Jira vs TFS

By using the Jira tool, development projects in multiple industries could be monitored, evaluated, scheduled, and discharged. Jira is compatible with any agile method, including such scrum, Kanban, or any other custom-built application. All agile techniques can be handled using a single tool. TFS manages an app's lifecycle, from requirement analysis to programming, experimenting, and start releasing, and then maintenance.TFS, or Team Foundation Server, aids in end-to-end design and research. TFS is a hybrid of a version control, Jira, and a product life cycle management software.

What is Jira?

Jira is also a problem and task management tool created by Atlassian, an Australian company. Designers can open tickets as well as concerns for every task to identify trends at every stage, with a proper description of the task at each step of the ticket. Based on the particular nature of the work, we may find ourselves working in simple workflows or complex tasks.Jira is an excellent project and issue tracking transparency tool. Jira is available in a variety of versions for various types of users. We can modify Jira tools to meet the needs of our team, whether they are simple or complex.

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Why jira?

Because of its well-managed workflow mapping and issue tracking capabilities, ira software is popular in the agile world. It has Scrum and Kanban boards, as well as various reports, to support the agile development cycle.

It has Scrum and Kanban boards, as well as various reports, to support the agile development cycle. There are many other features to help you carry out your work smoothly, such as a watch list to receive notifications of any changes to the issue you were watching on, an audit log to view all the changes to an issue, and so on.In a nutshell, a fantastic tool for managing your agile project in one place, complete with a plethora of features and add-ons. There are many other features to help you carry out your work smoothly, such as a watch list to receive notifications of any changes to the issue you were watching on, an audit log to view all the changes to an issue, and so on.

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What is TFS?

TFS is compatible with IDEs such as Visual Studio and Eclipse. It is similar to an on-premises version of a cloud service that provides DevOps services.This has git database support for source code control, develop and start releasing services to ensure ongoing integration and configuration management, a wide range of tools for undertaking multiple types of testing such as batch processing, manual testing, integration tests, customizable dashboards for sharing reports, progress, and project trends with customers, teams, and so on, and agile tools for development planning.

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Why TFS?

TFS (Team Foundation Server) is indeed a Microsoft function that offers methods and software to allow managers to collaborate and orchestrate their efforts to complete projects or create products. It enables DevOps capabilities throughout the application lifecycle.

The main components include abilities for source code management, requirements management, project management, reporting, testing, and release management. TFS is designed for use with Visual Studio and Eclipse, but it can also be used as a backend in other integrated development environments. The primary purpose of Team Foundation is to make it easier for teams to collaborate on the finalization of a product or project.

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Key differences between Jira and TFS:

Both are popular options on the market; let us look at some of the key differences:

Management Models:

Jira contains a range of management systems, including application service lifecycle, performance monitoring, application development management, customer relationship management, and others, whereas TFS supports a range of management models, including issue tracking, software development management, code repository, and others.


Jira technique made reporting extremely convenient by monitoring each and every job and problem inside a project, and we'll use JQL, Jira query language, to filter the problems and report whatever concerns we want, whereas TFS creates reports of group work, issue tracking, backlog, and project documents at any moment in time, but Jira reporting is good.


Jira tools offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of using various types of services such as Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira service desk, Hip chat, BitBucket, status page, confluence, source tree, and so on, whereas TFS allows free users and team service users to use TFS services.

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Jira contains a range of IDEs, including Eclipse, IntelliJ, and Visual Studio, whereas TFS supports a variety of IDEs, including Eclipse, IntelliJ, Android Studio, and Visual Studio code.

Mobile support:

Jira systems offer native mobile application development to Jira software for iPhone and Android, with our source code in a single location, and track team progress in real-time, as well as discuss and assign issues from anywhere. TFS supports some aspects of native mobile app development.


Jira tool offers various pricing options user ’s needs, including a free trial version with fewer features, Premium consulting/ integration services with no entry-level setup fee, and additional pricing based on services, whereas TFS offers various pricing options, including a free trial version, Premium consulting/ integration services with no entry-level setup fee, and additional pricing based on services.

TFS is engaged in a process management tool, whereas Jira is a minor problem tracking tool. Many TFS features, such as source control and automated builds, are not supported in Jira, and we must use Bamboo or BitBucket for source control repositories.


Jira seems to have a range of characteristics, so users should take the time to properly enforce Jira for their projects and workflows as one-time work that we can use for longtime with minor tweaks, so although TFS does have a range of characteristics, but the manner they enacted them is very poor, and subscribers proposed to TFS that those who wouldn't push every transformation to manufacturing without needing a test run of the adjustments.

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Version Control:

Jira, unlike TFS, does not have built-in version control. The TFS tool includes a git version control repository by default, which provides both centralized TFVC and distributed git version control.

Advantages of Jira

The benefits of jira are:

  • It helps in better visibility and increased productivity.
  • The JIRA version is easy to use, and all premium features are included. Other tools are usually paid for by organizations.
  • Time - Tracking - Using the JIRA tool, you can track the time for each task and see how much time was spent on each task from start to finish.

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Advantages of TFS:

The benefits of TFS are:

  • TFS helps to create technical aspects and requirements specification for distinct Product Manager, Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Release Management team members. 
  • It allows product managers to review the technical backlog, prioritize features, and go to market, which aids in the improvement of key performance indicators. 
  • It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft products such as SharePoint, IIS, and Visual studio which integrates and exchanges the data very easily.

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So, which one of these tools is superior, whether Jira or TFS? Jira is typically more widely known than TFS due to its guidance for third-party plugins and other tools. Jira, as an open-source tool, is also extensively used only for managing projects and performance monitoring.

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