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In the latest times, there is an immense improvement and development in technology. Many business organizations would interact and establish communication with the users or people, customers to improve business growth and meet the business requirements. Customer Relationship Management Solutions have been used on the organization server. Apart from the CRMs, there is one technology developed as an advancement to the Customer Relationship Management Solutions is the Salesforce. The business organizations looked forward to an advanced solution to clear the gap with the costs and the time taken to build their Customer Relationship Management Solution. In this blog, you will understand what is Salesforce, why it is used, and the products and services offered, advantages of using Salesforce in this current era of technology.

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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is defined as the world's trusted Customer Relationship Management Platform allowing the business organizations and their teams to work together under a single technology. This helps the business organizations get in contact with the customers and clients online and lead to business growth. 

Do you know what the background is under the development of Salesforce? Well, let me give you an idea of it. An organization and its teams will dive and strive hard to maintain the customers' feasibility and accountability related to their business needs. To support such features within an organization, Customer Relationship Management Solutions have to be developed. Infact, the cost would be dollars, and it is undoubtedly a time-taking process. The solution has also to be feasible such that it is accessible to all the users at any point in time. The CRM before Salesforce was found to be difficult as well to handle. To overcome all the drawbacks with the other CRMs, Salesforce is the answer which is built as an affordable CRM software and delivering it online as a service.

Salesforce is booming nowadays as it is very simple, easy to learn and implement as well.I think many of us heard about Salesforce and interest among the people is going high. The sudden improvement and hit to Salesforce as it is a replacement to the length installation process and moving everything offline to online is vital as all the users are provided with the flexibility to do anything, anywhere with an internet connection. Cost is one of the main factors that every organization focuses on, and Salesforce is an answer for the reduced costs.

Salesforce is started as a Software as a Service (SaaS) Customer relationship management company. Salesforce is the platform for the users, and the developers developed based on the multi-tenant architecture allowing multiple users to share the current technology. Salesforce is the CRM Software that provides the users and developers to create and distribute the custom software. Salesforce enables the management of an organization's customer interactions through different media such as communities, social media, phone calls, etc. Salesforce is capable of handling customer relationships by focusing on multiple aspects like sales, support, marketing processes. In simpler terms, Salesforce is a CRM platform that helps manage and organize customer relationships and provides the flexibility to stay connected with the customers, streamline the processes, and improve the profitability of an organization. 

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Why is Salesforce used?

Salesforce, a platform with unique and advanced features is a way ahead these days. Did you ever think why Salesforce is used? Like any idea on why it has been so pervading and trust-worthy? There are many reasons behind its success and growth in a short duration of time. It's not an easy task to get populated in a short time. I would say it is because of its usage, statistics, and features that bring the connections to the business team online.

Salesforce uses a building strategy that provides the fastest path to the users.
It includes the tools and frameworks specifically designed to enhance the customer relationships, bringing a high profit and growth to the organization. 
As Salesforce is in the cloud, easy accessibility everywhere via the internet is another plus which many of the other CRMs failed to deliver.
Salesforce is known for its integrity with the third party applications. It is easily affordable in a short time, unlike the other CRMs. 
Salesforce is used as it brings the companies and the customers together. It helps in engagement with the customers for developing an environment that is relevant and empathetic to the business. 
It allows selling the products and services in a smarter way to the customers and helps in organizational growth. It is used as it can empower teams to work from anywhere around the globe.

What are the benefits and advantages of using Salesforce?

Salesforce is an advanced CRM which has come up with many benefits that counted to be the best CRM platform these days. I would give a brief idea about some of the key benefits provided by Salesforce. They are listed below: 

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1.Easily manageable platform: 

The platform that is designed for customer engagement should be flexible and easily manageable as well. Yes, Salesforce falls under the same category, which helps in easy management. It is not specific that only the users who have IT knowledge are allowed or can manage easily. Any of them without technical knowledge can also work on Salesforce and implement the changes required on the administrator side.

2.Standard API links: 

Salesforce also allows linking of applications. One of the most significant benefits of Salesforce is that a great deal of suppliers offer the standard API links on Salesforce. For instance, if you feel that the API that you have selected does not meet your needs, then you have the option to approach the other suppliers for an alternative that can help you out. These tools like Salesforce are the trusted tools that allow linking of the applications within a short period of time.


The Salesforce CRM is known for its high degree of adaptability. The objects available in the Salesforce can be set up as per your desire in a line without any issues. Being a user, you are not restricted to work only on one particular layout, processes, workflows or any. This would build up the ecosystem and environment that makes Salesforce more flexible than the other available systems in the market.

4.Multiple options available with different apps:

Apart from the cloud servers that we customize and design for ourselves, the Salesforce environment also provides applications that are allowed to purchase via AppExchange. Many of the systems would not allow integration of tools while the salesforce ecosystem builds up such an environment. The AppExchange feature in Salesforce allows all the different kinds of apps that are capable of supporting the different processes like finance, marketing, recruitment etc. 

5.Proactive Service and Customer information tracking:

Salesforce maintains and tracks customer information. Salesforce retrieves both quality and quantity. It helps in analyzing the target audience along with the information or the statistics of the business users or accounts. It helps in keeping the organizational profiles in an organized format. Salesforce is comprehensive, convenient and responsive to use.

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Cloud Services offered by Salesforce:

Salesforce offers multiple services which would be an essential aspect for enhancement in its growth and popularity. These cloud services are utilized by the users or teams in the organization leading to the development of customer engagement, sales, growth and profits to the organization. Let us have a quick review of the cloud services offered by Salesforce.

Salesforce Sales Cloud: The salesforce Cloud is a platform that helps in the management of the organization sales, marketing and related support facets. The salesforce Cloud brings the customers and their information together in a single platform which is integrated. It helps in achieving the leads, sales, which are the most significant part of the organization. This cloud is best suitable for organizations that are B2B or B2C to achieve business goals and objectives.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the influential digital marketing platforms. It helps in engaging with customers using customer data. The marketers in the organization try to reach out to multiple customers improving the reach by managing the customer journey via email, mobile, web personalization, content creation, web analytics etc.
Salesforce Service Cloud: The Salesforce Service Cloud is developed for the management of the services to the customers. The customers will need support and services, and the support team will work on multiple cases every year. They maintain a log of the cases to enlighten and bring a solution for the problem. It also helps the agents in resolving the problems faster.
Salesforce Community Cloud: The Salesforce Community Cloud is one of the platforms that help in connecting the employees and the organization to connect and communicate with each other. It allows the exchanging of the data and images on a real-time basis.
Salesforce Commerce Cloud: The salesforce Commerce cloud is the platform designed and developed for providing the best customer service and experience. It could be either in online or offline mode. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the best choice if you are looking to deliver the best positive, engaging customer experience.
Salesforce Analytics Cloud: The Salesforce Analytics Cloud is the business intelligence platform developed to run a comprehensive analysis of the organizational data. It includes the graphs, charts, data files and other representations of the data that would help in data analytics efficiently. In simpler terms, the salesforce Analytics Cloud helps in visualization of the data.
Salesforce App Cloud: The Salesforce App Cloud is one of the platforms designed to provide the flexibility to develop and run the custom apps. It holds the different tools required for the development of custom applications. Some of the apps are AppExchange, force.com, Heroku, Salesforce Sandbox, etc.
Salesforce IOT Cloud: The Salesforce IOT cloud is used when the organization is looking to store and process the IOT data. It helps in building massive volumes of data that is generated by websites, apps, sensors, etc.
Salesforce Health Cloud: The Salesforce Health Cloud is designed for managing the doctor-patient relationships and record management. If the organization is a Healthcare organization, then Salesforce Health Cloud is the best fit for it.

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Which organizations use Salesforce?

Salesforce has become world-wide in a short period of time. Many organizations across many industries use it as it is the secure web-based software CRM with the efficient features that make its way. Now that you are aware of Salesforce, let me give an idea about the organizations that use Salesforce.

Salesforce is used across different industries like Finance, communications, Media, Healthcare, HighTech etc. Let me give a brief idea about each industry with an example company.

  • Communications (Comcast Spectator): Salesforce helps Comcast spectacor to maintain and manage the customer profiles to find the most significant fans to develop an effective marketing technique.
  • Finance (American Express): Salesforce is used by American express to establish, connect and communicate among the organizations, branches, time zones etc.
  • Healthcare (Health Leads): Health Leads organization uses Salesforce to view, update the data related to the patients and coordinate along with the doctors.
  • Media (Coco-Cola): Coco-Cola company uses Salesforce to connect more with the people and the staff to run the organization and profits efficiently.

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I have given you a brief idea on what is Salesforce, why, and its benefits along with products and services offered. Salesforce has turned up to be at the top of innovation. Organizations are relatively growing faster than expected. As Salesforce is booming daily for its extensive support to the organizations, I think learning Salesforce will be an added advantage. Get trained and certified in Salesforce that would indeed help you to be successful in your career.

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