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The Fortinet certification was created to aid us to comprehend the technology and benefits of its products for further contributions. You will develop the right information and ability to deal with your association's IT foundation, and to confront the present cybersecurity threats. Each accreditation level of the NSE Program means to survey explicit degrees of systems administration mastery, from establishment to designing. NSE stands as a target pointer of the competitor's specialized knowledge in technical abilities, which are important resources for the person, just as to current and future employers.

Advantages of completing the NSE Certification Program

The Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) Certification program is a program that is intended to furnish intrigued specialized experts with an autonomous approval of their organization security abilities and background. It was dispatched in 2015, in excess of 250,000 NCE accreditations have been given. By acquiring NSE affirmations, people gain validity inside the organization security network. This is an eight level training program that incorporates a wide scope of self-guided and instruction oriented courses, which is practical and includes activities that show authority of complex organization security ideas. In 2019, Cyber Security Breakthrough Awards Program awarded NSE for the “Professional Certification Program of the Year”.

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Advantages of completing the NSE Certification Program 

  • Being recognized in the business of security experts. 
  • Influence Fortinet's full scope of organization security items. 
  • Develop united arrangements and cancel/ cut down dangers. 
  • Exhibit an incentive to current and possible managers. 
  • Approve to your organization security aptitudes and experience. 

Eight Levels of NSE

1. Network Security Associate (1)

Threat Landscape course is the beginner level of the Fortinet NSE program. First level furnishes students with a fundamental comprehension of the expanding dangers and organizations network security ideas. In order to procure NSE 1 certification, competitors have to complete all NSE 1 course lessons and succeed in the quiz for the same. 

2. Network Security Associate (2)

NSE 2 course is the core-solutions in the Fortinet program where applicants will gain proficiency with the Evolution of Cyber security. They will figure out how the twelve center components of the Fortinet Security fabric join to make an expansive, incorporated, and robotized answer for the present complex and ever-changing danger scene. To attain NSE 2 certification, candidates have to complete all the course lessons and pass the quiz on each lesson.

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3. Network Security Associate (3)

NSE 3 course called Fortinet Core Products acquaints applicants with the highlights of Fortinet items and how they settle explicit client network security issues. This built up the abilities to depict how Fortinet items are utilized to make the arrangements talked about in level 2. It furnishes you with an essential comprehension of Fortinet items. The sales training is accessible just for Fortinet representatives and channel accomplices. To achieve the NSE 3 certification, candidates have to complete any of the four NSE 3 lessons and complete the quiz 

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4. Network Security Professional

NSE 4 assignment recognizes your capacity to design, introduce, and deal with the everyday configuration, observing, and activity of a FortiGate gadget to help explicit corporate organization security approaches. This training includes 2 courses: FortiGate Security and FortiGate Infrastructure.

FortiGate Security, three-day course,where you can figure out how to utilize fundamental FortiGate features, along with security portraits. There will be investigation on firewall strategies, security texture, client authentication, SSL VPN, dialup IPsec VPN, and on methods of how to ensuring your organization utilizing security profiles, for example, IPS, antivirus, web sifting, application control, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 

FortiGate Infrastructure, two-day course, you will figure out how to utilize progressed FortiGate systems administration and security. The topics incorporate features normally applied in intricate or bigger ventures or MSSP organizations, for example, progressed directing, diagnostics, excess infrastructure, web intermediary, and transparent mode etc.

5. Network Security Analyst

NSE 5 assignment perceives your capacity to actualize network security administration and investigation utilizing Fortinet security gadgets. Passing any two courses is enough for the certification and it is valid for two years.

  • FortiManager- two day class, where you will gain proficiency with the basics of utilizing FortiManager for unified organization of numerous FortiGate gadgets.
  • FortiSIEM- three day course, you will figure out how to utilize FortiSIEM, and how to incorporate it into your organization awareness framework. 
  • FortiClient- one day course, you will figure out how to utilize the independent FortiClient element, and arrange it utilizing the FortiClient EMS arrangement. 
  • FortiAnalyzer 6.2- one day course,  gain proficiency with the basics of utilizing FortiAnalyzer 6.2 for unified logging and detailing. It is possible to figure out how to design and send FortiAnalyzer, and distinguish dangers and assault designs.

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6. Network Security Specialist

NSE 6 educational program offers nine courses. This course is for organization and security experts who are engaged with overseeing and supporting explicit Fortinet security items. NSE 6 Network Security Specialist assignment admits your comprehensive abilities with texture products past the firewall. This is done after you accomplish at least four of the Fortinet Specialist certifications on Fortinet improved products. This is valid for two years. They are FortiADC, FortiAuthenticator 5.4, FortiWeb, FortiddoS, Fortimail, FortiNAC, Integrated and Cloud Wireless, FortiWLC, and FortiVoice. Some of the courses are explained below.

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One-day class, you will figure out how to design and administer the features of a FortiADC. In labs, you will investigate Layer 4 and Layer 7 server load adjusting, connect load adjusting, global load adjusting, high accessibility, firewall arrangements, advanced directing, and that's just the beginning. 
Two-day class, you will figure out how to utilize FortiAuthenticator 5.4 for secure confirmation and  of identity management.
Three-day class, you will figure out how to convey, arrange, and investigate the Fortinet application firewall. 

7. Network Security Architect

NSE 7 offers five courses. This course is for organization and security experts associated with the plan, design, organization, and backing of security frameworks utilizing Fortinet arrangements. The certification is valid for two years.

  • Advanced Threat Protection- Two day course, you will figure out how to ensure your association and improve its protection from cutting edge dangers that sidestep conventional security controls, utilizing FortiSandbox and other ATP segments. 
  • Enterprise Firewall- Three day course, you will figure out how to execute, investigate, and deal with an endeavor security foundation made out of numerous FortiGate gadgets. 
  • Public Cloud Security- Two day class, you will find out about the various parts that make up the frameworks of top public cloud suppliers, and security issues these conditions provide.
  • Private Cloud Security- Two day class, you will find out about the various parts that make up the foundations of private clouds and security issues these conditions provide. 
  • Secure Access- Two day course, you will figure out how FortiOS, FortiAP, FortiSwitch, and FortiAuthenticator empower secure availability over both wired and remote organizations.

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8. Network Security Expert 

NSE 8 assignment recognizes a participant’s complete information on network security plan, configuration, setup, and investigating for complex organizations. To endeavor the test, competitors should have industrial experience. You should complete NSE 4 to 7 training, have strong involvement in Fortinet products in a developing environment. The NSE 8 level does exclude training. There are both written and practical examinations. For NSE 8, the participants must complete the practical exam within two years of completing the written exam. Simply passing the written exam does not provide a certification.

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About Certification Exam

Many of the applicants wish to complete the course and obtain the certification on their first try itself. By understanding and learning the syllabus and study materials accurately one can clear the exam. 

  • The exam vouchers will be valid for 1 year (365 days). 
  • You are allowed to use the exam voucher only once. 
  • You can take your Fortinet NSE certification test helpfully from home through OnVUE online administering, a Pearson VUE service. A live delegate will screen you through the webcam on your workstation to give a safe test insight. 
  • You can download the course completion certification from the dashboard available. 
  • Those who fail the exam are able to retake the test 15 days after a failed attempt, on days including Saturday and Sunday. 


NSE Certification courses will help you in being recognized in the business of security experts. The technical skills you develop will be acknowledged by the authorities and they will approve to your organization security aptitudes and experience. There are eight levels of Certifications. You are free to choose and study the courses according to personal ability. It does not denote that you are NSE certified by attending the course. Completing the courses is not compulsory to endeavor the test, yet it is suggested.

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