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You've come to the right if you're searching for PowerShell Interview Questions for Experienced and Freshers. There are numerous opportunities available from many reputable companies around the world. According to research, the average annual salary for a PowerShell developer is around $90,000 per year.As a result, you also have the opportunities to accelerate in your career as a PowerShell Developer. HKR trainings provides Advanced PowerShell Interview Questions 2021 to help you ace your interview and land your dream job as a PowerShell Developer.

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Most Frequently Asked Powershell Interview Questions

Powershell interview questions for freshers:

What exactly is Microsoft PowerShell?

Microsoft PowerShell is a command-line shell and scripting language that is built on. It enables system administrators and power users to manage operating systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux) and processes more quickly.

What are the main features of PowerShell?

PowerShell is a versatile shell and scripting language for Windows. Its key features include object oriented pipeline, cmdlet-based automation, remote management, extensibility, and integration with .NET, making it powerful for system administration and automation tasks.

What are the variables in PowerShell made up of?

Variables include

  • Objects
  • Integers
  • Strings

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What is the significance of brackets in PowerShell, in your opinion?

In mandatory arguments, we use () Parentheses Brackets.

For blocked statements, we use Braces Brackets.

[] Square Brackets are not commonly used by us. Optional items are denoted by these brackets.

How well do you understand the term cmdlet?

Cmdlets are scripted commands in languages such as PowerShell VB or C#.

Are you familiar with PowerShell Loop?

PowerShell supports various loop structures like For, While, and ForEach. They enable repetitive execution of code, helping automate tasks and process collections of data efficiently.

Can PowerShell scripts be written to deploy SharePoint components?

If the web part was created in VS2010, SharePoint components can be deployed by pressing ctrl+f5. The web part's features can be activated using the PowerShell script.

What are your thoughts on PowerShell's comparison operators?

PowerShell comparison operators compare values. There are four types of comparison operators: match, equality, replace, and containment. The –eq comparison is used to declare variables. Similarly, –lt stands for ‘less than,' –gt stands for ‘greater than,' and –one stands for ‘not equal.'

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What exactly is the purpose of the PowerShell pipeline?

We use the PowerShell pipeline to connect two statements. In this case, the output of one statement becomes the input of the next.

. What do you mean by PowerShell's get-command?

The get-command in PowerShell is used to retrieve cmdlets. For example, if someone is looking for a cmdlet between E and K, the get-command would be - get-command [ E–K ] *

.Could you please describe how the network drive is mapped in PowerShell?

The following PowerShell commands must be run to map a network drive:

# PowerShell Network Drive Mapping

$( New-Object – ComObject Wscript.Network ) $Net = $( New-Object – ComObject Wscript.Network )

$Net.MapNetworkDrive( "S:", expertmyTectra ) )

.Do you know how to 'Select' in PowerShell?

The WQL (WMI Query Language) statement is the most basic method. This technique employs the ‘-query' to introduce ‘Select * from'.

In PowerShell, the next method after ‘Select' is Select-String. The matching pattern, phrase, and word are checked by the cmdlet in this scenario.

The final option is to use Select-Object.

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. What is the Get-ServiceStatus function in PowerShell?

The Get-ServiceStatus functions allow for the filtering of window services. PowerShell displays the services that are ‘Running' as well as those that are ‘Stopped' via scripting.

Powershell interview questions for experienced:

.Given that you mentioned scripting, could you please define scripting in PowerShell?

PowerShell files contain an array of commands, each of which appears on its own line. When using a text file, the filename will end in.PS1. - can be used to execute a PowerShell script.

  • Using a text editor to type commands
  • Using the.ps1 extension to save a file
  • Putting the file to use

.Can you explain how hash tables work in PowerShell?

The hash table in PowerShell is known as a dictionary. Essentially, it is a series that allows users to store data using a pair association known as "key-value." In this case, both "key" and "value" can be any length and data. To declare a hash table, users must use @ in front of curly braces.

.Can you explain how PowerShell Array is used?

PowerShell Array is a command-line tool for running scripts on remote computers. To create a PowerShell Array, users must first create a variable and then assign the PowerShell Array. PowerShell arrays are represented as a hashtable and are denoted with a “@” symbol.

For example, it would be something like -

$arrmachine = @ ( "machine1," "machine2," "machine3")

.Define which commands to use to get child folders into a given folder.

To get child folders into a specified folder, we'll need to use the parameter recurse. Get-ChildItem C: Scripts –recurse will be used.

. Could you describe how to convert the object to HTML?

To convert the object to HTML, we must first execute -

l Sort-object – property CPU –descending l convert to – HTML l Out-file “process.html”

.Can you explain how you'll give a variable a new name?

To rename a variable in PowerShell, you assign its current value to a new variable with the desired name, then remove the old variable using the "Remove-Variable" cmdlet.

. Are you familiar with the $input variable? What are its purposes?

$input is an automatic variable in PowerShell used within functions or scripts that receive pipeline input. It represents the input stream, allowing the processing of data passed through pipelines.

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.Can you show the code that was used to find the names of installed applications on a current computer?

We'll have to use the following code:

Get-WmiObject-Class Win32_Product

- ComputerName. l Format-wide-column1

.How do you think you will find that SQL services in PowerShell are in one server?

We can do this in two ways:

 get-wmiobject win32_service l where-object {$_name-like “*sql*”}

get-service sql*

.What, in your opinion, is the most efficient way to locate all SQL services on a single server? In this case, too, we have two options:

where-object $_.name -like "*sql*" get-wmiobject win32 service


.Are you aware of a class that can tell us whether mc is 64-bit or 32-bit? win32_computersystem.

This can be put to use as follows:

PS C:> $server = gwmi -cl win32_computersystem

PS C:> $server.SystemType X86-based PC

.What are your thoughts on Variable Interpolation?

Variable interpolation in PowerShell involves embedding variable values within strings using the "$" symbol. It simplifies string concatenation and makes code more readable, improving the script's clarity and efficiency.

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In this blog post we had discussed the powershell interview question and answers for freshers and experienced. These questions will help the job seeker to face the interview apanel very easily. Had any doubts drop them in the comments section to get them clarified.

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