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CyberArk's Privileged Access Security is a complete solution to manage your company's most privileged accounts and SSH keys. It allows organizations to secure, manage, deliver, monitor and control all activities related to the preferred identities, like Root on a UNIX server, Cisco Enable on a Cisco device, Embedded passwords in apps and scripts, and Administrator on a Windows server. Cyberark has been releasing new versions. Its latest version is Version 12.1. Every version will have some enhancements. In this blog, let us go through the Versions of Cyberark.

Versions of Cyberark

Cyberark Version 12.1

This version includes the following features:

Privileged Session Manager to SSH connections using modern authentication methods, that includes SAML, as well as single multi factor authentication to several targets.

Cyberark Version12.0

This version includes the following features:

Updated MySQL version of Vault.
PSM access to Idaptive endpoint MFA protected Windows-based servers.

Cyberark Version 11.7

This version includes the following features:

  • Improved security controls for cloud environments.
  • Microsoft Azure constant detection, discovery and response.
  • Azure Discovered Accounts
  • Credential rotation to IAM Users having MFA

Cyberark Version 11.6

This version includes the following features:

  • Huge number of Accounts upload
  • Search and Filter - Platform Management
  • Export Discovered Accounts
  • CPM GPO Improvements
  • On-Demand Privileges Manager deployments on RedHat Enterprise Linux 8
  • PTA Scale and security enhancements and Automatic deployment on Azure
  • Automatic entry into PSM sessions with unique access.
  • Broader support of end-user keypad layouts in privileged sessions based on the HTML5 browser.
  • Audit improvements and Vault Synchronizer is now compatible with Windows Server 2019

Cyberark Version 11.5

This version includes the following features:

  • Simple PSM connector management within a platform.
  • Download Private Key (SSH Keys Management)
  • List of PSM that are active for SSH sessions within the Monitoring page.
  • improved Audit features for PSM for SSH and Automation Tools Access for NIX machines via PSM for SSH
  • on SUSE v12 SP2, PSM to deploy SSH 
  • OPM deployment on SUSE v12 SP2
  • Detects theft of suspicious IDs in the Azure console.
  • PTA security enhancements
  • Support of RHEL 8 & Oracle Linux.
  • CyberArk Secrets supplier for Kubernetes is now available for structured secrets.
  • More convenient troubleshooting of Evoke.
  • Extra authentication information in audit logging.
  • The MS SQL connector without secrecy is now GA.
  • Secret-free HTTP connectors supports self-signed certificates

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Cyberark Version 11.4

This version includes the following features:

  • Enterprise Password Vault
  • FIPS support to SSH plugins
  • CPM silent installation enhancements
  • Discovery of Automatic dependencies 
  • SAML authentication by means of REST API
  • updated Platforms Management view
  • SSH Keys management’s New user interface
  • Link directly to the accounts.
  • SAP plugin enhancements
  • new PVWA application logger
  • On-Demand Privileges Manager
  • Separation of Credential Provider and OPM installations
  • Privileged Session Manager
  • Simple deployment of the PSM-HTML5 gateway based on a Docker image.
  • Smart-Card authentication within direct PSM connections
  • Privilege Session Manager for SSH
  • PSM to improve the SSH tunnel.
  • Privileged Session Manager for Web
  • PSM to Web Universal Connector Generator upgrades.
  • Privileged Threat Analytics
  • PTA storage and data reduction
  • REST API - Get Events of Account Security
  •  Link directly to the accounts.
  • PTA security enhancement

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Cyberark Version11.3

This version includes the following features:

  • Enterprise Password Vault
  • Concurrent logins utilising REST API
  • Deploying Components on 2019 Windows Server
  • Silent upgrade for CPM and PVWA for automation
  • SAML Authentication security improvements
  • Signing of CPM Engines 
  • Ongoing Security improvements
  • REST API documentation
  • Account Groups in UI
  • New connection component for supporting SQL Server Management Studio 18
  • Privileged Session Manager
  • Deploying Components on 2019 Windows Server
  • Ongoing Security improvements
  • Privileged Threat Analytics
  • Close Security Event
  • improved Privileged Threat Analysis of Syslog information
  • Ongoing Security improvement

Cyberark Version11.2

This version includes the following features:

  • Enterprise Password Vault
  • Online Help improvements
  • Improved account view within new user interface.
  • Automation enhancements during Accounts search
  • Just in the Time Access time out setup.
  • Supporting PVWA Blue-Green  deployments
  • Business Users module limited configuration
  • Privileged Session Manager
  • Upload files to privileged sessions using the HTML5 browser.
  • Increased support for RDP customers and interactive connection in the direct PSM connection
  • Privileged Session Manager for SSH
  • Timely access with short-term SSH certificates.
  • Quicker start of session.
  • Handle the Unix user UID within the Active Directory.
  • Privileged Session Manager for Web
  • Improvements to Microsoft Azure Console.
  • New connectors to ensure safe human access to DevOps management consoles.
  • Universal Connector Generator
  • Audit enhancement for LinkedIn.
  • On-Demand Privileges Manager
  • Handle the Unix user UID within the Active Directory.
  • Privileged Threat Analytics
  • Privileged Threat Analytics role Ansible
  • Certificate handling enhancements
  • Security enhancements
  • Application Access Manager
  • Improved security for hash authentication of credential suppliers.
  • The new DAP Follower architecture requires no high privileges to be executed in OpenShift.
  • OpenShift or Kubernetes Integration will Share the secrets of CyberArk Vault with Kubernetes Secrets.
  • Secret-free Broker Service Connector SDK
  • Performance enhancement of Vault Synchronizer.
  • Vault Synchronizer is supported by Distributed Vaults

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Cyberark Version11.1

This version includes the following features:

  • Shared Technology Platform
  • Active services to retrieve passwords and manage sessions.
  • Windows Server 2019 target support
  • improved System Health UX
  • Firefox browser Support 
  • Enterprise Password Vault
  • Delete LDAP mapping
  • Security updates
  • Manual password update
  • Wide coverage of Terminal Plugin Controller
  • Privileged Session Manager
  • Security updates
  • Improved performance when launching PSM sessions.
  • Privileged Session Manager for SSH
  • Security updates
  • Improved performance to integrate with automation tools.
  • Custom credentials appear during authentication to CyberArk.
  • Privileged Session Manager for Web
  • authentication improvements to Microsoft Azure Console
  • Easy configuring connectors for OpenShift.
  • Easy to deploy and troubleshoot.
  • On-Demand Privileges Manager
  • PAM including RADIUS Challenge-Response
  • PAM on SUSE-Intel
  • OPM performance improvements
  • Personalized credentials prompts during authentication to CyberArk with PAM
  • Privileged Threat Analytics
  • Security enhancements
  • Supports inbound Syslog encryption
  • Application Access Manager 
  • Dynamic Access Provider 

Cyberark Version 10.10

This version includes the following features:

  • Shared Technology Platform
  • Enhancement of user management REST APIs.
  • Enterprise Password Vault
  • Add new mapping for existing LDAP integrations
  • Performance improvements
  • Broaden ID management for other platforms.
  • Privileged Session Manager
  • Copy and paste content to privileged sessions using the HTML5 browser.
  • Privileged Threat Analytics
  • Continuous Accounts detection, discovery, and response
  • Security enhancements
  • Application Access Manager 
  • Credential Providers
  • Vault Synchronizer
  • Dynamic Access Provider

All the above are the Main versions of Cyberark. However some patches are done to the above Cyberark Versions. They are named as follows:

Cyberark Version 12.0.3 - PSM, PVWA, and OPM

It includes the following:

  • Privileged Session Manager (PSM) - upgrade Tomcat with the HTML5 Gateway docker image to correct vulnerabilities released in the earlier version of Tomcat.
  • Password Vault Web Access (PVWA) - Restricted access to APIs associated with PSM version 1 protocol for greater security.
  • On-Demand Privileges Manager (OPM) - A bug Correction for AIX deployments.

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Weekday / Weekend Batches

Cyberark Version 12.0.2 - PSM and PTA

This patch contains a correction for the Privileged Session Manager installation and upgrades wizard and a correction for Privileged Threat Analytics in a Hyper-V environment.

Cyberark Version 12.0.1 - PSM for SSH

This patch includes a correction for Privilege Session Manager for SSH AD Bridge connections.

Cyberark Version11.7.2 - PVWA

Privileged Access Security solution v11.7.2 contains a patch for PVWA with critical bug corrections.

Cyberark Version 11.7.1 - PSM for SSH

This patch contains a bug correction for the OpenSSH SSH client of the Privileged Session Manager for SSH.

Cyberark Version11.5.2 - Vault

The following bug fixes are included in this patch:

Any vault built into HSM fails after the auto key generation process.
Any Vault built into HSM fails when initiating a connection action within a Distributed Vaults environment using the active-active Privileged Session Management service.
DR replication fails in an environment with a master vault embedded in HSM.

Cyberark Version11.5.1 - OPM

This patch contains an installation of OPM for RedHat Enterprise Linux 8.

Cyberark Version 11.4.2 - PSM for Web

This patch contains a significant patch associated with Google Cloud Platform support for Privileged Session Manager for Web.

Cyberark Version11.4.1 - PSM for SSH

This patch contains a correction to a critical performance problem in the Privileged Session Manager for SSH.

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