Cyberark Interview Questions

CyberArk is a security instrument utilized for the security of privileged records through password execution. It ensures the accounts in the associations via keeping up the passwords naturally. Utilizing the CyberArk device, you can store and keep up information by pivoting the accreditations of the multitude of significant records with the goal that you can protect the malware and hacking dangers effectively. CyberArk gives unified, carefully designed review records for all privileged admittance exercises, with individual responsibility for any availing or utilization of shared special accounts.

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Most Frequently Asked CyberArk Interview Questions:

Cyberark Interview Questions for freshers

1. What is CyberArk?

Ans: CyberArk is a data security organization providing Privileged Account Security. The organization's innovation is used fundamentally in the monetary administrations, energy, retail and medical care markets. It has the greater part of fortune 500 in its client's rundown. The settlement of CyberArk is in Petah Tikva, Israel and the headquarters is in Newton, Massachusetts. 

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2. What are the basic functions of Cyberark?

Ans: CyberArk's essential function is organized by CyberArk EPV. It is one of the components of CyberArk's security arrangement of the privileged record. CyberArk EPV, otherwise called CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault is intended to find, secure, pivot and control admittance to private record passwords utilized to get to any framework all through the association in its Information Technology climate.

3. What is OPM?

Ans: OPM is an abbreviation of On-Demand Privileges Manager. This is accessible for both Linux/Unix and for Windows. The clients are permitted to be restricted to orders with access which is directly from those of the adaptable policy of OPM.

4. Define Privileged Session Manager.

Ans: CyberArk's key module is called PSM. It is answerable for the protection of the availability of every single privileged client and its exercises at database and OS stages. This also observes the clients’ admittance to the centralized computer locales. Private Session Manager permits a single focus of control to avail. It checks every keystroke and tallies each mouse snap and makes sure to not allow any malware to get to enter the target framework.

5. Who is a privileged user?

Ans: Any framework's privileged client has altogether more potential in that framework and these possibilities are bigger than those distributed to the greater part of different clients. It is more inclined to be hacked. The records are ignored that open them to large dangers. It's basic for programmers to get to these assault focuses for strengthening privileged admittance into the organization. The admin itself utilizes the record of privilege to create alterations in various different apps and information bases. The accounts can be utilized to compare with different administrations of the web and are in danger of being controlled by the interlopers.

6. What is CyberArk viewfinity?

Ans: Viewfinity is the EPM ( Endpoint Privilege Manager ) of CyberArk having improved security measures. CyberArk Viewfinity permits the foundation to implement minimal strategies of privilege for the admins of the framework and business, hoisting the advantages for operating the approved apps. It aids the servers to get hindrance from unintentional harms and furthermore decreases the isolated obligations of regulators on servers. The environ gets safeguarded from being invaded through threatening apps by allowing unrecognized apps to operate independently in experimental mode.

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7. What does CyberArk PSM's web form ability mean?

Ans: Using a bunch of conditions, PSM connectors could be incorporated into online applications. Naturally PSM web capacity just covers html login page with structure id, input structure for client/ password and button name trait. 

8. .What is an AIM?

Ans: Application Identity Manager, an application dependent on Linux and Windows that encourages admittance to privileged passwords and deletes the requirement to hard code the plaintext passwords in contents, apps or setup records. Likewise with all different qualifications stored in the EPV, AIM passwords are put away, logged, and handled unequivocally. It is isolated into two parts: a provider that safely recovers and stores passwords and gives quick admittance to the application; and the SDK that gives a bunch of APIs to .NET, Java,CLI15, COM14, and C/C++. In the assessed variant, the AIM Provider for Windows and SDK have been rejected.

9. What is Password Vault Web Access (PVWA) Interface?

Ans: Password Vault Web Access (PVWA) Interface is a web interface that gives a solitary console to mentioning, availing, and handling privileged record qualifications transferred all through the venture by both clients and framework heads. PVWAs dashboard encourages clients to gain an outline of the functions in PAS Solution.

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10. What is viewfinity used for?

Ans: Viewfinity, a set-up of incorporated administration apparatuses which can rearrange the methods associated with privilege execution, empowering services to all more adequately, shield PCs from unapproved usage and giving granular authority over who can perform the functions of servers and endpoints over the firm.

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11. What is identity and access management?

Ans: IAM (Identity and Access management) is a security and marketing feature which empowers the opportune people to get to the correct assets at the correct occasions and for the correct reasons.

Cyberark Interview Questions for experienced

12. How does Cyberark security work?

Ans: CyberArk Digital Vault/ Enterprise Password Vault (EPV) utilizes various layers of encryption methods to give greatest security to the components. Each record inside a safe is encoded with an unique document encryption key and are put away inside the safe and scrambled with an alternate safe encryption key that is specific to the safe. The protected encryption keys are then kept inside the vault and are scrambled with a specific vault encryption key. These keys are conveyed uniquely to those clients who have the suitable access rights. The authorizers characterize admittance to safes and information inside the safes so clients can  be physically affirmed by a Safe Supervisor before they can get to it alongside its components.

13. Mention the steps needed to register a privilege account to CyberArk PIMS using PVWA?


  • Make safe and characterize safe proprietor 
  • Make PIM Policy 
  • Make CPM and PSM Policy 
  • Add account together its properties (username, password, address and so forth)

14. Mention the User Directories which are supported by CyberArk?


  • Oracle Internet Directory
  • Novell eDirectory
  • Active Directory
  • IBM Tivoli DS
15. Explain CPM.

Ans: Central Policy Manager (CPM) upholds the security strategies without the requirement for human association. It can be done by changing the distant machine's password and afterward stores the new code in EPV ( Enterprise Password Vault ) under root 3 premise. CPM is equipped for making new passwords on distant machines capriciously and afterward the new password gets automatically saved on the EPV by supplanting old password by new one.

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16. Can the password be changed in a text file?

Ans: Yes, through the aid of an encrypted algorithm the password can be changed, while the password is plaintext.

17. Explain SSH Key Manager

Ans: SSH Key Manager assists associations with forestalling unauthenticated admittance to private SSH keys, that are habitually utilized by Unix/Linux clients and apps to approve privileged  records. SSH Key Manager ensures and turns favored SSH keys dependent on the advantaged account security strategy and commands and analyse admittance to safeguard SSH keys. This arrangement empowers associations to oversee SSH keys, that provides admittance to privileged accounts yet is frequently disregarded.

Cyberark Technical Interview Questions

18. What is identity and access management?

Ans: IAM (Identity and Access management) is a security and marketing feature which empowers the opportune people to get to the correct assets at the correct occasions and for the correct reasons. 

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19. What do you understand by Privileged Account security?

Ans: PIM can be defined as a field that centers around the unique necessities of persuasive and ground-breaking accounts inside the IT foundation of an association. Privileged Identity Management is utilized for the security of records of super clients. It oversees these records from an IT point of view. PIM maintains track of these records' capacity to avail and ensures it doesn't get utilized wrongly. It utilizes the intensity of directing to guarantee that gatecrashers don't abuse or mishandle the availability of the super client's accounts.

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20. What should be done to create a pim policy ?

Ans: We should make PIM Policy, CPM Policy, and  a PSM connection component  and empower the PSM if necessary.

21. What is BYOC?

Ans: Bring Your Own Client.

22. Which CyberArk’s modules are responsible for recording sessions?

Ans: PSM

23. How many times can we access after the wrong password count?

Ans: 99 times

24. Which Component used on all Cyberark solutions?

Ans: CyberArk Vault

25. What are the abilities of PSM for SSH?

Ans: Video recording and control recording are the abilities of PSM.

26. What are the CyberArk Vault assurance layers?


  • Firewall and Code-Data Isolation 
  • Visual Security Audit Trail and Encrypted Network Communication 
  • Solid Authorization and Granular Access Control 
  • File Encryption and Dual Control Security 

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27. What do you require to empower auto password reconciliation policy?


  • Empower password reconciliation for explicit policies.
  • Extra account on track server with adequate rights. 
  • Programmed password checking should be empowered.
  • Empower password reconciliation when password is unsynced.
28. What is a PrivateArk client?

Ans: PrivateArk client is a standard application for Windows utilized for the arrangement of PAS as the authoritative customer. The customer can enter the EPV through the web by sending the client to numerous distant PCs. Safes are made utilizing this interface and clients could characterize a chain of commands of vault. A client should be approved from Digital vault to get to the Enterprise Password Vault utilizing a PrivateArk client. 

29. How can CyberArk Vault be handled?

Ans: CyberArk Vault could be handled utilising PrivateArk Web Client, PrivateArk Client, and Private Vault Web Access.

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30. List out the Authentication schemes that are supported by CyberArk Vault?

Ans: LDAP, Radius, PKI.

31. How many times wrong Password count access suspension can be increased?

Ans: Upto 99 times.

32. What's the minimum password complexity required for CyberArk authentication using the internal CyberArk scheme?

Ans: Minimum one lower case alphabet character, one upper case alphabet character, one numeric character

33. To allow a specific user to access a specific safe the user needs to have?

Ans: Safe ownership

34. CyberArk's PIM stands for?

Ans: Privileged Identity Management

35. To create a PIM policy, what needs to be done?

Ans:We must Create CPM Policy, PIM Policy, and Create a PSM Link Component to allow PSM if needed.

36. If a CyberArk vault user changed his Active Directory password what would happen with his CyberArk account?

Ans: Nothing will happen, if cyberark uses LDAP authentication.

37. Can CyberArk change password in a text file?

Ans: Yes, whether it is plain text or encrypted using a known encryption algorithm.


For appearing in an interview for a Cyberark job, these questions will aid you in clearing the test and securing a job. Cyberark is an organization that gives Privileged Account Security. It is utilized in giving security to ensure information, foundation and resources of associations by means of cloud. This innovation is utilized in monetary administrations, energy, retail and medical services markets.

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