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ServiceNow is the most popular ITSM tool used by most of the companies. Developers of all skill levels can build workflows in a single unified platform, Now platform. They can build solutions efficiently that improves work delivery. ServiceNow also offers a developer program through which developers can kick start their career. To create applications and run them, developers will need an instance. ServiceNow provides a feature called ServiceNow personal developer instance for the developers. In this post, we will discuss the ServiceNow personal developer instance and how to create one.

What is ServiceNow developer

A person who develops/customizes the ServiceNow tool according to the customer requirements is referred to as a ServiceNow developer. A ServiceNow developer can create custom applications and work on integrations in the Now platform. The main role of a developer is to engineer an instance according to the client’s requirements.To create applications or work on scripts, a developer will need an instance in ServiceNow, which is nothing but a personal developer instance.

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ServiceNow Personal Developer Instance (PDI)

ServiceNow Personal Developer Instance can be referred to as a sandbox for the developers to experiment with the ServiceNow platform and create valuable assets. The developers can test their skills, build apps, add plugins, etc. The ServiceNow PDI helps in exploring the full potential of the platform. So the developers can test their applications without hampering customer or non-production instances.

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Versions of ServiceNow developer instance

ServiceNow has released several versions of instances over the years. It follows a naming convention for the versions released. The versions are named in alphabetical order using the name of a world city. Here is the list of versions released so far and their year of release.

  • Aspen (2011)
  • Berlin (2012)
  • Calgary (2013)
  • Dublin (2013)
  • Eureka (2014)
  • Fuji (2015)
  • Geneva (2015)
  • Helsinki (2016)
  • Istanbul (2017)
  • Jakarta (2017)
  • Kingston (2018)
  • London (2018)
  • Madrid (2019)
  • New York (2019)
  • Orlando (2020)
  • Paris (2020)

Registering for the ServiceNow developer program

Navigate to the!/home page and click on 'Register'. Enter your name, email, password details, and click on 'Submit'. ServiceNow will send a verification email to your registered mail account. Validate it by clicking on the link given in the email. After validation, the sign-in window will appear. 

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Enter the login credentials and click on 'Sign In'. Check the “Click here to accept the ServiceNow Developer Agreement” checkbox option and click on 'Submit'. You will get a form with some questions. Fill all the details and click on 'Submit'.

Creating a ServiceNow personal developer instance

You can request for a developer instance through the developer platform. Click on the 'Manage' option from the menu on the top. Select the 'Instance' option and click on the 'Request Instance' option. You will get the 'Please Note' form. Give a brief description of how you want to use the instance, and click on 'I understand'. 

The next step is to select the version of the instance. It will show the available versions, and you can choose one from it. It is recommended to choose the latest version. It will take a few minutes to create the instance for you. Once done, you will get the URL and login credentials of your instance.

Navigate to the given URL and log in with the given credentials. After logging in for the first time, it will ask you to rest the password. You will now have access to all the features of the ServiceNow developer instance. 

Upgrading a ServiceNow personal developer instance

If you already have an instance, but you want a different version, you can upgrade your instance. If the version you need is higher, then you can upgrade your existing instance. Remember that once you upgrade to a higher version, you can not revert to the previous version.

Navigate to your instance!/instance and click on 'Actions'. You will have an 'Upgrade instance' option. If you click on that, then you will get the list of future versions that you can upgrade to. Select the one that you want,and the instance will get upgraded.

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Points to remember

Here are some notes that will help you in maintaining your instance.

  • You can only have one instance per registered account. If you want to get another instance, you have to drop the existing instance and get a new one.
  • If your instance is inactive for 24 hrs, it will go to hibernation mode. You can wake the instance by going to Manage -> Instance.Your instance will get back to normal after a few minutes.
  • The developers can work on their PDI as long as they want. 
  • Make sure that you use your instance regularly and don’t leave your instance ideal for more days. 
  • If there is no activity for 10 consecutive days, the instance will be returned to the pool of available instances.You can not recover the work/data you left on your inactive instance.
  • If your existing instance is released, you can again request a new instance, and one will be assigned to you if it’s available. 
  • You can upgrade your instance to a higher version, but you cannot downgrade your instance to a lower version.
  • If you want to transfer work/data to another instance, you can export it as an update sheet in the form of XML and save it to your local machine. This file can then be imported to another instance.

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I hope you got all the details that you are looking for on the ServiceNow personal developer instance topic. Now that you have created your own instance, start building applications.Try out different things in the ServiceNow developer platform and improve your skill.

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