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Commvault is a publicly-traded software company that is used for data management and data protection, it also is used for data recovery, backup, infrastructure management and compliance. An enterprise-level platform that contains modules for the backup process, to restore and to archive the search data. It is designed and developed on a single platform that unifies the code base, commvault consists of four kinds of product lines they are complete backup and recovery, hyper grade integrated appliances, recovery of orchestrate disaster and activate analytics. That may use an operating system and application native APIs which helps to protect our data in the state of consistency. In this blog post we are going to learn what commvault is, commvault versions history, why commvault, advantages, and disadvantages from a business perspective. Now let's dive deep into the topic:

What is commvault

It is a tool which provides seamless backup which is efficient for backup and restoring of data and information in the form of enterprise, which is from most mainstreaming operating systems and applications. Which are used to facilitate the transfer of the data which are from the protected environment and production system that are available in several types of data production. It backups the data for any client that starts with a full backup, which becomes a baseline for subsequent backups which are applicable. When agents support incremental and full stock backups which can be initiated.

Incredible backup is a kind of backup which is the one that contains only data that is new from the last backup, it consumes less media and less burden on that full backup. It also provides differential backup almost like incredible backup by storing only new data, along with consuming less media and less burden on resources. Another kind of backup is a synthetic backup which consolidates data from the latest backup with subsequent incremental backups all together into one archive file. It also consists of a selective copy sub-client which includes logs and control files. 

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Versions of commvault

It is updating its versions as time changing which makes it gain prioritization and increase its value in the market. The recently updated version is version 11, in this version it released new features with a link to full documentation as an important feature. It provides some features like complete backup and recovery, it enables service providers, manages new workloads, protects virtual environments, It allows the journey to the cloud and has modern infrastructure, orchestration and automation and also provides active data.

Commvault 2020

Revision 20, updated in June 2020 and released with version 11.0.0 feature release 11.20.

Revision 19, updated on march 2020 and released with version 11.0.0 feature release 11.19.

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Commvault 2019

Revision 18, updated in December 2019 and releases with version 11.0.0 service pack 18.

Revision 17, updated in September 2019 and releases with version 11.0.0 service pack 17.

Revision 16, updated on June 2019 and releases with version 11.0.0 service pack 16

Revision 15, updated on march 2019 and releases with version 11.0.0 service pack 15

Commvault 2018

Revision 14, updated in December 2018 and releases with version 11.0.0 service pack 14.

Revision 13, updated in September 2018 and released with version 11.0.0 service pack 13. 

Revision 12, updated in June 2018 and releases with version 11.0.0 service pack 12.

Revision 11, updated in march 2018 and released with version 11.0.0 service pack 11.

Commvault 2017

Revision 10, updated in December 2017 and released with version 11.0.0 service pack 10.

Revision 9, updated in September 2017 and released with version 11.0.0 service pack 9.

Revision 8, updated in June 2017 and released with version 11.0.0 service pack 8.

Revision 7, updated in march 2017 and released with version 11.0.0 service pack 7.

Commvault 2016

Revision 6, updated in December 2016 and released with version 11.0.0 service pack 6.

Revision 5, updated in September 2016 and released with version 11.0.0 service pack 5.

Revision 4, updated in June 2016 and released with version 11.0.0 service pack 4.

Revision 3, updated in march 2016 and released with version 11.0.0 service pack 3.

Commvault 2015

Revision 2, updated in December 2015 and released with version 11.0.0 service pack 2.

Revision 1, updated in October 2015 and initial release of documentation for version 11.

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Why Commvault technology?

  • Organizations use this technology for more quick delivery of goods and services to customers. 
  • It drives that success and IT terms of today to deliver data faster than ever before. We can have speed, confidence and flexibility that is used for changing business demands through it. 
  • We can learn about managing data in a different way with the commvault. It provides comprehensive data protection which aligns with our cloud and on our premises storage of data, and established data governance along with compliance procedures. 
  • Successful companies can manage and recover the data which is possible with commvault. There are no other data management products in the market, which helps to provide the breadth and depth of coverage in its core offering.

Advantages of commvault

  • Sharing data is one of the most important features which sets them in a private cloud, we can share anything from inside backups. It sets with our colleagues and other people also which creates everything in our environment, it protects our data very well that doesn't age off until it is copied. If we reach the end of our retention, it doesn't expire until the completion of secondary copy.
  • It allows you to hold on data which would have aged off by retention, it is hard to delete the data by using the commvault platform. It has a functionality that enables a snapshot of vendor storage, it helps to speed up the process of backup for some of our environments. A good holistic view of everything is provided which we have backed up so far, and also provide the required recovery points. When we look for an object which has been backed up, we can tell many retention copies and recover the needed data. 
  • It provides us individual reports which help us to have individual reports going to groups of people, we can have them go out multiple times a day. When we want a particular job, report every day, then we can build it and have it go out and don't allowed to touch it again. 

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Disadvantages of Commvault

  • They are improving the interface to make it simple, but in some cases we need to click two or three times for doing something, it makes them more accessible to cut the time it takes for them to get information. It comes to merge with. other platforms, but in some cases they have solutions backed in. Testing solutions were not really validated. There are a lot of hot fixes for the solutions which we are using right now that are what we expect. 
  • It has a maintenance release for every three months and it is always hard to know exactly what has changed in the software and they have improved a little bit on the topic by communicating what has changed but still there is a lot of room for improvement on that side. It has no easy deployment which just anybody can go in deploy, it is outside the windows machines and database which should be distributed among servers, that is a single point of failure. It definitely gives a complete view of data and has to find some of the granular and very small items, sometimes we need to find auxiliary copies of tapes. 

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Its agent software is used for the process of production data on clients computers and backed up through a data manager, the centralized server and commvault used for data management activity in the environment that can be managed by administrators using a central user interface, and also the users may got the chance to have access for protected data by using mobile devices. Recent simpana version which is companies backup software product, which offers the industry's first global embedded software for de duplication that allows users to duplicate the data, it is not a matter where it is stored.

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