SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) appears to be an effective technology test automation implementation that offers a full variety of solutions for streamlining everything from a group's plant regular maintenance, therefore it goes a long way in integrating the connected data and analysis with the project's organic workflow. One well-known SAP tool, for example, gives effective help and support and is useful for process automation. SAP PM's consumption factors make day-to-day procedures much simpler and highlight earlier ignored facets that are generally done manually.

SAP PM TCodes:

SAP PM Main Tcodes group together the most commonly used transactions in SAP PM. Of course, it is dependent on how you use PM. However, it can be beneficial.

In this article, the main SAP Plant Maintenance Transaction Codes would be classified by Categories:

  • Maintenance Planning
  • Create and Change Notifications
  • Process Notifications
  • Create and Change Maintenance Orders
  • Work Confirmation
  • Create and Change Measuring documents
  • Display of PM Master Data
  • Plant Maintenance Information System

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SAP PM TCodes for Maintenance Planning

The SAP PM Maintenance Plan will be the first list of SAP Plant Maintenance Transaction Codes:

  • IP01 Maintenance Plan Create
  • IP02 Maintenance Plan Change
  • IP03 Maintenance Plan Display
  • IP10 Scheduling of maintenance plans
  • IP11 Create/Change Maintenance Strategies
  • IP12 Display Maintenance Strategies
  • IP13 Create Package Sequence
  • IP15 Change Maintenance Plan
  • IP16 Display Maintenance Plan
  • IP24 Scheduling overview list form
  • IP30 Deadline Monitoring
  • IP41 Add single plan
  • IP42 Add strategy-controlled plan
  • IA01 Create Equipment Task List
  • IA02 Change Equipment Task List
  • IA03 Display Equipment Task List
  • IA05 Create General Maintenance Task List
  • IA06 Change General Maintenance Task List
  • IA07 Display General Task List
  • IA08 Change PM Task Lists
  • IA09 Display Task Lists
  • IA10 Display Task Lists (Multilevel)
  • IA17 Print Maintenance Task Lists
  • IB01 Equipment BOM Create
  • IB02 Equipment BOM Change
  • CT04 Characteristic Create
  • CL02 Classs Create
  • IR01 Work Center Create
  • IR02 Work Center Change
  • CR05 Work Center List
  • IPMD Permit Create
  • IK01 Measuring Point Create
  • IK02 Measuring Point Change
  • IK08 Measuring Points Change

SAP PM TCodes for change notifications

  • IW21 PM Notification Create : General
  • IW22 PM Notification Change
  • IW23 PM Notification Display
  • IW24 Create PM Malfunction Report
  • IW25 Create PM Activity Report
  • IW28 PM Notification Change
  • IW29 PM Notification Display
  • IW30 Notification List (Multi-Level)
  • IW69 Notification Items Display

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SAP PM TCodes for process notifications

The main SAP PM TCodes for process notifications are:

  • IW28 PM Notification Change
  • IW22 PM Notification Change Status
  • IW37 Change Operations
  • IW64 Change Activities
  • IW66 Change Tasks
  • IW68 Notification Items Change

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SAP PM TCodes for Maintenance orders

  • Tcodes SAP PM TCODES
  • IW29 Display Notification
  • IW31 Create Order
  • IW32 Change Order
  • IW33 Display PM Order
  • IW34 PM Order for PM Notification
  • IW37 Change Operations
  • IW38 Change PM Orders
  • IW39 Display PM orders
  • IW40 Display Orders (Multi-Level)
  • IW49 Display Operations
  • IPM2 Change Permit
  • IPM3 Display Permit
  • IW3D Print Order
  • IW3K Change order component list
  • IW3L Display Order Component List
  • MMBE Stock Overview
  • ML81N Creation of Service Entry Sheet
  • AC06 Service Entry List
  • QE11 Record results for inspection point
  • QE12 Change results for inspection point
  • IW37N Change Order and Operations

SAP PM TCodes for Work Confirmation

  • Tcodes SAP PM TCODES
  • IW41 PM Order Confirmation
  • IW42 Overall Completion Confirmation
  • IW43 Display PM Order Confirmation
  • IW44 PM Order Collective Confirmation
  • IW45 Cancel PM Order Confirmation
  • IW47 Confirmation List
  • IW48 Confirmation using operation list
  • IW49N Display Orders and Operations

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SAP PM TCodes for creating and changing the measuring documents

  • IK11 Create Measurement Document
  • IK12 Change Measurement Document
  • IK13 Display Measurement Document
  • IK16 Collective Entry of Measurement Documents
  • IK17 Display Measurement Documents
  • IK18 Change Measurement Documents
  • IK21 Collective Entry of MeasDocuments : Functional Location
  • IK22 Collective Entry of MeasDocuments : Equipment

SAP PM TCodes for displaying of master data

This is an important section because it contains a list of the main SAP Plant Maintenance Transaction Codes for PM Master Data:

  • IE03 Display Equipment
  • IH08 Display Equipments
  • IE07 Equipment List (Multi-level)
  • IB03 Display Equipment BOM
  • IH03 Equipment Structure
  • IL03 Display Functional Location
  • IH06 Display Functional Locations
  • IL07 Funct. Location List (Multi-Level)
  • IB13 Display Functional Location BOM
  • IH01 Functional Location Structure
  • IK03 Display Measuring Point
  • IK07 Display Measuring Points
  • IK17 Display Measurement Documents
  • IR03 Display Work Center
  • CR05 Work Center List
  • AC03 Display Service Master
  • AC06 Service Master List
  • CL03 Display Class
  • CS03 Display Material BOM
  • IA09 Display Func. Loc./Equip./General Task List
  • QS42 Display Catalog

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SAP PM TCodes for Maintenance Information Systems

  • IA09 Display Task Lists
  • IA10 Display Task Lists (Multilevel)
  • IA17 Print Maintenance Task Lists
  • IH08 Display Equipment
  • IE07 Equipment List (Multi-level)
  • IH04 Equipment Structure
  • IH06 Display Functional Location
  • IL07 Funct. Location List (Multi-Level)
  • IH01 Functional Location Structure
  • IK07 Display Measuring Points
  • IK17 Display Measurement Documents
  • IP16 Display Maintenance Plan
  • IP19 Maintenance scheduling overview
  • IP24 Scheduling overview list form
  • IW29 Display Notifications
  • IW30 Notification List (Multi-Level)
  • IW39 Display PM orders
  • IW40 Display Orders (Multi-Level)
  • IW49 Display Operations
  • IW65 Display activities
  • IW67 Display Tasks
  • IW69 Display Notification Items
  • IWBK Material availability information

SAP PM TCodes for Analysis and stock overview

  • MCI2 PMIS: Manufacturer Analysis
  • MCI3 PMIS: Location Analysis
  • MCI4 PMIS: Planner Group Analysis
  • MCI5 PMIS: Object Damage Analysis
  • MCI6 PMIS: Obj.Statistic.Analysis
  • MCI7 PMIS: Breakdown Analysis
  • MCI8 PMIS: Cost Evaluation
  • MCJB MTTR/MTBR for Equipment
  • MCJC FunctLoc: Mean Time Between Repair
  • MMBE Stock Overview
  • CR05 Work Center List


In the above blog post we had discussed all the important SAP PM T codes that are very useful. Hope you got the point. If you find anything beyond this please drop them in the comments section, we will definitely consider them.

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