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Power BI, a Business Intelligence and Data Visualization device for changing over information from different information sources into intuitive dashboards and analysis reports. Power BI provides cloud-based administrations for intuitive visualizations with a basic interface for end clients to make their own reports and dashboards. Other Power BI variants like Desktop, Service-based (SaaS), and portable Power BI applications are utilized for various stages. It gives numerous software connectors and administrations for business intelligence. Power BI is a powerful BI apparatus, yet it doesn't uphold Mac devices. In this blog, we can discuss how to execute Power BI in Mac OS, that would be useful to you on the off chance which you are looking for a solution. Let’s go through it.

Why use Power BI

Power BI permits real time dashboard refreshes. It gives pre-constructed dashboards and reports for SaaS Solutions. It provides a secure and solid association with your information sources in the cloud or on-premises. It provides Quick sending, hybrid arrangement, and secure climate. It permits information investigation utilizing common language query. It provides highlights for dashboard representation routinely refreshed with the local area.

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Three solutions for operating Power BI on Mac

Power BI cannot be operated on a Mac. 

Some of the recommendations to execute Power BI on Macintosh Devices are given below:

  • Install and operate Power BI on a Virtual Machine, after that remote into the provided Virtual Machine.
  • Install and operate Power BI on a PC and utilize a remote viewer to manage the PC.
  • Utilize an optional BI solution.
  • Install the Windows on Mac utilizing Boot Camp. 

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Power BI’s brace for Mac Devices

1. Operate Power BI on a particular Virtual Machine

One could easily create a Windows Virtual Machine on Google Cloud, Azure, or AWS.

Azure: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/virtual-machines/ 

AWS: https://aws.amazon.com/getting-started/tutorials/launch-windows-vm/

After that install and execute Power BI on the Virtual Machine. Then install Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac on every device to provide your group access to the given VM.

Power BI’s brace for Mac Device

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Some of the disadvantages to this method are:

  1. It is very tough to command permission access and the version history.
  2. Only one person can work on the machine at a particular time, as Power BI for desktop is not a shared tool.

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2. Execute Power BI on a PC and remote to the PC

This is somewhat similar to the first approach, but now you can utilize a machine.

You could create a Windows PC, install and operate Power BI on the given PC. 

Install MS Remote Desktop, AnyDesk, or TeamViewer, to provide people availability to the PC and utilise Power BI from other Macs.

Disadvantages are the same as the previous method, and you must have a PC at hand.

Power Bi on a Surface Book

3.Utilise another optional BI tools

Power BI, amazing as it assists your group with merging information and fabricate reports and dashboards with an incredible information modelling layer. It is not easy to find a worthy tool in the firm to replace Power BI, yet there are two optional solutions that are completely cloud-based, could repeat its functions, and at times do considerably more.

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A. Holistics


Holistics is an incredible full-stack information platform which allows organizations to build up an end to end, reusable, and adaptable information analytics stack with minimal engineering resources. It gives information analysts an amazing SQL based data modeling method, yet it similarly causes them to assemble an information warehouse and mechanize reporting. Holistics is intended to enable non-specialized clients to receive experiences having a self service analytics offering.

B. Looker+StichData

Looker, a big information analytics platform and BI that encourages you to investigate, dissect and collaborate real time marketing investigation easily. Looker is exceptionally a ground-breaking server based Data Modeling BI device, notwithstanding, they don't support Data Imports, and Data Transforms so you will be having the need of another tool for this called StitchData with which you can access all the uses of Power BI.


4. Install Windows on Mac using Boot Camp

Boot camp is a utility which encourages you to introduce Microsoft Windows 10 on your Mac, at that point switch among macOS and Windows while restarting your Mac. 

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Advantages of Power BI 

  • Post distributing the information into Power BI web administration can plan revival without manual intercession.
  • Provides pre-assembled dashboards and reports for SaaS Solutions. 
  • Give constant dashboard refreshes.
  • Reconciliation with both Python and R coding to utilize representations. 
  • Query gives numerous choices identified with cleaning the information. 
  • Power BI provides brisk arrangement, hybrid design, and a protected climate. 
  • Information investigation utilizing normal language inquiry. 
  • Secure and dependable association with your information sources in the cloud or on-premises. 
  • New highlights added that are incredible for excel clients. 
  • Broad database availability capacities Q&A include distribution to the web. 
  • Highlight for dashboard representation 
  • Power BI supported by the superpower with computerized reasoning and AI.

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It is hard to continue to utilize Power BI provided that the device is assembled solely for the Windows Desktop. Rather than permitting your information group to work cooperatively, your data pipeline will rely upon Windows. This is troublesome and prohibitive if your association works fundamentally on Mac.The consequence here is that on the off chance that you don't utilize a Microsoft-stack at your association, a 100% cloud-based solution would be a superior met for your requirements.

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