Process Builder in Salesforce

Everyone is tired of doing the same repetitive tasks everyday. iIn order to overcome such issues, automation came into existence. Utilizing or applying the automation in our work processes will definitely give good output in a short interval thereby saving time and money. Here comes an effective tool or technique of the salesforce i.e process builder that effectively does the business process automation.It is an important tool for the salesforce developers from the salesforce environment.

What is a Process Builder?

Process Builder Salesforce is essentially an interactive application which helps in monitoring the sequence of tasks or determining the record requirements. It has eight acts linked to it. They are:

  • Creation of records
  • Updation of records
  • Performing quick actions on  the records. 
  • Launching or triggering the flow
  • Posting the information on chatter for sharing it to any user
  • Record submission for automatic approval
  • Calling or perform trigger on the apex code
  • Invoking a process to perform another process.

Process builder comes with three types of processes for automation namely a change in the record, event process, and an invocable process, etC. and these processes constitute the following criteria such as determining when the action group needs to be executed, action groups that state an immediate and scheduled action.

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Reasons for using Process builder in salesforce:

Process builder acts as an user friendly interface, that helps in automating the business applications without writing any single line of code. It is used in performing process automation due to the following reasons.

  • It comes with the best visual representation and easy to use.
  • It supports quick development of the applications
  • It helps in combining several processes into a single chain.
  • Multiple actions  are associated with each and every process.
  • With the help of the process builder, the child record can be updated very easily and quickly.
  • Simple workflows, apex code can easily be easily accessed with the help of process builders.

Steps for creating the process builder:

Just follow the below-mentioned steps to create a process builder for executing the actions when criteria are met.

Step1: Login into your salesforce account and search for process builder.

Login page

Step2: A page will open and click on new to create a new process builder.

create a new process

Step3: Write all the details required such as process name, description, decide on how to start your process, in the drop down menu just select the record changes and hold to see the magic and then click on the save button.

New process

Step4: You can see the basic structure of the process builder in salesforce as shown in the below image.

process builder in salesforce

Step5: You'll see Add Object in the above flow diagram. Click on it, and you'll see the form on the right. Select the name of the object as Opportunity and the option to start the process as when a record is created or edited and then click Save.

Add Object

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Step6: Now, select Add Criteria, then choose Criteria for Executing Actions as Criteria are met. So, you need to set the conditions right now. You need to add a field to that.

Add Criteria

In this, you will pick the field as "Opportunity > Stage" (again, you can choose any) and click "Select"

Select Field

After that, you're going to need to add an operator. Here, take into account this to be Equals. So, if the requirement is equal to the record, the action would be taken. Choose Picklist in the Type Dropbox and select Closed Win in the Value Dropbox.

Define criteria for action group

After that, you need to add another row and perform similar actions as shown in the image below. Once you're done, then click on the save button.

Set conditions

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Step7: In this step, you will add the action(s) that will be performed when the criterion is met. Click Immediate Actions to do this. When you see the form on the right, please fill in the following:action type, action name, record type, set field values, etc.

Immediate Actions

The below image shows what your process builder looks like after performing certain operations. Just click on the activate in order to get your process builder complete.

Created actions

Thus you can easily add and edit any records in the salesforce process builder for easy evaluating.

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You have got an idea how the process builder in salesforce benefits the developers. It helps in performing easy automation of your daily or routine tasks. Moreover it supports three distinct types of automation which will change the events or processes.

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