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As of 2020, the world of IT technology has been changing and is getting advanced fastly than expected. The goals, strategies, procedures used by the IT organizations are a way to be highlighted as they are achieving their goals and objectives. Behind all the success, there are some tools and products that are helping the IT management systems to drive success. The products and services are immensely providing their extensive support in resolving the issues using the problem-solving capabilities. ServiceNow is also one of the cloud-based IT management support tools helping the organizations in maintaining the workflows without any problems with the customers. In this blog, you will learn about what a ServiceNow Ticketing Tool is, why it is used along with the products and services.

Why ServiceNow Ticketing Tool?

Now that you have got a brief idea about ServiceNow let me give you a briefing on why the organizations and enterprises choose ServiceNow. Let us consider an instance wherein a problem has occurred. The problem can be solved by drawing or finding out a solution which would need a specific cost based on the problem that occurred along with time, efforts to rectify the issue in the IT sector. To overcome these, ServiceNow has come up with the ServiceNow Ticketing tool. A small problem in the IT sector could lead to many different issues and disturb the daily processes involved or linked with them. ServiceNow Ticketing tool is a tool that helps in resolving the issues in an organized format.

There are some primary reasons on why to use ServiceNow. Some of them are listed below:

  • ServiceNow delivers its results by allowing cost reduction to the IT Management System. The costs have been decreased upto 60%, which is quite a good percentage of reduction.
  • ServiceNow helps in replacing and introducing new work patterns, business processes etc. with intelligence that would lead to the betterment of the organization.
  • ServiceNow allows all kinds of customers like the clients, stakeholders, users, etc. to make the changes or modifications required to the same platform that would help in streamlining the operations and provide better resolutions.
  • As a part of the organization,ServiceNow allows the employees of the organization to perform better and achieve the performance metrics and will lead to an improvement in the service levels as well.
  • It provides its support through many different ways like email, forms, chats, questionnaires,etc.
  • ServiceNow is a software as a service, the configuration, deployment, updates and maintenance.
  • Helps in getting the work done quickly within the given timelines and workflows.
  • Offers a customer-friendly service portal with your branding with real-time analysis and reporting with instance-based implementation.
  • Provides the ease of customization with improved operational tracking facilities.

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Who uses ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is known for its efficiency and helps in hierarchical development of the organization. Almost every industry is involved in the business aspects and trying to look for the enhancements in improving their business by solving complex issues and concerns that arise when they run and try to meet the business requirements. Some of the industries that ServiceNow is delivering its services are IT product companies, Manufacturing companies, Insurance companies, Financial services and accounting, Retail, Public services, banking, Oil and energy, Hotels and accommodation, Health care companies, Transportation companies, non-profit organizations, Real estate companies, etc.

The following is the list of the stakeholders who are involved and utilize the ServiceNow platform.

Administrators: ServiceNow provides the administrator user access, roles and the privileges to work on it.
Employees: Employees use ServiceNow to request their IT related business services.
IT support team: ServiceNow is used by the IT support team to solve the issues raised via tickets, service requests or incidents.
Implementers: The implementers make use of ServiceNow for the deployment of the process applications and features that help in fulfilling the business needs and requirements. 
Developers: The developers make use of ServiceNow to add or create new functionality or features with the scripts to extend the standard configurations.

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How does ServiceNow Ticketing Tool work?

We have discussed ServiceNow and its usage along with the industries. But, we have not gone through on how exactly ServiceNow Ticketing Tool works. Let us have a quick review on the working of the ServiceNow Ticketing Tool.

The working of the ServiceNow Ticketing Tool is represented in different phases. The process is purely organized delivering the best user experience along with quick responses and resolutions. We will go through each phase with an example as this would give you a better understanding and analysis of the tool as well. Let us consider an example of a damaged phone piece.

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Reporting phase:

Reporting phase is the first phase in the lifecycle of the ServiceNow Ticketing Tool. In this phase, the issue has to be reported in the system for further analysis and processing. In the example discussed, the phone issue has to be reported in the system. In order to report this issue, there are four different ways in which the reporting can be done.Let’s discuss the various forms of reporting as well.

  • By creating an incident directly in ServiceNow
  • By communicating the issue with the company’s official id via email.
  • By contacting the service desk team via phone call or directly.
  • By creating a new incident by reaching out to the service portal or the service catalog.
  • By regular automated analysis of the phone system logs.

2. Managing Phase:

The second phase in the lifecycle of the ServiceNow Ticketing tool is Managing Phase. The managing phase helps us in understanding the analysis behind the issue and the ways to rectify the problem. This phase also includes three different steps which are listed below:

Assessment: In this step, the admins will review the reported issue and analyze the urgency of resolving the issue. They will examine the impact of the problem, and then the system will automatically assign a priority level.
Assignment: After analysis, the reported incident will be handled by the technical specialists who are highly skilled and developed. It is their headache to work and get the issue resolved.
Handling: The team will review and perform the necessary operations or task to resolve so that the standard workflow would be back again.

ServiceNow also provides the facility to track the status of the incident and the activities that are taking place to bring out a resolution for the issue. If the problem has already been resolved and if there is no further assistance required, then the incident can be cancelled as well.

3. Resolving phase:

The last phase in the lifecycle of the ServiceNow Ticketing tool is the Resolving phase. This phase refers to the resolution of the concern raised. If the issue is resolved, then the incident can be marked as resolved and the case can be closed. However, the tech team cannot assure that it is resolved unless they receive a confirmation either via filling a form etc. For handling and closing the incident or the ticket, all the information like who resolved it, when it was resolved, what was the resolution given, type of resolution also matters and needs to be entered in the system. 

If the issue is permanently fixed, then you will be informed to shut down, or you need to respond to the team so that they will do it. If the team does not receive any response from you, the team will wait for a particular time period and close the case accordingly. Just in case, if the issue is not resolved, then the incident or the ticket gets breached, sending up reminders for escalation procedures. There would be a criterion followed by the users and technical people handling the tickets following the SLA (Service Level Agreements). This entire process is supported by the individuals to deliver a high-quality service to its customers.

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Products offered by ServiceNow

ServiceNow, the best IT management platform, has many products offered with its esteemed features and applications. It is worthy of knowing about the different products offered, and it is also essential to be aware of them as it will help your understanding turn better in all the various applications. Few of the products are listed below:

1.Custom Service Management: The Customs Service Management Tool is a tool offered by ServiceNow, developed and designed to establish connections with the customer's service and the other departments to identify and bring a resolution to the issues. It is intended for improving customer satisfaction at a little cost. This tool indeed helps in improving efficiency and productivity as well.

2. IT Service Automation Applications: The product called IT Service Automation Application is designed and developed to offer visibility to the end-to-end business services by understanding and maintaining the relationship with the IT resources. It helps in improving availability by understanding and knowing the service health. It also helps in reducing the loss time for an event by finding the interruptions or disruptions in the system.

3. HR Management: HR Management is another product offered by ServiceNow to improve and enhance the employee satisfaction of the employees present in an organization. It is a single standpoint for the HRs in the organization to provide efficient and personalized HR services by following the company norms and objectives. This tool also helps in providing the services, improving the employee transactions and optimizing the service delivery along with an improvement in HR Productivity.

4.Business Management Applications: The Business Management Application Tools is offered by ServiceNow to provide strategic planning and executions on a timely basis. This tool helps in enhancing the business by focusing on the aspects and areas that require attention and accelerate the time accordingly.

5. Enterprise Security Response Engine: The Enterprise Security Response engine is one of the most excellent tools offered by the ServiceNow, which helps in connecting with the existing security tools. It is designed and implemented to provide a quick response to the incidents and issues raised accordingly based on the impact to the business. The Enterprise Security Response Engine helps in enhancing the speed, efficiency of your security response and helps in reducing the time spent on the necessary tasks and operations performed.

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ServiceNow is the platform that helps in developing the modern work environment, which is mostly required these days due to the advancement in technology and organizations. I hope you have understood and gained some knowledge of ServiceNow. For the individuals who are trying to learn and seek more knowledge about the tools and advancements,training and certification would be the best way to get in-depth into the topic.We have showcased the essential information and the issues with a brief explanation of everything. As we all know,there is alot behind science and technology, learning new technologies will be a plus. Learn more,dive more and live better.

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