities, and a dashboard for checking and control.

  • Backup instances, virtual machines, and containerized applications.
  • Use predefined methods to execute backups, or operate on-request backups varying. 
  • Introduce the Virtual Server Agent (VSA) on chosen servers to give security to virtual machines, without the requirement to introduce an agent on every guest VM. 
  • Reestablish virtual machines and setups, guest records and files, or volumes and disks. 
  • Dynamic recovery alternatives give brisk admittance to virtual machine information from point-in-time backups, without requiring a total restore. 
  • Oversee virtualized tasks at the VM team, hypervisor, or VM level. 
  • Use IntelliSnap to use equipment and programming preview capacities for backups, and make extra duplicates of backup information as required. 
  • Perform application-mindful backups for applications that operate on virtual machines. 
  • Approve backup information to guarantee that you could rapidly recover from a blackout. 
  • Use replication to keep up warm recuperation destinations, with coordination highlights, for example, failback, failover, and virtual lab uphold. 
  • Reestablish or repeat from a source virtualization platform to an alternate objective platform.

Comcell Configuration

You can configure the CommCell conditions to meet your business requirements. For example, you could include a blackout window, customize the Command Center interface, or configure a plan.

  • Administrations
  • Security
  • Server
  • Plans
  • Views
  • Regions
  • Customizations
  • Network
  • Third party Integration

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Software Upgrades

You can utilize the Command Center to execute certain deployment functions. These functions incorporate those given below: 

  • Download Commvault highlights delivery and upkeep release installation documents to the CommServe server cache and distant caches on request. You can likewise make repeatable timetables to download the documents. 
  • Duplicate the Commvault software package to the CommServe server cache and far off caches on request. You can likewise make repeatable schedules to duplicate the package.

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Commcell Disaster Recovery 

CommCell disaster recovery is a collection of methodologies which are utilized to plan for and recover from a CommCell disaster. A CommCell disaster can be characterized as: 

  • Loss of CommServe functionality (CommServe host or administrations failure) 
  • Loss of admittance to storage assets (MediaAgent or library failure)
  • Loss of a production administration(client or application failure) coming about because of lost or defiled information.

Reestablishing functionality for your association can intend supplanting failed or old equipment, renaming, altering IP addresses, reinstalling software, bringing in tapes, or reestablishing the CommCell database. Any disaster recovery situation which you create includes restoring functionality of at least one of these segments.

Developer Tools

The Developer Tools (DevTools) are a bunch of app improvement and business knowledge devices which help an assortment of advancement approaches, innovation stages, and operating frameworks. DevTools encourage the advancement of apps as secluded business benefits which can be effectively incorporated and reused in your functions. By utilizing our DevTools, you can: 

  • Execute backup, reestablish and other CommCell activities from the Command Line, or using REST APIs. 
  • Computerized business measures by assembling a bunch of functions in a particular manner utilizing workflows.

Commvault Cloud Services

The Commvault Cloud Services Portal gives a set-up of solutions for overseeing and observing your information. You can download programming updates, see your Health Report and Reporting dashboard, demand branding and personalization for your CommCell climate, utilize information estimating apparatuses to anticipate your information security needs, and avail  an assortment of other valuable applications. After you make an account, you can likewise utilize the Commvault Store to download reports, software updates, alert principles, App Studio applications, and workflows.

Applications : The applications solution in the Command Center gives an easier web- oriented user interface to execute admin tasks, assuring streamlined backup and to ensure the recovery for apps like Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft Exchange.

  • Active Directory
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Office 365
  • Google Mail and Google Drive
  • Cloud Apps
  • Sharepoint Server

Commvault for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Managed Service Providers could send a solitary CommServe PC to give information management services to different associations, for example, your client organizations. These organizations share a similar CommCell climate, yet are safely isolated by admittance controls. The clients who register with the service provider are called tenants. Singular tenants  will view just their own PCs. Tenants build up safe correspondences with the platform via Commvault firewalls or proxies. The proxy PC guarantees just approved frameworks which could converse with the shared Commvault platform. 

  • CommServe: The headquarters and control server for the shared multi-tenant Commvault platform. 
  • Service provider: An organization that utilizes the Commvault information platform to offer some incentive added administrations to various particular tenant organizations. 
  • Tenants: Organizations which register with the service provider. Particular organizations that acquire administrations from the Service Provider and are arranged as a Company inside the Commvault platform to secure and deal with their customer information.

Bond with Technology Associates

  • Uniting Commvault programming with sweeping extent of alliance and development associates will outfit an astounding strategy to store, secure, direct, and use data. 
  • This climate provides the computerization possibilities to meet specific data management alongside confirmation essentials. 
  • Some of it provide commvault on business habitats, others trade advancement, complete courses of action interfacing programming and gadget, or by giving commvault controlled SaaS organizations.
Monitoring Backup environ

 Backups are normally operated at the event level or reinforcement set, and will be pertinent to the sub clients inside the picked backupset or event. You can do this function in your environment by viewing events, making alert definitions, and viewing and commanding jobs.

  • Jobs
  • Alerts
  • Analyzing Readiness
  • Viewing Events
  • Mobile Device Notifications
  • Monitoring Replication and Initiating Operations
  • Using Process Manager to View and Manage Commvault Services
  • Monitoring Commvault utilizing the Commvault NOW Mobile App
Commvault Advantage

The CommVault Advantage framework stores your accreditations, investment in learning functions and courses, forum cooperation, support collaboration and substantially more. Through commvault collaborations, the granted profile points are gathered and contrasted to other purchasers around the world. These profile points permits our clients to altogether exhibit their Simpana programming expertise for both individual and professional development. 

Commvault Benefits

  • Blended IT authority that could make your multi-cloud methodology an augmentation of server data
  • Administration delivery mechanization that can automate the intricate IT interchange control measures 
  • By gaining recuperation of confidence approval for assorted IT conditions.
  • Enterprise protection to solidify your apparatuses for a complete disposition.

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Backups are usually executed at the occurrence level or backup set, and will be applicable to the subclients inside the chosen backupset or occasion. Commvault guarantees consistency with data administration approaches and reducing risk possibilities. The different types of backups should be utilized accurately so as to get the data which you required. The technology accomplices stands for the market chiefs in their position, offering some incentive with profound integration, custom-made arrangements, administration and backing.

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