Mulesoft Training Certification

Mulesoft Training Certification

Course Duration : 30 Hours
Certification : Yes
Assignments : Yes
Interview Questions : Yes
Resume Preparation : Yes

HKR Trainings Provides the best Mulesoft training certification online, here we provide the real-time project work experience. And provide a detail explanation of the Mulesoft concept. Like the design, build, deploy and manage. At the end of the course, you will make the best career growth in the Mulesoft journey.

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Training Content


In-depth of Mulesoft software Design, build, deploy, manage, and govern
Explanation of deploying an applications to a standalone server
Building ,Deploying and managing API’s
Understanding the handling errors
Explanation on live project


Who Should Attend

• Developers • Administrators • System Admins • Programmers • Freshers & Graduates


Prerequisites For Mulesoft Training Certification

Basic understanding of XML, CSV and JSON and typical integration technologies such as HTTP, JMS, JDBC, SOAP and REST will be added value.

Curriculum for Mulesoft Training Certification

Problems of Point to Point Integration, What is an ESB?
How an ESB suppose in solving problems with P2P Integration
How it works?
What is Orchestration?
What is Mule?
What is Anypoint Platform for Mule?

What is a mule Flow? What is sub flow?
What is Message Processor?
How does a Mule message looks like?
What is a Transformer, Filter, Endpoint ?
Introduction to Anypoint Studio,
Introducing Mule Studio,
Mule ESB & Studio Installation.

What happens when mule stand alone server starts ? What is a Mule Agent?
Changing Mule stand alone server configuration in wrapper.conf
Deploying applications into standalone server manually.
What is MMC?
Adding mule servers to MMC and what will happens when registering Mule Server in MMC, Monitoring Mule servers using MMC, Deploying Applications using MMC.
Mule Configuration, Flows, Pattern and Services, Message Sources and Message Processors, Message Properties.

How does filter work in various scenarios, Payload type filter, Expression filter, Utilize Xpath in MEL, Regex filter
Wildcard filter, Exception Kind Filter, Message property filter, And- Filter, Or-filter
Configuring Message refresh to throw exception on unaccepted message.

Structure of a Mule Message in detail Property Transformer
Message Properties Transformer
Flow Scope, Session Scope
MEL In detail, Utilize Lists and Maps in MEL.

Consuming a Restful Webservice, Passing arguments to Restful Webservice,
Consuming a Restful Webservice having a RAML

Polling File system using Inbound file endpoint,
Utilize outbound file endpoint to write to file system

Configuring Data Source, Configuring Database Connector
Parameterized Queries, Dynamic Queries, Template Queries
Polling the Database using a poller

Choice router,
Scatter- Gather router.

What happens when exception happens in a flow? How to handle System Exceptions?
What is re-connection strategy ?
Default Exception strategies, Catch Exception strategies, Rollback Exception strategies,
Reference Exception Strategy, Choice Exception Strategy.

What and why are domains required? Creating a domain project
Deploying a domain

MuleSoft Connectors MuleSoft Database Connector, MuleSoftAnyPoint Connectors
Configuring JMS Connector, One way JMS outbound endpoint
One way JMS inbound endpoint, Using JMS Selectors
What is a Back Channel ?

Synchronous Processing Strategy Queued Asynchronous Processing strategy
Asynchronous Processing Strategy
Thread Per Processor strategy
Queued Thread per processor strategy
Mule Administration
Understand hot deployment and app structure
Deploy an app from MMC, Basic MMC utilize and monitoring of computers
Wrappers and Agents, Flow Analyzer, Alerts, Business Events

Modes of Training

Self Paced
Self Paced
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Fast Track
Fast Track
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Instructor LED Live Training.
Instructor LED Live Training
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Corporate Training
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One-One Training
One-One Training
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Trainings Features

Instructor LED Sessions
Instructor LED Sessions
Get Live Instructor LED interactive Sessions.
Total training will be followed by practical assignments for practical understanding.
Lifetime access
Lifetime access
We give a life time access to the recorded videos of your training.
After Completion of training you will receive a course completion certificate from HKR Trainings.
Convenient Timing
Convenient Timing
3Select convenient timing to get trained.
Real time Examples
Real time Examples
While training in progress get real time scenarios with examples for clear understanding.


Each and every class is recorded so if you missed any class you can review the recordings and clarify any doubts with the trainer in next class.

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Yes, we provide demo before starting any training in which you can clear all your doubts before starting training.

Our trainers are real time experts who are presently working on particular platform on which they are providing training.

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Certification Process

After Completion of training you will receive a course completion certificate from HKR Trainings which adds a value to your carrier and this is the entry to build a carrier with this certificate.