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A name RuleSet is indeed an instance of the rule-rule-ruleSet name type. Since each instance of each type of reference rule or "belongs to" a RuleSet, each defines RuleSet as an important subset of PegaRULES rules in the database. A name RuleSet is an important consideration: 1. Access control 2. Grouping of interrelated rules 3. Manage Rules 4. Move applications from system process to commander. Now we will learn about the rules in PRPC.

The rules in PRPC:


A RuleSet is a container for components of your application that store a related set of business rules. It is what you put into production or ship to a customer. RuleSets offer security, version control, and the ability to deploy (or move) your application to a different Process Commander environment. Before you can build an application, you must first create a RuleSet.

A ruleset had two parts i.e rule set name and ruleset version.

Ruleset name: Which describes the RuleSet's name and other attributes.It should have a maximum of 64 characters.

Ruleset Version: which specifies the Version of the RuleSet.It is divided into three sections separated by a hyphen: Major, Minor, and Patch.

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Requisite for creation of ruleset:

When creating a new RuleSet, you have the option of specifying an existing RuleSet as its parent or Prerequisite. This designation forms a rule resolution relationship between it and your RuleSet, allowing it to inherit and extend existing features and characteristics.Throughout most cases, Pega-ProCom must be specified as a prerequisite for new RuleSets. This Process Commander RuleSet includes standard work data management that you can use to build your applications.

Creating a rule set version:

The following are the steps to create the new rule set version. They are:

  • First go to the application.
  • Then select the new option
  • Next select the rule
  • Then select the SysAdmin
  • Then select the rule set version

Upon the selection of the rule set version a pop up will be shown ruleset name and version.Just give the ruleset name and version and then click on the ok button.

Version is represented in xx:yy:zz format.

  • XX denotes major version
  • YY denotes minor version and 
  • Zz denotes patch version.

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Major version:

The major version is the partial release of the application.

Minor version: 

Minor version represents the interim release or enhancements of the major verison.

Patch version:

The patch version represents the fixing of issues and bugs in the application. In this patch version, you can fix the bugs even while running the application.

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Creation of ruleset in pega

Create a RuleSet to identify, store, and manage a set of rules that define an application or a significant portion of an application. Per application, you may require five to eight RuleSets. This is generally generated while using the Application Accelerator; you do not need to create them with the RuleSet form.

The way you use RuleSets in your application has significant design and deployment implications. Several RuleSets may be appropriate for large and complex applications. Ever since you develop a RuleSet, consider the purpose, use, and dependencies of existing RuleSets and the new RuleSet.


To see a list of RuleSets in your application (including those on which your application is based) as well as a list of prerequisites for each RuleSet.

To generate RuleSet and version rules in versions prior to V6.1, use the New RuleSet and New RuleSet Version forms, in both. Beginning with V6.1, you can create both rules in the New RuleSet Version form at the same time. The Versions tab allows you to create versions for a specific RuleSet.

Access: To view a list of all RuleSet rules in your system, use the Rules Explorer.

Development: As a best practice, use a wizard, such as the Application Accelerator, to create the initial set of RuleSets you require.

When you create a new RuleSet, you also create an initial RuleSet version XX:YY:ZZ.

Now we will explore the different rulesets and their purposes.

  • CheckInCandidates Initially, it was empty. Supports the Rule Check-in Approval process and is only required by developers who use it. See How to Use the Rule Check-in Approval Process for more information. It is not locked.
  • The PegaAES Optional RuleSet is a component of the Autonomic Event Services product.
  • Optional RuleSet PegaAESRemote for client systems monitored by the Autonomic Event Services product.
  • Optional RuleSet PegaAppTestManagement, part of the Test Management Framework.
  • The Business Intelligence Exchange facility is provided by the Pega-BIX Optional RuleSet.
  • Optional RuleSet for PegaCus Foundation, part of the Test Management Framework.

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Foundation rulesets in pega:

These RuleSets offer services that are included in the base PRPC and are generally accessible. The application rule PegaRULES:06-03 specifies the correct order and versions of these RuleSets. The descriptions that follow are only a general indication of the context of the features that are available.

  • Pega-AppDefinition allows for the direct capture of Objectives features.
  • Automated unit testing is supported by Pega-AutoTest.
  • Content Management Interoperability Services are supported by Pega-Content.
  • The Designer Studio is supported by Pega-Desktop.
  • HTML and JSP generation in Pega-EndUserUI
  • Rule resolution in the Pega-Engine, as well as low-level foundation processing
  • Pega-EventProcessing assists with business events.
  • Pega-Feedback supports the Project Management Framework's Direct Feedback feature.
  • Landing pages created by Pega-Gadgets Designer Studio
  • ZIP archive support in Pega-ImportExport
  • Forms of Pega-IntegrationArchitect rules
  • Runtime for Pega-IntegrationEngine integration services and connectors
  • Integration, connectors, and services for Pega-IntSvcs
  • Internationalization and localization with Pega-LocalizationTools
  • Landing pages for Pega-LP
  • Application landing pages for Pega-LP-Application
  • Data model landing pages for Pega-LP-DataModel
  • Integration landing pages for Pega-LP-Integration

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