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MuleSoft Course Overview

  • Get Mulesoft classes from basics to advanced level.
  • Learn Mulesoft to gain expertise in integration and business process automation skills.
  • Get trained by industry-experienced professionals with over 10+ years of domain expertise and passionate trainers.
  • HKR Trainings trained over 3500+ professionals and freshers on various technologies online,
    including Mulesoft.
  • Get hands-on Training on the Mulesoft integration platform to enhance your efficiency in real-time.
  • We provide our learners of Mulesoft complete online assistance through a dedicated team across their Training duration.
  • Our trainers help the trainees well with quality content delivery and resolve their Mulesoft learning queries on time.
  • You will receive free 24/7 access to our learning system, resources, videos, tutorials, interview questions, blogs, articles, and more.
  • Learn MuleSoft skills by paying affordable fees with easy payment options.
  • We also offer occasional fee discounts to aspirants along with flexible training options.
  • Further, our learners get industry-oriented practical skills through real-time Mulesoft projects, resolving assignments, etc.
  • Complete your online learning by spending 25-30 hours on intensive Training apart from the project work. The duration may vary with the chosen mode of learning Mulesoft.
  • Obtain a valid MuleSoft Certification upon Course completion, which will add more value to your profile.
  • So, enroll today in this career-oriented online MuleSoft Training and achieve your dream job.


To apply for the Mulesoft Training Certification, you need to either:

  • Basic Java programming knowledge.
  • Fundamental skills in Object-oriented programming, like Java, including data formats JSON, XML, HTTP, SOAP, etc., will be good enough to learn MuleSoft.

MuleSoft Training Course Content

The Curriculum of the MuleSoft Course is designed and curated by a team of experts covering updated topics. It includes all the essential skills of the AnyPoint platform as per industry standards that make you a skilled expert. Please explore the various modules of MuleSoft below:

  • Identifying modern problems in the IT industry
  • What an application network is and what it can do for you
  • Overview to constructing an application network based on API-led connectivity
  • An overview of web services and APIs
  • An overview of API directories and portals
  • How to make secure and unsecured API calls

  • RAML Baiscs
  • Defining APIs in RAML and Creating Mock APIs to Test Their Design Before Building
  • Add APIs to Anypoint Exchange to make them discoverable.
  • Constructing API portals to teach developers how to use APIs

  • Creating Mule applications
  • Understanding of how the Flows and messages must be defined.
  • Specify message processors.
  • Using Anypoint Studio
  • create flow diagrams.
  • Mule applications can be built
  • run
  • and tested.
  • Using a connector
  • you can connect to databases.
  • To transform data
  • use the graphical DataWeave editor.
  • From a RAML file
  • create RESTful interfaces for applications. Connect API interfaces to API implementations.

  • Mule application deployment options
  • Properties can be used in Mule applications.
  • Mule applications should be deployed to CloudHub.
  • API Manager is used to create and deploy API proxies to CloudHub.
  • Restriction of API proxy access

  • Log message data.
  • How to Troubleshoot Mule Applications
  • Message properties can be read and written.
  • Expression Language for Mules (MEL)
  • MEL is used to write expressions.
  • write expressions.

  • Make a reference flow and a subflow.
  • Messages are transferred between flows using the Java Virtual Machine (VM) transport.
  • Examine variable persistence in subflows and flows
  • as well as across transport barriers.
  • Separate configuration files should be used to encapsulate global elements.
  • Investigate the Mule project's files and folder structure.

  • Consume RESTful web services with and without parameters
  • Consume RESTful web services that have RAML definitions
  • Consume SOAP web services
  • Use DataWeave to pass parameters to SOAP web services

  • Various types of exception strategies
  • Flows must handle messaging exceptions.
  • Make and employ global exception handlers.
  • Create a global default exception strategy.

  • Route messages based on conditions
  • Multicast messages
  • Filter messages
  • Validate messages

  • Write DataWeave expressions for basic and complex XML
  • Write DataWeave expressions for JSON
  • Write DataWeave expressions for Java transformations
  • Store DataWeave transformations in external files
  • Coerce and format strings
  • numbers
  • and dates
  • Use DataWeave operators
  • Define and use custom data types
  • Call MEL functions and Mule flows from DataWeave transformations

  • Connect to SaaS applications
  • Connect to files
  • Poll resources
  • Connect to JMS queues
  • Discover and install connectors not bundled with Anypoint Studio

  • For each scope to process items in a collection
  • Batch job element (EE) to process individual records
  • Trigger batch jobs using polls
  • Use batch jobs to synchronize data from legacy databases to SaaS applications

  • Making a Mavenized Mule Application project from the ground up
  • Explains how and when to manage mule code when working on large projects

  • Summarizing all the above discussed points here

MuleSoft Training Projects

Project 1

Developing Application For Banking

Industry: Banking Problem statement: Examine the prerequisites for utilizing Mule ESB 4.X to construct a banking application. .....Description: The entire lifecycle of a Mule application is discussed in this project. You'll master how to use the different tools available on the Any-Point platform and gain hands-on experience building a banking application utilizing APIs. Requirements:  Design center - APIs and fragments must be designed. Exchange - APIs must be published internallyP ublic portal - Public portal to be used for sharing APIs API manager, Runtime manager - To set up a proxy, apply policies, and register runtimes Any point Studio - Implementations to be written (Flows) Mule-Runtime (Cloud-Hub) - Mule apps must be deployed. M-Unit(framework) - To put the Mule application's logic to the test. Read more

Project 2

Database To Salesforce In Batch Process

Description: When migrating accounts from a database to a Salesforce instance, provide a filtering criterion and behavior when an..... account already exists in the destination instance. Process and On Complete are the two steps of the batch task. The migration process begins by getting all existing accounts that meet the filter criteria from the database. Every database account is checked to see whether it already has a Salesforce matching account. The Process stage's last step groups the accounts by name and upserts them into the Salesforce instance. Finally, the On Complete step sends a notification email with the batch execution results and publishes statistics data to the console. Read more

Project 3

Flow Control Using Scatter-Gather

Description: To aggregate input in parallel and provide a JSON output, the scatter-gayther control flow isemployed. The data is p.....repared by the Expression component, which is then sent into the Scatter-Gather component for aggregation. The report is then translated to CSV format and sent to an email address through the SMTP connection. Read more

Project - 4 MuleSoft Integration With An E-commerce Platform

Description: In this project, using MuleSoft, integrate multiple systems within an e-commerce platform, such as CRM, payment gatew.....ays, ERP, etc. It will allow flawless data flow and enhance operational efficiency. Read more

MuleSoft Training Options


  • Interactive sessions
  • Learn by doing
  • Instant doubt resolution
  • Expert's Guidance
  • Industry-ready skills
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Weekday 17-Apr - 17-May 09:30 AM IST
Weekend 21-Apr - 21-May 11:30 AM IST
Weekday 25-Apr - 25-May 01:30 PM IST


  • Exclusive training
  • Flexible timing
  • Personalized curriculum
  • Hands-on sessions
  • Simplified Learning

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  • Skill up easily
  • Learn in no hurry
  • Less expensive
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Pay installments with no cost EMI

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PA at Cognizant

I took Mulesoft Training from HKR Trainings where I learned the concepts practically. The trainer was highly qualified, had good teaching experience, and explained each concept with real-time examples. Also, the project work helped me get hands-on experience with the Mule concepts.

Mulesoft Online Training Objectives

Our MuleSoft Training is designed to provide comprehensive skills in AnyPoint Platform and other key aspects of MuleSoft. It also includes real-time hands-on learning, in addition to theoretical classes and expert support.

  • Project Managers
  • System Administrators
  • System Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Salesforce Developer
  • Freshers & Officials from any field
  • Aspiring individuals seeking a career as a Mulesoft Developer

  • Mulesoft API integration platform overview.
  • Developing application network with API-led connectivity.
  • Application network creation with Anypoint platform.
  • Designing, deploying, and handling APIs through AnyPoint Platform.
  • Working with Mule messages and controlling message flow.
  • Working with RESTful and SOAP web services.
  • Writing Dataweave expressions for XML, JSON, etc.
  • Handling various exceptions/errors.
  • Designing Mule apps.
  • Batch data processing.

  • The professional MuleSoft Developer Certification will prove your real-time knowledge and platform usage experience. There are different levels of this certification.
  • It will add more value to your career, separate you from your non-certified peers, and put you ahead of the competition.
  • You will also get a course completion certificate from our institute, which will help you explore various job roles.

  • Our learners get overall support and guidance from the expert trainers. They ensure that all trainees understand all the Mulesoft concepts from the beginning.
  • We provide hands-on practical skills apart from theoretical knowledge that helps you gain expertise in the AnyPoint Platform.
  • Further, we help you create an updated resume that will boost your confidence in finding a suitable job. You will also receive some interview-cracking tips.
  • So, after gaining all these skills and knowledge, in addition to Training, you will easily get placed in a top company and earn a good salary.

  • MuleSoft Architect
  • MuleSoft Developer
  • MuleSoft Administrator

Yes, you can join Mulesoft Course anywhere, like Mulesoft Training in Bangalore, Mulesoft Training in Hyderabad.

Mulesoft Training FAQ's

You will get a video recording of the missed MuleSoft online class for your revision. You can clear your doubts with the trainer on the next day after revising topics. 

You can connect with our technical team to clear your additional queries after the MuleSoft Course that are not addressed on this page.

We provide a free demo class for MuleSoft Online Course aspirants before they join us. It helps them learn about our modern Training methodology, the trainer’s overview, and other aspects of this Online Course.

  • Many learners and professionals received our online IT Courses and were satisfied with the skills.
  • We assist our learners in their learning journey and help them reach their career goals by providing them with updated knowledge of the Mule platform.
  • Further, we provide hands-on Training along with real-time scenarios and projects on Mulesoft to make you skilled.
  • Also, we provide support in certification exam preparation and resume development.
  • So, after obtaining these skills online, there will be no chance of dissatisfaction with our MuleSoft Certification Course.

MuleSoft is a popular open-source integration platform that automates business processes to offer higher productivity at lower costs. It is Java-based and helps connect with multiple platforms.

Learning MuleSoft will be easier if you are good at basic skills in APIs, object-oriented programming like Java, and other data formats.

  • For 1:1 online Training, it costs Rs. 49,000/-.
  • For Self-paced learning, it will cost Rs. 9,000/-.
  • You can contact our support team to get details on the MuleSoft live online batch.

The MuleSoft Certificate will enhance your professional credibility with real-time skills and give you demonstrative ability on the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. 

There is a good demand for MuleSoft Professionals, as many companies are using the AnyPoint Platform to connect with other platforms effectively. MuleSoft Integration Specialists are highly paid individuals worldwide. 

  • Blue Star
  • Airbus
  • Wells Fargo
  • Merck
  • Ameren

The MuleSoft Developer Certification costs up to USD 400.

To start learning MuleSoft, all you need to do is enroll with us by visiting our website and clicking on the “Enroll Now” option. You can also enter your details in the popup to get a callback or contact our sales team directly. 

For Assistance Contact: United_States_Flag +1 (818) 665 7216 Indiaflag +91 9711699759

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