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Gain real-time skills in building effective website solutions by enrolling into HKR’s Sitecore training. Our Sitecore course is designed to provide you with the fundamental knowledge of the various concepts of Sitecore such as Sitecore architecture, configure page editor, data infrastructure, content publishing, and many more...... Besides training, you will also gain hands-on experience by working with real-time projects. Start your career journey by enrolling in the Sitecore certification course offered by HKR Trainings. Read more

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Why should I learn Sitecore?

You will gain complete knowledge about architecture and web content management s.....ystem. Read more

You will be able to create a content structure

You will be able to identify the relationships between Sitecore databases.

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Sitecore Course Overview

This Sitecore online training has been designed by industry experts to make the aspirants job-ready professionals by teaching them all industry demanded skills. Our expert real-time mentor will help you learn all the complex concepts in a simplified way. This Sitecore course will help you gain mastery in the areas such as Sitecore architecture, Sitecore CMS, Sitecore API, Page editor configuration, content publishing, data structure and a lot more other topics. Learn from the industry experts by joining HKR’s Sitecore certification Training.

Sitecore course Content Download Curriculum

Course content is a major part of any learning process. If everything is perfect and the content is outdated or not efficient then whole training goes in vain. By keeping all these things in mind we at HKR training always give utmost importance while designing Sitecore training content. Our updated Sitecore syllabus will make you learn all the concepts required for the modern IT world.

The Sitecore Content management system is an application that allows organizations to collaborate in creating, editing, and developing web content which includes blog posts, web pages, etc. Sitecore helps the organizations in delivering an impeccable digital experience to their customers across different channels such as Social media, email, websites mobile apps and more. 

Topics covered in this section are: 

  • Introduction to the content management system. 
  • Features of the Web content management system (WCMS).
  • Introduction to 3 core components of WCMS.
  • Sitecore Architecture 
  • Terminology of Sitecore 
  • Sitecore applications and Uses 

Learning Outcome: Upon the completion of this section you will gain a complete idea of various Sitecore concepts and their usability. 

Data infrastructure is defined as a different aspect of Sitecore solutions. It is associated with the standard values and information architecture of a web site including insert and security options. This chapter is designed to cover all the concepts of data infrastructure. 

Topics covered: 

  • Building blocks of a Template 
  • Introduction to source filed 
  • Purpose of field types and their usage
  • Identification need of a template inheritance
  • Applying the process of template inheritance  
  • Things to consider when applying inheritance to templates 
  • Introduction to Standard templateTemplate
  • manager to build and configure site infrastructure
  • Icon setting process on templates    

Learning Outcome: By the end of this section you will gain complete knowledge on building the sites data Infrastructure.  

This section deals with the Content structure concept in Sitecore.  Structure of content plays a crucial role in transforming content on how people find, understand and utilize information. 

Topics covered: 

  • Introduction to Sitecore item 
  • Developing content items based on templates 
  • Standard values to set default values and settings
  • Importance of insert option 
  • Various content versioning options
  • available in Sitecore 

Learning Outcome: Upon the completion of this section you will gain complete knowledge on how to develop the content structure for a site.   

This section deals with the Sitecore content publication process. Publishing the content starts with triggering the content management role to copy the intended items from the master database to the publishing target: to the web database. You can automate this process or use it manually according to business requirements. 

Topics covered:

  • Publishing feature 
  • Describe publishing options 
  • Setting publishing restrictions
  • Overview of  Core, Master and Web database
  • Describe a publishing target.

Learning Outcome: You will become aware of the complete process on how the Sitecore publication works.  

In this section you will gain the knowledge of below concepts:

Topics covered: 

  • Explanation of how Sitecore components are associated with ASP.NET MVC framework
  • Retrieving field values form Sitecore and making them suitable using Experience Editor
  • Comparison between non-editable and inline-editable field types. 
  • Applying presentation to a standard value or Sitecore item
  • Sitecore Context Item 
  • The process to find components in HTML template Presentation details. 

Learning outcome: upon the completion of this section, you will come to know how to develop, and apply the process of presentation in Sitecore. 

Sitecore APIs are used by developers to modify the content items in Sitecore via HTTP requests.  The API allows access to content through Sitecore queries, paths, and IDs. 

Topics covered: 

  • Basic API concepts and retrieving Items
  • Creating, modifying and deleting Item
  • sItem links
  • Working with complex fields

Learning Outcome: Upon the completion of this chapter you will have gained a complete understanding of how APIs work and the procedure to use them in Sitecore.

Page editor allows you to make modifications directly on the page itself. You can make modifications to items that are visible on the page - graphics, text, links, logos, and so on. 

Topics Covered:

  • Data Source Restrictions
  • Placeholder Restrictions
  • Parameters and Parameter templates
  • Advanced Page Editor Configuration

Learning outcome: You will come to know how to configure the page editor and its usage in Sitecore. 

Data is the central point for any website and managing the data is essential. In this section you will learn how to deal with data in site core. 

Topics covered: 

  • Search
  • Item Buckets

Learning Outcome: After completion of this session you will gain hands-on exposure in dealing with various data-related tasks.  

Topics covered: 

  • Working with Media
  • Publishing
  • Caching and Performance
  • Development Environment and Team development 
  • Basic Security
  • How to Deal with Deployment
  • Workflow
  • Basic Security

Sitecore offers various products to simplify marketing functionality and to drive desired results. It offers personalized content to the users which results in customer engagement and improved profits.  

Topics covered:

  • Explanation on  Customer Experience Platform (XP)
  • Profiling and Personalization
  • Engagement Value and Goals

Learning Outcome: You will gain complete awareness of how to use the various Sitecore products for effective marketing. 

Everything in Sitecore is treated like an item and so does template. A Template is an item that defines the structure and behaviour of other items. In this chapter, you are going to gain complete knowledge of Templates in Sitecore. 

Topics covered: 

  • Branch Templates
  • Pipelines and Events
  • Other Item and Template Properties
  • Placeholder Overrides
  • Rules

Learning Outcome: By the end of this section you will gain knowledge of template topics in Sitecore and the process to use them. 

HKR Trainings provides sitecore Interview Questions, SitecoreTutorial and sample Resumes for clear understanding.

We at HKR trainings provide the learners with practice Mock Interview Sessions and excellent Job Support at the end of the course.
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Sitecore training Advantages

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Sitecore online Training Objectives

Sitecore is a digital experience software used by enterprises to deliver a personalized and seamless digital experience to the customers globally. Sitecore is a highly integrated platform of digital marketing tools, .net CMS, and commerce. In a nutshell, Sitecore is an advanced Web content management platform. Our Site Course certification training is designed to make you skilled in all the concepts of Sitecore technology.

By the end of this training, you will become master in the following concepts

  • Fundamental concepts and terminology used in Sitecore. 
  • Sitecore infrastructureDeveloping, updating and retrieving data in Sitecore.
  • Various methods to build a presentation layerIm
  • plementing native API search.
  • Configuring indexes.
  • Organizations are leveraging Sitecore benefits to expand their market worldwide. 
  • Increased Internet usage has opened doors for organizations to expand their market worldwide.  And this has created a huge demand for Sitecore developers and Administrators. 
  • The average salary received by a Sitecore professional is around $117,500 per annum.

Following job roles get benefitted from learning this Sitecore training

  • Sitecore project managers
  • Web developers
  • Software engineers

Below mentioned are the prerequisites to learn this course. 

Basic knowledge of:

  • MVC architecture
  • Web development 
  • Programming languages like, HTML, XML, and C#. 

Upon the successful completion of this course you will master below topics: 

  • You will gain complete knowledge about architecture and web content management system. 
  • You will be able to create a content structure 
  • You will be able to identify the relationships between Sitecore databases. 
  • Mastery in publishing features of the site core.
  • Applying presentation details to the Sitecore item.  .

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Certifications have become the most valuable things these days because of the value that it brings. To make your job profile strong, to master Sitecore skills, and to get a good package you need to have a Sitecore Certification. Our Sitecore course content is designed to cover the majority of the Certification syllabus so it becomes easier for you to pass the certification. 

Certification Demonstrates your level of expertise in handling Sitecore technology. Companies are preferring to hire candidates with certification over the candidates who don’t have certification. So it is very essential to have the certification to accelerate your career. We at HKR assists you with all the techniques and knowledge you need to become a certified Sitecore professional.  

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We at HKR not only provide you with theoretical training but also make you practically knowledgeable by making you work with real-world projects and case studies. Every course we offer includes two real-time projects which provide you with real-time experience. The practical knowledge improves your domain expertise and helps you in clearing the certifications with ease.

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