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Through the DevOps Training offered by HKR Trainings, one can learn and master the DevOps skills through the comprehensive training offered by the professional experts. In the DevOps online training, the candidate will gain in-depth knowledge in all the concepts from basic to advanced level and master in tools like puppet, Kuber.....netes, git, Jenkins, nagios, etc. You will also gain real-time expertise on the real-time topics and also gain high-level knowledge of the operations, software development, configuration management, testing and monitoring. You will also implement the concepts in the live projects which helps in getting a deeper understanding on how real-time projects work, nurturing you to be capable of dealing with such kinds of projects. You will learn about the best practices which will benefit you while working in an organization and also you attain the capability to clear the DevOps certification exam. Read more

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Why should I learn DevOps?

Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, Wipro, and Cognizant are among the companies prepared..... to pay top price for qualified DevOps professionals. Obtaining a DevOps certification in Bangalore might help you increase your chances of being employed. Read more

By 2023, the DevOps industry is estimated to have grown from $3 billion in 2018 USD 9.5 billion. Read more

DevOps is a relatively new technology trend that arose from the necessity to together IT development and operations teams. The DevOps online course in Bangalore will get you up and running in this revolutionary shift that is sweeping the world's forward-thinking IT organizations. Read more

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DevOps Course Overview

DevOps is usually referred to as the combination of development and operations, a combination of tools and practices that help in improving the ability of the organization to deliver the services and applications , providing and evolving the products quicker than the organizations who are utilizing the traditional methodologies. It is responsible for collaborating and coordinating all the teams together like IT operations, testing, engineering, development teams for a positive resolution. Hence, it is simply called as a methodology that helps in making the software development process easier as it involves in improving the work in the software development lifecycle.

HKR trainings is the best institute that is involved in providing a well-satisfied professional training to the career aspirants who are looking to enhance their career in DevOps. Through the DevOps course, one can learn and educate on how the processes and systems work efficiently through proper communication and coordination. You will learn on how to develop the synergies and also focus on delivering the results efficiently. The professional trainers are involved in delivering a full-fledged practical based Devops training allowing the candidates to learn the concepts practically.

DevOps Course Content Download Curriculum

Devops Online Course Module:

HKR trainings' expert specialists created an amazing devops training course curriculum that is aligned with passing devops certifications quickly. When compared to other rivals, our devops course curriculum includes all of the latest content. Each module is well presented using real-time visuals. Let's take a closer look at each module.

  • Installation of the devops tools in the cloud
  • Git
  • Docker
  • Selenium
  • Jenkins
  • Puppet
  • Ansible
  • Kubernetes
  • ELK
  • Software Development Overview
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Traditional Models for SDLC
  • Why DevOps?
  • What is DevOps?
  • DevOps Lifecycle
  • DevOps Tools
  • Version Control overview
  • Types of Version Control System
  • Introduction to SVN
  • Introduction to Git
  • Git Lifecycle
  • Common Git Commands
  • Working with Branches in Git
  • Merging Branches
  • Resolving Merge Conflicts
  • Git Workflow
  • Introduction to Docker
  • Understanding Docker Lifecycle
  • Components of Docker Ecosystem
  • Common Docker Operations
  • Creating a DockerHub Account
  • Committing changes in a Container
  • Pushing a Container Image to DockerHub
  • Creating Custom Docker Images using Dockerfile
  • Need of Configuration Management
  • Configuration Management Tools
  • \Puppet overview and Puppet Architecture
  • Setting up Master-Slave using Puppet
  • Puppet Manifests
  • Puppet Modules
  • Applying configuration using Puppet
  • Puppet File Server
  • Ansible Overview
  • Ansible vs Puppet
  • Ansible Architecture
  • Setting up Master-Slave using Ansible
  • \Ansible Playbook
  • Ansible Roles
  • Applying configuration using Ansible
  • Continuous Testing overview
  • What is Maven
  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Running Test Cases on Chromium Web Driver
  • What is Headless Mode?
  • Introduction to Continuous Integration
  • Jenkins Master-Slave Architecture
  • Understanding CI/CD Pipelines
  • Creating an end to end automated CI/CD Pipeline
  • Kubernetes Overview
  • Docker Swarm vs Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Architecture
  • Deploying Kubernetes using Kubeadms
  • Alternate ways of deploying Kubernetes
  • YAML Files
  • Creating a Deployment in Kubernetes using YAML
  • Services in Kubernetes
  • Ingress in Kubernetes
  • Exploring volumes,types of volumes, and Persistent volumes
  • Introduction to secrets
  • Taints and tolerations
  • Introduction to Federation
  • Kubernetes Monitoring
  • Setting up Prometheus and Grafana
  • What is ELK?
  • Components of ELK
  • ELK Flow
  • \Features of ELK
  • ELK installation
  • What is Infrastructure as a code
  • IaC vs Configuration Management
  • Introduction to Terraform
  • Installing Terraform on AWSto Terraform
  • Basic Operations in Terraform
  • init
  • plan
  • apply
  • destroy
  • Terraform Code Basics
  • Deploying an end-to-end architecture on AWS using Terraform

Summarize all the points discussed.

At HKR Trainings, we provide practice tests at the end of the course, community questions and answers, also DevOps interview questions and answers and Sample Resumes to crack the interview.

We at HKR trainings provide the learners with practice Mock Interview Sessions and excellent Job Support at the end of the course.
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DevOps Training Advantages

This Technology Offers Excellent Career Opportunities Worldwide.

Salaries Offered for Certified Professionals is Very High and More Number of People Started Learning this Course.

It has a Great Learning Scope

Streamlined Work Process Helps You Execute all Complex Tasks Easily.

Fast track your career growth with DevOps Training Certification course.

DevOps Online Training Objectives

  • The Devops course benefits the following list of professionals.
  • IT Developers and IT Operations Personnel
  • Software Automation, Testing and Security Professionals
  • DevOps Consultants and other Stakeholders
  • Devops consultants who want to advance their careers in Devops.
  • To learn Devops, you don't need to meet any specific requirements. It helps to have a basic familiarity with Linux or scripting. To assist you, we provide a free Linux self-paced course to help you learn more quickly.
  • Prior IT experience is required to learn this technology.

To start with the Devops course, you need to check with the best institute that delivers the knowledge. Before proceeding to join any training, take suggestions from the experts who had already learned the course. We at HKR trainings, with a team of industry experts, are ready to fulfill your dream career to achieve a job in desired companies.

Once you complete the entire course along with real-time projects and assignments, HKR trainings delivers the course completion certification. This certification helps to get a job in any company very quickly.

Our trainers are highly qualified and certified with many years of industry experience and technology background in Devops.

Certification differentiates you from the non-certified peers, and you can demand the best salary in the leading companies.

We, at HKR trainings, provide complete guidance to reach your dream job. But your job will be based on your performance in the interview panel and the recruiter requirements.

Upon successful completion of Devops training at HKR trainings, you will learn the following things.

  • Overview to DevOps Infrastructure server installation, setup, and deployment, as well as conceptual frameworks and their importance
  • Nagios, Puppet, Ansible, and Chef are examples of DevOps tools.
  • DevOps and automated systems have a life cycle.
  • Infrastructure as a Code is used to manage servers.
  • Concepts of containerization and virtualisation
  • Creating the necessary security infrastructure
  • Performance and important success metrics are tracked in DevOps.

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We follow four DevOps Training formats for the flexibility of our students.

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  • » Flexible Schedule.
  • » Free Demo before Enroll.

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  • » 1:1 Total Online Training.
  • » Customizable Curriculum.


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  • » 10+ years Industrial Expert Trainers.


Certifications play a vital role in showcasing your tech skills and also help to achieve your dream career. Moreover, it shows your talent to connect with real-time projects. Many companies are preferring the candidates with certifications and also provide substantial salary packages.

Docker certificated Associate:

The Docker Certified Associate (DCA) is a DevOps tool enabling Docker practitioners with some relevant Docker experience to validate their skillset with real-world situations created by experienced Docker practitioners.
Prerequisite: At least 6 months of experience Docker Practitioner

About the Exam
Cost: $195
Duration: 90 mins
Question Type: 55 MCQs

We at HKR trainings, help the candidates to achieve certifications through our industry-oriented training. Once, you're done with complete training along with real-time projects, and we provide the course completion certificate. It illustrates that you are proficient in the technology to handle real-time projects. HKR trainings certification is well recognized across all top MNCs and helps you get into a job quickly.

HKR Trainings Certification

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DevOps Projects

Our Devops Training course strives to provide the best instruction that combines basic knowledge of core basic ideas with a hands-on approach. Exposure to existing industry use-cases and circumstances will assist learners in scaling, enhancing their abilities and performing real-time projects using best practices.

Description:Dockerize Jenkins Pipeline to demonstrate continuous integration and delivery.

Description:Using Docker, deploy an Angular application. For development and production, the Angular application should be built using the Angular CLI and Docker Compose.

Description:Create a branching model to help your team grasp the git workflow so they can integrate their work more quickly.

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Hello, everyone! My self, Kiran, recently completed Devops training with HKR trainings' expert train.....ers. The instructor had a good understanding of the subject and was able to answer all of my questions without difficulty. Thanks to the institute and trainers for providing good Devops information. Read more



Good day, everyone! I strongly urge you to attend HKR trainings if you want to develop your career b.....ecause the professors are both experienced and knowledgeable. They used real-life examples to convey the concepts. Thank you for sharing with us the crucial information on the Devops. Read more



This is a fantastic opportunity to improve your Devops career. All of the topics covered in the are thoroughly investigated. To assess the competencies taught, the course contains real-world projects, practise paper assessments, and mock exams. A huge thanks to the entire team at HKR trainings Read more

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Each and every class is recorded so if you missed any class you can review the recordings and clarify any doubts with the trainer in next class. 

Yes, we don’t assure 100% placement assistance. We are tied up with some corporate companies so when they have a requirement we send your profiles to them.

Yes, we provide demo before starting any training in which you can clear all your doubts before starting training.

Our trainers are real-time experts who are presently working on a particular platform on which they are providing training.

You can call our customer care 24/7

Max of the students gets satisfied with our training if you are not then we provide specialised training in return.

DevOps is a productivity and cordiality inducing philosophy that helps maintain coordination between the development and operations teams. Our DevOps Training course entails an in-depth study of the DevOps practice to help aspirants attain maximum success rate in development and operations.

To join our program, you can either click on the ‘Enroll Now’ icon at the top of the screen, contact us at our Customer care number, or simply submit your details in the pop-up, and our team will get back to you with the details as soon as possible.

Coding and scripting are integral parts of DevOps. So, learners are required to possess some knowledge of at least one programming language.

Coding and Scripting form the basic elements of DevOps. Most professionals in the development and operations departments are knowledged in coding and scripting.

DevOps is, undoubtedly, a good career path as the DevOps industry is expected to have grown around 10 billion in the near future.

DevOps has different tools written in different programming languages like Python, Go, and Ruby. However, Python is the most predominant language in most DevOps tools.

The following are the various job roles available in DevOps:-

  • Release Manager
  • Automation Architect
  • Software Developer
  • Security Engineer
  • DevOps Test Engineer
  • DevOps Cloud Engineer
  • DevOps Architect
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