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As of 2020, with the latest technologies and advancements, the organizations are dealing with vast volumes of sensitive data. Security is one of the essential factors considered by every organization. Hence, organizations utilize security features and secured connections to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and fraud issues. Fortinet VPN client is a solution that provides secure and reliable access to organizations and corporate networks. Fortinet VPN client is an endpoint protection platform that is the future security feature running its way in the current era of technologies and management. In this blog, you will understand about Fortinet VPN client, installation, benefits, and highlights of Fortinet VPN client.

What is Fortinet VPN Client?

Fortinet VPN Client utilized the IPSec and SSL to provide secured access with reliability to the different corporate networks and applications. This usually happens when there is an internet-connected remote location. Fortinet VPN client is responsible for simplifying the remote user experience with the unique and built-in features that include the auto-connect feature and always up feature.

Fortinet VPN client is one of the platforms that play an integral role in the Fortinet Security Fabric. The Fortinet client is responsible for connecting the endpoints with the Security Fabric and providing deliverables like endpoint visibility, vulnerability management, compliance control, and automation. Fortinet VPN Client uses the automation capabilities of the Forticlient administrators, which involves the different policies that are set up automatically to isolate the harmful and suspicious or compromised endpoints. 

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Fortinet VPN client is also responsible for creating the virtual groups, which is purely based on the endpoint security posture. The newly created virtual groups are then utilized and retrieved by FortiGate. These virtual groups are also used in the firewall policy to provide dynamic access control.

Fortinet VPN client is built to provide simplified advanced security capabilities. This would allow small business based organizations with limited staff or resources to roll-out enterprise based networking. Fortinet brings all the endpoint features united, including remote user access, behavior-based scanning, sandboxing, etc.

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Installation of Fortinet VPN Client

Before installing the Fortinet VPN client into your Windows, you will need to first register for the VPN Service.

Registration of the VPN Service:

This is one of the primary steps to be done before the installation begins. If you have not registered, you can register here.

Configuration of an SSL VPN Connection:

We have two different options applicable when you are working with the FortiClient VPN applications. They are SSL and IPSec. SSL is one of the most recommended options due to its reliability and capability to work in any situation or scenario compared with the other option, IPSec. IPSec is not capable of working with some of the networks like those in the cafes and hotels. Once the Forticlient VPN application is installed, you are allowed to configure both the options. It is your choice to select the right one that suits your work the best. 

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It would be best to make sure that the operating system you are working on is up to date with respect to all the operating system updates, security fixes, anti-virus, malware softwares, etc.

Primarily, you need to install the Fortinet CLient VPN application.

  • It’s time to download the FortiClient VPN. Ensure that you scroll down and look for FortiClient VPN rather than downloading the FortiClient 6.0 or FotiClient 6.4.
  • Once downloaded, double click on the executable file with the extension .exe.
  • Give a reading about the terms and conditions, and accept the license agreement; check the box that you agree to the terms and conditions and click on the Next option.
  • Navigate to the destination folder screen and leave the install FortiClient to the C drive's default value.
  • Navigate to the ready to install Forticlient screen, click on Install.
  • This would complete the installation, and you can click on Finish.
  • Navigate to the Start menu, type in FortiClient VPN, and launch the application.

To configure the SSL VPN connection, follow the below steps carefully.

  • Select SSL-VPN under the VPN option.
  • Update the Connection name as VPN@Ed - SSL (newer version does not allow the special characters.
  • To add the description, enter SSL VPN Connection to UoE.
  • For the remote gateway, you will need to enter: if you are connecting from China. You will need to enter: if you are from
  • anywhere in the world.
  • Check the customize port button and enter the value 8443.

All the other values should be set up at the default itself. These include below:

1. Client Certificate = None

2. Authentication = Prompt on Login

3. Enable Single Sign On (SSO) for the VPN Tunnel = unticked or unchecked.

4. Do not warn invalid server certificate = unticked

7. Upon checking the above details, save the configuration.

8. From the VPN Name field, you are allowed to select the VPN connection that you have just created. 

9. Type in the username and password (VPN password) and click on Connect.

In order to configure the optional IPSec VPN connection, you will need to follow the below steps. Though this option of VPN configuration is not recommended, it would be good to review the steps.

  • Select IPSec VPN under the VPN option.
  • Update the Connection name as VPN@Ed - IPSec (newer version does not allow the special characters.
  • To add the description, enter IPSec VPN Connection to UoE.
  • For the remote gateway, you will need to enter:
  • For the authentication method, select the option as Pre-shared key.
  • Enter the value in the field as Zt6337ZnVLhN
  • For adding the authentication, select Prompt on Login
  • The other values should be left the same as default.
  • Click on Save so that the configuration will be saved.
  • Once done, you will need to select the VPN connection you have just created from the VPN Name field.
  • Type in the username and password and click on connect. Make sure you enter the VPN password.

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Benefits of Fortinet

Fortinet possesses many different services that are an added plus to the organizations and business owners. Let us discuss some of the services which will give you a clear understanding of Forticlient.

  • FortiClient has unified endpoint features like secure access with reliability, compliance, and protection to the modular lightweight client. FortiClient has also come up with integrated patch management and simplified management with advanced threat protection.
  • Advanced threat protection in Fortinet is responsible for connecting to the different endpoints to the FortiSandbox. This uses the behavior-based analysis to perform the real-time analysis. Millions of users are sharing the information with Fortiguard. Fortiguard is responsible for sharing intelligence with others automatically.
  • FortiClient makes use of the SSL and IPSec VPN to provide secure, reliable access with a simplified user experience. It also includes two-factor authentication, which is one of the pluses to ensure security.
  • FortiClient is also responsible for integrating the endpoints into the Fabric as a part of the Fortinet Security Fabric. It helps in detecting and preventing threats before they become a significant impact on the organization. It also includes the automation capability, which allows the admins to investigate and set up the policies based on the suspicious endpoints' responses.
  • FortiClient uses the behavior-based detection technology, which is responsible for the protection against the zero-day file-less attacks. It also helps in discovering and detecting the various memory attacks.

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Highlights of Fortinet VPN Client

Fortinet Client being the future in the security field, it has come up with the highlights that improve its importance and performance.

  • FortiClient is responsible for providing real-time endpoint status. It helps in providing the current information related to the endpoint activity and the security events.
  • FortiClient maintains a vulnerability dashboard responsible for managing the organization's attack surface, vulnerable endpoints that are easily identified by the administrators.
  • FortiClient also includes the Sandbox settings responsible for automatic synchronization, providing a detailed analysis of the submitted files. All the administrators are allowed to view the activity and the file's behavior along with graphic visualization, which would give a better analysis.
  • As a critical piece of Fortigate, it involves Telemetry, responsible for providing real-time endpoint visibility. With this, the administrators will get a comprehensive view of the whole network.
  • An added feature is called Endpoint Quarantine, which helps quickly disconnect the endpoint that is compromised from the network and will stop from spreading the same to the other endpoints.
  • It includes automated responses that will help detect and isolate the compromised endpoints without any manual changes or manual intervention.
  • Forticlient comes up with the dynamic access control that requires creating the virtual groups that are retrieved and utilized by Fortigate, allowing in performing the modifications or automation, simplifying the compliance to the security policies.
  • Forticlient is responsible for providing visibility to the software applications that are already installed along with license management. The inventory information is also used to detect and remove unnecessary or outdated applications that would have the vulnerabilities to reduce the attacks.
  • Fortinet Client uses the Window AD structure that helps in synchronizing with the organization's AD structure.

Advantages of using Fortinet VPN client

  • Fortinet VPN client is one of the solutions that help in maintaining secure VPN access for remote users.
  • Fortinet helps in making the work more comfortable in an organized way. It is a fantastic software that allows the users to access the files from home and hides all the background information.
  • Professional users are delighted with this solution, which guarantees security, one of the aspects which cannot be guaranteed. This has given its name as an excellent VPN service. 

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Fortinet VPN client is one of the solutions that is proving its importance and performance in this world of advancements. As security is the key to the organizations' success, many of the organizations are focussed on security performance and security features. User experience is awe-inspiring for such solutions in the current marketplace, and indeed, this solution will be at the top in the near future. Hence, the organizations will look for aware and know Security solutions and security features. I would suggest you get trained and certified in Fortinet, which would help you attain a better career.

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