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Cybersecurity is very vital for every company in order to protect their login credentials, privileged accounts and secrets as well.CyberArk is a protective measure with a powerful ability to meet organizations' cybersecurity requirements. Companies do not need any infrastructure investment resources or strategic planning with CyberArk. Conversely, the CyberArk tool enables businesses to protect their privileged accounts and credentials in a fast and efficient way. In this blog post we are going to discuss what is cyberark and its components in detail.

What is CyberArk?

CyberArk is primarily a data protection tool for maintaining privileged accounts via password management. It safeguards privileged accounts in companies by automatically maintaining passwords. Using the CyberArk tool, you can hold and handle data by alternating the passwords of all precious assets, enabling you to properly protect against malicious software and hacking threats.

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Why CyberArk?

It safeguards privileged accounts in companies by automatically maintaining passwords. 
Using the CyberArk tool, you can collect and handle data by alternating the credentials of all profitable segments, allowing you to properly protect against malicious software and data theft threats.
Also there is a great demand for the cyberark professionals in the present market.

Now let's explore the components of the cyberark in  a more detailed manner.

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CyberArk Components

The following are the components of cyberark. They are:

  • Digital vault
  • Password Vault Web Access
  • Central Policy Manager
  • Privileged Session Manager
  • Privileged Session Manager for SSH
  • Privileged Session Manager for Web
  • On-Demand Privileges Manager
  • AD Bridge for NIX
  • Privileged Threat Analytics
  • SSH Key Manager
  • Vault - Conjur Synchronizer
  • Event Notification Engine
  • Component Version

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Digital vault:

The Digital Vault is perhaps the most secure location on the network for storing sensitive data. It is easily usable because it is pre-configured.

Password vault web access:

This is a web-based interface for managing privileged passwords. You can use this component as part of password management to generate new privileged passwords. The interface includes a dashboard that allows you to monitor the activity in the security solution. It also graphically displays the managed passwords.

Central Policy Manager:

This component randomly assigns existing passwords and needs to replace them with new passwords. It also performs password verification and reconciliation on remote machines.

Privileged Session Manager:

The Privileged Session Manager component provides centralized access to privileged accounts. It also allows a control point to launch privileged sessions.

Web Privileged Session Manager:

This component allows businesses to take a unified approach to securing access to multiple applications, services, and cloud platforms.

Privileged Threat Analytics:

The Privileged Threat Analytics component of the CyberArk Privileged Access Security (PAS) platform continuously monitors how privileged accounts are used. In addition, it monitors accounts that are not managed by CyberArk to see if there is any indication of a threat.

Password Upload Utility:

It speeds up and automates vault implementation by uploading multiple passwords to the Privileged Access Security solution.

SDK interfaces:

Application Password SDK, Application Password Provider, and Application Server Credential Provider are the SDK interfaces. The Application Password SDK, for example, eliminates the need to store passwords in applications and allows them to be stored centrally in the Privileged Access Security solution.

The Application Password Provider, on the other hand, is a local server that obtains passwords from the vault and provides immediate access to them. The Application Server Credential Provider interface manages application server credentials stored in XML files automatically and securely.

Privileged Session Manager for SSH

This section of CyberArk introduces the PSM for SSH, keeping the PSM benefits such as PSM isolation, monitoring, and control. It lets users connect transparently with the target UNIX system from their desktops. They can do this without interrupting their local workflow.

On-Demand Privileges Manager

CyberArk's OPM or On-demand Privileges Manager allows business entities to encrypt, monitor, and control privileged access to UNIX commands. It uses Vaulting technology to enable users to perform super-user tasks using their accounts and maintain least-privilege ideas.

AD Bridge for NIX

This section speaks about Microsoft's Active Directory provision. Here, CyberArk's Privileged Access Security solution connects with Microsoft's Active Directory to provision users clearly on remote UNIX systems. It facilitates user administration and reduces administrative overhead. Further, this CyberArk solution consists of CyberArk's usual management and security features. It includes access management, auditing, and automatic user provisioning. 

It allows users who validate with their passwords to utilize the AD credentials to log in to the UNIX workflow. It is because their use is automatically synced with the specific user within the vault. Similarly, existing groups in the AD directories automatically synced with the vault group. Therefore, users will access the UNIX systems based on their Active Directory rights and groups. It allows them a continuous workflow and maintains productivity. 

SSH Key Manager

These keys provide a way to validate a target system using a privileged account. These are subject to some risks, dangers, etc., and should meet the audit standards and security needs. Moreover, due to the complexity of maintaining and managing SSH Keys, they possess more crucial risks than uncontrolled privileged passwords. 

Vault - Conjur Synchronizer

CyberArk's Digital EPV's (Enterprise Password Vault) integration with Conjur extends the security of a Privileged Account. It includes extended protection for DevOps space, including modern and dynamic environments. Further, the secrets stored with CyberArk Vault can now be linked with Conjur and used within the DevOps environments. It consists of CI/CD pipelines, cloud platforms, etc., where all will benefit from its clients, SDKs, and the APIs. 

Event Notification Engine

The ENE automatically delivers email notifications to the existing users. It sends these notifications regarding the PAS solution and actions. Moreover, it is installed as a component of a Vault Server Installation by default as a service.

Component Version

It allows authorized users to validate the latest version of all the PAS components. It is to ensure that they are using the most updated version. The version also consists of the internal version number. 

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Benefits of cyberark

The following are the benefits drawn by the cyberark. they are:

  • Ease of tracking credentials: With CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution, you won't have to manually keep track of passwords. Instead, you should only keep track of CyberArk credentials. That would be sufficient. CyberArk will take care of the rest.
  • Time savings have increased: Because CyberArk has automated strong password abilities, there will be less time spent.
  • Lack of inefficiency in updating policies: Because CyberArk allows administrators to centrally manage and update privilege policies for users, there will be no redundancy in updating policies.
  • Password changes are propagated across applications: CyberArk manages database passwords efficiently and guarantees that password changes are propagated across all reliant software and systems. As a result, the risk of broken processes is eliminated. It also eliminates the risk of revenue loss with each password change.
  • Other advantages of CyberArk include organising and protecting all privileged accounts and SSH keys, regulating access to privileged accounts, implementing and tracking privileged sessions, handling application and service credentials, facilitating compliance with audit and regulatory requirements, and seamless integration with enterprise systems, among other things.
  • It prevents the exposure of user credentials by deploying safe control points where it offers identity security. Further, it secures the entity from a data breach. 
  • It allows storing and recording of privileged sessions automatically under a central database with encryption. 
  • Also, it automatically terminates the privileged sessions based on risk assignment.

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In this blog post we had covered all the key components of cyberark in detail. However, to be an expert professional in dealing with data threats or any data related security, cyberark acts as an most prominent tool for the organization.Had any doubts please drop your comments below.

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CyberArk Components FAQ's

CyberArk is a popular data protection tool that protects privileged accounts by automatically maintaining passwords. It uses cyber security measures such as firewalls, encryption, access control, VPNs, etc., to safeguard business entities from threats, cyberattacks, etc. Also, it provides validated access security to the user data and protects the server or vault.

CyberArk holds Digital Vault Software as its core solution that protects the organization's most sensitive information and provides access security control.

The CyberArk Enterprise Password vault is the core component of CyberArk PAM. It creates, secures, and manages the Privileged Accounts and Credentials used to access the organization's systems.

It is primarily a security tool useful to secure privileged accounts by managing strong passwords.

This solution is mainly used for identity management and is highly useful in financial services, retail, healthcare, government, etc.