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Grow your workflow automation skills with the best ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad.

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ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad Overview

  • Get ServiceNow classes from beginner to expert level.
  • Learn ServiceNow workflow automation skills hands-on.
  • Our ServiceNow trainers are highly skilled and certified individuals with 10+ years of experience.
  • HKR Trainings trained over 5K+ students in ServiceNow and other tools and platforms.
  • Our training offers real-time projects, assignments, and practice exercises on this cloud platform.
  • Get free access to our ServiceNow learning materials, blogs, Training videos, tutorials, updated content, and more.
  • Get complete support & guidance from our expert trainers across your learning and reach your dream career.
  • You will get a valid course completion certificate in ServiceNow by the end.
  • Our Online Courses, including ServiceNow, are affordable and flexible to learn with easy payment methods.
  • We assist in preparing an updated resume and certification exam preparation support for our
    ServiceNow learners.
  • We also helped many corporate trainees get upskilled on the ServiceNow platform.
  • You can complete this Training within 25 to 30 hours. It may also vary depending on the mode of learning you choose.
  • Enroll in the best ServiceNow Course in Hyderabad to gain expertise with real-time scenarios.

Servicenow Training in Hyderabad Prerequisites

To apply for the Servicenow Training in Hyderabad, you need to either:

  • There are no special prerequisites to get started with ServiceNow.
  • You should have basic skills in programming languages like JavaScript, Java, etc.
  • A basic knowledge of ITIL & ITSM concepts and processes, as well as incident management skills, will be an added benefit.

Service now Training in Hyderabad - Content

We provide the best curriculum with the latest industry standards for our learners of ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad. It covers all the essential skills that make you a skilled expert in Service Now. So, explore the below topics related to this popular cloud platform. 

  • ServiceNow Introduction.
  • ServiceNow UI Overview.
  • Application Navigator.
  • Branding (configuration UI16 and basic configuration).
  • List.
  • Forms.
  • Filters.
  • Configure filters.
  • Create and apply filter.
  • Creating the view
  • Configuring the list view and form view.
  • Plugin’s introduction.
  • Creating Users groups.
  • Role.
  • Adding users to the groups.
  • Adding users and groups to role.
  • Adding users to the groups.
  • What is assignment rule and where we can use it?
  • Creating Assignment Rule.
  • Tables (row & column) creation.
  • OOO (out of the box table available in SNOW) (Parent table concept).
  • Adding Data to the tables
  • Configuring the table
  • Overview of import set and transform map.
  • Import set example and transform map.
  • Over-view of configuration item.
  • Knowledge management overview and creation.
  • Catalogs (service creations catalog) and its type (with variables)
  • Attaching Knowledge article to the catalog.
  • Knowledge management overview and creation.
  • Catalogs (service creations catalog) and its type (with variables)
  • Attaching Knowledge article to the catalog.
  • Record Producers and order Guides
  • Catalog workflow
  • Sla Definition and uses in Catalog or other tables.
  • Reports
  • Report creation in SNOW
  • Introduction to Update-Set and Its functionality and its uses and creations.
  • Importing and Exporting of Update Set XML
  • Introduction to Development (scripting Introduction)
  • Client-Side Introduction.
  • UI policy
  • Data Policy
  • Client Script
  • 1. Onload
  • 2. OnSubmit
  • 3. OnChange
  • 4. OnCellEdit
  • Coding Introduction on Client-Side Scripting.
  • Client-Side Api used in Coding (GlideForm (g_form)
  • g_userClass)
  • Server-Side Introduction
  • Business Rule
  • Types and Coding Discussion:-
  • 1. Before
  • 2. After
  • 3. Asyc
  • 4. DIsplay
  • Coding Queries and Examples
  • Server-Side Api’s (Glide-System API)
  • 1. GlideRecord
  • 2. Query-Conditions
  • 3. Encoded Query
  • 4. GlideDateTime ()
  • Coding Queries and Examples
  • Glide Ajax
  • Notifications
  • Create Notification(email)
  • Create Notification using Events
  • Dictionary Override
  • ACL Introduction
  • 1. Read—Read Access to the field level on the form
  • 2. Write—Write or Edit Access
  • 3. Create—Create the ACL
  • Schedule Job.
  • Doubt Clearing Session
  • REST and Soap API Intro
  • Table API
  • Example of Table API(using HTTP Methods
  • POST Get Update etc
  • Integration Via 3rd party tool like postman
  • Via post man(get and post )method Demonstration
  • Scripted rest API over-View.
  • Use of scripted rest api.
  • Using Scripted rest API (get method demostrations)
  • Inbound and outbound email
  • Email properties
  • Mid-server/servers
  • Debugging of code over-view Intro
  • Summarizing the discussed points.

Servicenow Course in Hyderabad Projects

Project 1
Auto notification of the accident to the closest hospital

In this project, you will work on creating a robust application that will be helpful in this case. If a car is involved in a traff.....ic accident, the vehicle's sensors will alert the nearest hospital. The message will include the basic information about the accident, such as the patient's condition, blood group, accident location and impact on the patient, vehicle registration number, and other details in brief. It will enable hospital staff and the ambulance to get ready to provide immediate medical help to the injured.  Read more

Project 2
Application for Travel Bookings

In this project, you will work to build a travel booking application that helps to manage tour and travel operations for a company...... It will be compatible with booking road/rail/air tickets flawlessly. Further, the app will provide accurate information related to ticket booking, access to the data, and respond to service requests with automated report production. Read more

Servicenow Course in Hyderabad Options

  • Interactive sessions
  • Learn by doing
  • Instant doubt resolution
  • Expert's Guidance
  • Industry-ready skills
Batch Start Date Time
Weekend 21-Jul - 20-Aug 09:30 AM IST
Weekday 25-Jul - 24-Aug 11:30 AM IST
Weekday 29-Jul - 28-Aug 01:30 PM IST


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  • Personalized curriculum
  • Hands-on sessions
  • Simplified Learning

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Pay installments with no cost EMI

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Pay installments with no cost EMI

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Servicenow Course in Hyderabad Reviews
Mobeen Shaikh

Mobeen Shaikh

ServiceNow Developer

I had an exceptional learning journey with HKR Trainings while pursuing the ServiceNow Training online. Engaging in instructor-led sessions, the trainer meticulously covered various ServiceNow modules and functionalities. Throughout the training, the support team remained responsive, and the trainer adeptly clarified all my queries, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of ServiceNow concepts.
Temeh Kingsley

Temeh Kingsley

Certified Scrum Master

The Servicenow Training provided by HKR Trainings proved immensely beneficial to me. The concepts were presented in a captivating and informative manner. Shortly after completing this course, I successfully navigated my Servicenow interviews with confidence. I wholeheartedly endorse HKR Trainings for anyone seeking Workday training.


Paid Media Specialist

It’s a great place for anyone who wants to learn ServiceNow. Through this training I was able to learn all the concepts that are needed for a ServiceNow developer and Admin roles. They have designed the best curriculum. I loved their teaching methodology. I thank HKR Trainings for offering me a great ServiceNow training.
Servicenow Training in Hyderabad Objectives

Our ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad offers a detailed study of this cloud-based workflow automation platform. It covers all the key aspects of ServiceNow with hands-on skills that make you a skilled Developer or Admin. Also, it includes an updated syllabus. You can explore various job roles in and around Hyderabad with these skills.

After getting trained in our ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad, you will gain expertise in:

  • ServiceNow platform fundamentals and its overall features.
  • Configure and customize the ServiceNow platform in real-time.
  • Understand the essentials of ServiceNow, including UI Policies, Business Rules, etc.
  • Get overall ideas on developing tables and custom apps using ServiceNow.
  • Get expertise in developing and managing users, roles, groups, etc., in the Now platform.
  • Develop various workflows and import data into the ServiceNow tables.

This program is ideal for the following professionals and individuals:

  • System Admins
  • IT Professionals
  • Developers
  • Project Managers
  • QA Testers
  • Aspiring ServiceNow Professionals

The following skills you may need to attend the ServiceNow Training in Hyderabad:

  • Basic skills related to the ITIL concepts.
  • Fundamental knowledge of SQL and JavaScript will be good enough.
  • By taking the ServiceNow Course in Hyderabad, you will gain real-time expertise on this platform.
  • Getting ServiceNow Certification will add value to your profile and help you explore various job roles.
  • It stands you ahead in the competition and helps you achieve your dream job with excellent skills.
  • Moreover, get support from expert trainers and real-time learning experience by working on
    projects and assignments. It will make you a skilled expert.
  • ServiceNow Developer
  • ServiceNow Admin
  • ServiceNow Consultant
  • ServiceNow Functional Consultant
  • ServiceNow Architect
  • Our expert trainers will provide the best skills with a practical approach and make you skilled in ServiceNow.
  • Get assistance in developing an updated resume covering all the key skills that boost your confidence to apply for various jobs.
  • Further, we help our trainees by sharing their resumes with the companies we have tied up with or those looking to hire ServiceNow experts. It enables you to get placed.
  • Moreover, you will get a placement based on your skills and interview performance.
Servicenow Training in Hyderabad FAQ's

ServiceNow is a popular cloud-based digital transformation platform that eliminates the need for manual tasks with automation. It's a robust platform that provides all the IT needs for a company through a single platform and improves service delivery. Further, it offers various services to improve business processes, such as ITOM, ITSM, and ITBM.

There is no need to acquire extensive coding skills to become a skilled ServiceNow Admin. But to become a certified ServiceNow Developer, one must develop good coding skills in Java, JavaScript, etc. However, ServiceNow offers multiple capabilities for this technology's technical and non-technical users.

Many top companies and businesses are using cloud-based tools, such as ServiceNow. There is a good demand for skilled ServiceNow experts across the industry. This platform automates various business workflows and processes within large-scale industries. Learning ServiceNow skills for aspirants who want to build strong IT careers will be a good choice.

If you miss any ServiceNow class during this training program, you will get a recorded video of the class. It will help you get a detailed overview of the missed class, and you can revise your topics quickly.

You can attend a free demo session for the ServiceNow Course in Hyderabad before enrolling. It will help you learn about our training methods, trainers' profiles, and other aspects.

Our trainers of ServiceNow are highly skilled, certified, and industry-experienced individuals with good skills. They also make the learning environment interactive and effective.

If you have more queries after learning ServiceNow through our platform, contact our support team for relevant answers.

Most learners and professionals enrolled in our various training programs were fully satisfied. We guarantee that each trainee will get quality online training with real-time practical skills and interaction with industry experts. We provide the best trainers from the industry to teach our learners about ServiceNow. So, there will be no chance of any dissatisfaction after getting trained in our ServiceNow program.

Yes! As we provide online training programs, anyone can learn ServiceNow from anywhere.

Companies mainly choose ServiceNow for their operations and processes as it offers affordable pricing and automates all business activities. Further, it provides real-time analytics to make many key business decisions.

  • For a self-paced Course in ServiceNow, you have to pay Rs 9,000.
  • For 1:1 learning in ServiceNow, you have to pay Rs. 49,000.
  • Contact our learning support team for details on a live online batch of ServiceNow.

In India, a skilled ServiceNow Developer earns up to Rs. 6LPA is the average salary; in the USA, they earn up to USD 129K per year.

Learning ServiceNow is practically difficult for newbies without prior experience with this platform. A good understanding of ITSM processes will boost your confidence in learning ServiceNow.

  • Microsoft
  • Adidas
  • Accenture
  • Allianz
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Morgan Stanley

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