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In today’s world of living with the technology, it's crucial to understand and decide the right tools and infrastructure to run a successful business. Every business purely focusses on its customer experience, the ultimate goal to manage and grow the business in all aspects. Customer relationships and their management through Customer Relationship Management are worth the best. To meet the business needs efficiently, we have two different Customer relationship Management systems developed in the market. They are Salesforce and ServiceNow. Most of the organizations are now preferring to choose any one of these CRMs based on their business aspects, goals, and objectives. Salesforce and ServiceNow are different and similar in their functioning and development. It's quite important to know the difference between Salesforce and ServiceNow to decide which CRM will help you run and manage your business or organization effectively. In this blog, you will have an overview of Salesforce and ServiceNow along with the differences to make your understanding better.

What is Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the cloud-based CRM platforms. CRM means Customer Relationship Management. CRM will handle and manage relationships between customers- deals, support requests, and contact details with business enterprises. Salesforce helps ease the day-to-day activities of customer-related businesses with CRM by handling user details, seller details, and customer requests. CRM enhances the trust between users and the company, ultimately increasing productivity. Salesforce runs on iOS, Android, windows, and web-based platforms. With its diversity on multiple platforms, many users drive into it.

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What is ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that provides technical management Software as a Service (SaaS). It has expertise in IT, operation management, business management, customer service, software development, security, easy configuration, etc. ServiceNow can easily integrate with other tools.

Salesforce vs ServiceNow

I think you have an understanding of both the CRM tools now. It's vital to know the differences between them as it could help in making the right decisions to uplift the organization. Let us have a quick review of the differences between Salesforce and ServiceNow.


Salesforce is designed with the customizing feature that helps in customizing as per the user requirements and is considered as the basic tool for case management for all types of businesses. Salesforce allows you to work from anywhere, home, office, the hotel providing the flexibility to use it anywhere. It also provides its support via mobility by providing support to mobile services. Salesforce is the best that delivers positive customer satisfaction and customer experience. Sometimes,we feel that Salesforce is a bit more popular and ahead these days. Salesforce users are happy because the versatility allows the system to upgrade within a few minutes of time. It is found to be the best based on availability and reliability.

Concerning ServiceNow CRM, it is one of the CRM that is highly recommended by the organizations that is easy and comfortable to use. ServiceNow is flexible in offering the best service delivery models allowing the users to use the tool anywhere like Salesforce. However, ServiceNow is a web-based framework. When it comes to the upgrades or the renewal of the ServiceNow tool, it does not happen easily and quickly. It surely needs an expert’s advice and assistance.


Let’s discuss a bit on the integration part as well. Coming to Salesforce, it is the CRM that is designed to allow integration with third party applications like Google Analytics, Yahoo, Gmail, and many more. One must be aware of the procedure or the steps to be followed to complete the integration process. Salesforce is marked at the top for its customizations, integrations, and configurations.

For ServiceNow, it is quite hard and the process of integration takes time. It requires efforts by the experts and requires their assistance at a high level. When considering the term, ROI - Return on Investment, it is high and faster in both Salesforce and ServiceNow. Salesforce is more convenient as the management of the customers is found to be easier in it. It helps in long-term relationships and association with the customers. Concerning ServiceNow, it is less convenient as it does not provide the required information about the customers.

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Pricing Structure

Most of the organizations would think a lot while adopting a CRM because of the cost. High and low cost matters for an organization. The subscription cost for the ServiceNow and Salesforce CRM platforms differs from each other. The Salesforce subscription costs around $75 per month while the ServiceNow platform costs around $100 per month which is relatively higher than Salesforce. Both Salesforce and ServiceNow have different subscription models. Salesforce models include Lightning Professional, Lightning Enterprise, Lightning Performance.

As a part of the comparison, ServiceNow and its models are costlier than Salesforce. However, ServiceNow also includes some discounts based on the available model and associations.

Support and Pageloads

Salesforce is developed and implemented with the best page loading time allowing the apps to create and load quickly within 2 minutes of time. Concerning the support feature, there is no support for free trial basis users. In order to receive the support from the team experts, you will need to have a subscription to Tier 3 to get an appropriate and immediate response. Page Loading and support don't seem to be an issue with ServiceNow too. They seem to be the same based on the research and analysis done by the researchers. With respect to the Support management of an organization, Salesforce is found to be more efficient and strong in the company with a user-friendly environment.

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Features of ServiceNow

ServiceNow  has some features that would be a plus to an organization and these features would help the business teams to understand and analyze the requirement of the suite based on the type and business goals of the organization. The main features are listed below:

  • Scripting: ServiceNow makes use of the different tests that are a reflection of the user activities by initializing a form, authentication of the field values, submitting a form, etc by scripting. ServiceNow uses Javascript responsible for establishing extra server-side scripting which helps in achieving the complex operations or functionalities.
  • Programmed testing: ServiceNow includes the feature of programmed testing allowing the users to track the requests and refute the risk by making use of the computerized authentication trials. This feature also helps in eliminating the facility of distinct test files or the requirement to execute the rollbacks for maximum time.
  • No Integration: ServiceNow is a single, solitary, integral tool that is a collection of multiple platforms together. It does not require any integration into any other tools and also supports mobile and browser versions allowing the users to be more flexible when they work on it.

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Features of Salesforce

It’s important to know the features of Salesforce to make the right decision for the organization. A few of the features of Salesforce are listed below. I hope this will draw an idea for a better understanding of Salesforce.

  • Occasion Management: Salesforce is developed and implemented with the feature that helps in the management of the particulars of the product from time to time basis and the citation involved in the agreement. In simpler terms, it provides the particulars of the transactions and their functionalities like recognizing, processing, and concluding a transaction.
  • Partner Management: Salesforce is responsible for structuring and organizing the associates with the communities to establish connectivity with the channel associates.
  • Performance Management: Salesforce helps in improving the presentation activities in the sales crew. Salesforce helps in delivering the metric-based aim settings.
  • Collaboration in Sales: Salesforce provides its support in collaborating in sales as well by involving in the closing of the contracts based on the client issues, requests, queries, and the response for finding the authorities. It is helpful as it brings the clients and the Sales team together to deal and make it work at the right time.
  • Lead Management: Salesforce helps in tracking the progress of the leads which is a tedious task these days. But Salesforce is flexible and helps in the enhancement across all the channels. 

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Pros and Cons - Salesforce vs ServiceNow

Every tool, CRM, platforms that provide solutions to the business requirements will have their advantages and disadvantages as there will be a point where enhancements are required based on the daily structural changes. Let us have a quick review of the pros of Salesforce and ServiceNow.

  • Salesforce is found to be the best for the organizations that are large-based, including multiple departments. It helps in bringing all the teams together to work without switching to different tools as a single point of reach to share the intelligent and precise information to the customers, users, clients on a real-time basis. ServiceNow is the best CRM tool that suits the organizations that handle sensitive information suitable for ticketing and prioritization queues.
  • Salesforce is helpful and responsible in allowing the users to create the dashboards, customizations as and when required, reports based on the customer needs and requirements. Salesforce is easy to use in terms of data access and data inputting which is a plus for this CRM. With respect to ServiceNow, ServiceNow uses the PaaS model and is leveraged with Javascript programming, being the popular programming language.ServiceNow is the best suitable for app building and customizations.
    Now that you are aware of the pros of Salesforce and ServiceNow, let us know about the cons, or limitations of them as well. I would rather call them as enhancements rather than cons because they might turn into pros in the near future.
  • With all the pros in Salesforce, there is one limitation in Salesforce that does not help us in identifying the owner. It is difficult to identify in Salesforce which is left as an enhancement to be done.
  • ServiceNow is really hard to upgrade in certain situations.The pricing is high for ServiceNow and it can be narrowed down and is less transparent. ServiceNow is not easily usable, hampering the deployments and lacks multi-structured features which are one more enhancement that can be added in the upcoming versions.

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Salesforce can be used or preferred mostly by all types of organizations and can be used on any kind of platform like android, web-based, iPhone platforms. ServiceNow is not that flexible with iPhone and Android but it is found to be a good choice for windows platform users. However, choosing the CRM is purely based on the organization and the service you provide to your customers. I hope you all have got an idea of Salesforce and ServiceNow along with the differences. This would help your analysis better in choosing the right CRM solution for your business. There is no winner or loser between the CRM platforms, however, they have their functionality and are chosen based on the business requirements and needs.

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