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In this blog, I am going to explain SAP SuccessFactors in more detail. You will comprehend what is SAP SuccessFactors, how this credential will help you in developing the SAP skills, various types of certifications, the format of the exam, and other details of Certification.

What exactly is SAP SuccessFactors?

SAP SuccessFactors is a SaaS-based cloud-based human resource software for human capital management. SAP SuccessFactors improves employee self-service and automates HR operations in real-time. SAP SuccessFactors is a global leader because of two key components: Core HR and Talent Solutions.

Now we'll get into the specifics of SAP SuccessFactors Certification.

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SAP SuccessFactors included how many certifications? What exactly are they?

To become an SAP SuccessFactors Professional, you do not need to take any certification exams.

 Although no examination is needed to acquire SuccessFactors Certification, you must complete the application. The requested details must be provided.

Following completion of the training, you will receive the following certifications.

SAP SuccessFactors is divided into two categories.

  1. Associate Certification
  2. Professional Certification

Both categories offer five different types of certifications, although the Associate and Professional levels differ.

Here they are:

  • SAP SuccessFactors EmployeeCentral Certification
  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals certification
  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management certification
  • SAP SuccessFactors Succession Management certification
  • SAP SuccessFactors Career Development and Planning certification

There are five more forms at the Professional level:

  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing Certification
  • SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding Certification
  • SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Certification
  • SAP SuccessFactors Variable pay Certification
  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning Certification

SAP Success Factors Training

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What can you learn from SAP SuccessFactors Details?

SAP SuccessFactors, on the other hand, has a lot of advantages for you. The SAP SuccessFactors certification is aimed primarily at candidates with SAP SuccessFactors and business consulting experience, as well as those interested in pursuing a career as an SAP SuccessFactors consultant.

The SAP SuccessFactors Certification Exam certifies that the candidate has core SAP SuccessFactors knowledge and skills.

 This certification exam verifies that the candidate has a thorough comprehension of the consultant profile and can apply that knowledge in projects under the supervision of a knowledgeable consultant.

The certification exam was developed by SAP Education to assess SAP skills. Estimates are made based on SAP SuccessFactors' knowledge.

 SAP offers certification at three levels: associate, professional, and master. These certification levels were created with the candidate's experience and domain competence in mind.

To prepare for your certification exam, SAP SuccessFactors suggests combining classroom learning with hands-on experience. The questions will assess your ability to apply what you've learned in training and from your work experience.

What is the Certification Exam Format?

So here's how the SAP SuccessFactors Certification Exam is framed:

  • Duration: 180 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 80
  • Percentage: 60% to 70%

Here are a few guidelines to consider during taking the exam:

  • Exams were proctored online.
  • You are alone while taking your Exam.
  • A quiet environment in your surroundings to prevent any disruption.
  • Exam administrators may request to see the surroundings in order to prevent any unethical practices.
  • If suspicious activity is detected, the Exam administrator has the option to suspend and cancel the exam.

You must obtain your testimonies once you have successfully completed your certification exam.

You must update your resume with SAP SuccessFactors talents and related skills after obtaining the credentials.

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What does it mean to be a SuccessFactors Professional?

Is the highest level of SuccessFactors Certification, and it acknowledges both technical and practical knowledge.

One of the credentials within the SAP Cloud Certification is the SuccessFactors Professional Certification.

What is the SuccessFactors Professional Certification application process?

You complete the application form at and include all essential information. 

NOTE: If you aren’t already logged in, you would be prompted to do so in order to view and submit the application form.

What should I do if I already have SuccessFactors Associate Certification?

You must have gotten an e-mail with information on how to transfer your certification data to the new program if you were certified through the SuccessFactors Certification Program (Associate and/or Professional). 

HKR Trainings manages the new SAP Cloud Certification Program. On the HKR Trainings website, you could view all SAP Global Certification Digital Badges.

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Is it necessary for me to renew my SuccessFactors Professional?

As long as you keep your SuccessFactors Associate Certification, you'll keep your SuccessFactors Professional Certification.

What if my SuccessFactors Associate Certification is lost?

Your SuccessFactors Professional Certification would be revoked if you lose your SuccessFactors Associate Certification. Once you have a current SuccessFactors Associate Certification, you will need to reapply.

How can I get my SuccessFactors certification re-certified?
  • In Certification Hub, finish the recent Associate Certification (C THR***) exam.
  • Submit a new application for professional certification (if applicable).

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Is there an extra charge for getting certified as SuccessFactors Professional?

No, being SuccessFactors Professional Certified does not cost anything more.

Is there an exam I have to take to get Certified as SuccessFactors Professional?

No, the SuccessFactors Professional certification does not require an examination. Rather, you must complete the online application and offer customer references depending on the project experience.

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