Best Programming Languages

Programming languages are the tools that we use to communicate with computers for performing a specific task. They help us to develop innovative and interactive applications. There are a number of programming languages available in the market for web development, mobile application development, game development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, etc. They have their own features and syntax. Some of the most popular programming languages are python, Java, c++, Javascript and Ruby. Based on the features of the programming languages, their performance, tasks at hand, and operating system, Developers use them to develop from a simple application to complicated.

Best Programming Languages to Learn

Selecting the right programming language is very important in the software development process as it can greatly affect the software project’s success. Every programming language has their own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing a wrong language can result in a number of issues like more bugs, slower development times and less scalable and maintainable codebase. So you need to carefully consider the project’s requirements, target audience, skills and resources of the development team, tools and libraries available, etc., to select the programming language. So in this blog we have explained about some of the best programming languages to help you select the suitable one while you are working on a project.

Best Programming languages for beginners:

Any aspirant who wants to start learning programming will seek an easy to learn and widely used programming language. So we have come up with some of the best programming languages to learn for beginners. They are Python, Java, Javascript, c++ and Ruby. These languages are very easy to learn, have extensive documentation, large communities and are widely used across various industries.

Python: It is a widely used, high-level programming language that is very easy to learn with simple syntax, readability and versatility. It also has a huge online resources for beginners to learn. It is used for web development, data analysis, machine learning, etc.

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Java: Java is another programming language that offers simplicity and readability. It can be used in enterprise applications, web applications and mobile applications development. It has a large community, many online resources making it very easy for beginners to learn it.

JavaScript: Javascript is another popular choice for beginners which is easy to learn and has simple syntax. It is a scripting language used specifically for adding interactivity and functionality to the websites.

Ruby: It is a dynamic and object oriented programming language. It is commonly used for web development and has a huge community with many online resources for beginners.

C#: It is similar to Java programming language in syntax and structure. It is commonly used for game development, mobile application development and windows application development.

Swift: It is another programming language that is used for MacOS and iOS application development. It is another good choice for beginners interested in application development.

PHP: PHP is a server-side scripting language that is used for web development. It is another best choice to learn if you are a beginner. You can find it easy to learn. It offers a large community.

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Best Programming languages for Web Development:

Web development involves creating web based applications and websites that include front-end and back-end. Some of the widely used programming languages for web development are Java script, Python, Ruby, PHP and Java. We can even use these languages for server-side scripting, creating dynamic web pages apart from web development. Along with these languages there are even other languages like HTML & CSS, Typescript, etc., that can be used for web development. So you need to wisely choose them based on your needs while you are interested in Web development.

JavaScript: Javascript is a widely used language for web development. It is used to add interactivity and functionality to the websites. It is used for front-end web development using frameworks like React, Angular and Vue.js and used on the server-side with Node.js.

HTML & CSS: They are the markup languages that are used for building the structure and styling the web pages. So they are very important skills for any Web developer.

PHP: It is another popular server-side scripting language that can be used for creating web applications and dynamic web pages. Generally it is used with databases like MYSQL to create content management systems, e-commerce platforms, etc.

Python: It is one of the best coding language used for various purposes including web development. It can be used for web scraping, data analysis and server-side web development with the help of frameworks like Flask and Django

Ruby: Ruby is another language widely used for web development. It uses the Ruby on Rails framework to build web applications very quickly.

Java: It is another popular language for developing enterprise level web applications. It is generally used with frameworks like Spring and Struts. It is also used for mobile application development with Android.

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Typescript: It is a superset of Javascript. It includes static typing and various other features for increasing code maintainability and quality. It is generally used for front-end web development using frameworks like Angular and React.

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Best Programming Languages for Data Science and Machine Learning:

In Data Science and Machine Learning, we work with large datasets to obtain meaningful insights and develop predictive models. Some of the best programming languages to work on data science and machine learning include SQL, Python, R, Julia and MATLAB. These languages are used for machine learning, data analysis, statistical modeling and developing creative models.

Python: It is a widely used language for data Science and Machine learning. It offers a number of libraries for data manipulation and analysis like Numpy, Pandas, for visualization - Matplotlib, seaborn and for machine learning - Keras, TensorFlow and Scikit Learn.

R: R is a programming language particularly designed for data visualization and statistical analysis. So it is widely used for data modeling, data manipulation and visualization. It offers a number of libraries.

SQL: It is a domain specific language that is used for managing and querying relational databases. It is vastly used for data extraction and manipulation in the field of data science and machine learning.

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Java: Java is also one of the widely used languages for big data processing and distributed computing.

Julia: It is a relatively new language particularly designed for numerical and scientific computing. It is efficient and fast. Its syntax is the same as Python and MATLAB. Because of its ease to use and speed its popularity is increasing in the data science community.

Best Programming Languages for Mobile application Development

Mobile application developments includes developing applications for smartphones and tablets. Some of the best programming languages for mobile application development are Java, SWift, Kotlin, Objective C and C#. Using these applications Mobile applications can be developed for Android and IOS platforms.

Java: It is the primary language for developing Android mobile apps. Using Java we can create native Android applications that can be executed on Android OS.

Swift: It is the main language for iOS application development. We can create native iOS applications that can execute on Apple OS.

Kotlin: It is a new programming language which is particularly designed for Android application development. It is easier to learn and has a simple syntax that is similar to Java.

Objective C: It is one of the oldest languages which was used prior to Swift for iOS application development.

C#: It is widely used for developing mobile applications on Xamarin platform that enables the developers to write code in C# which can be compiled into native apps for Android and iOS.

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Best Programming Language for Game Development:

Game development is concerned with creating games for various gaming platforms like mobile, desktop, and console. Some of the widely used programming languages for gaming includes C++, C#, Java, Python and Lua.

C++: It is one of the main languages that is used for game development. Its high performance provides a great control for developers over the hardware and makes it the best choice for creating games.

C#: It is another popular choice for beginners for game development. It is easy to learn and has a simple syntax.

Java: It is another cross platform language for game development over multiple platforms like android mobile devices.

Python: Python is another versatile language for scripting, game development, AI, etc. It is commonly used in combination with other languages like c++.

Javascript: It is one of the easiest programming language used for developing games for mobile devices and web browsers. It is generally used along with HTML5 & CSS3 to develop Web games.

Lua: It is a lightweight language mainly used for scripting in game development. It is also used in combination with languages like C++.


In this blog we have discussed the best programming languages for beginners, web development, mobile apps development, data science and machine learning and gaming. In future even new programming languages will continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of the industries. So learning the best programming language in a particular area can help you obtain a good job as a developer with a good salary. With the help of this blog you can now easily select the best language as per your interest. We hope you found this information helpful. For more latest blogs, Stay tuned!

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