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Mastering Tosca: Comprehensive Training for Automation Excellence


Tosca Course Overview

Detailed Overview


Get trained in advanced test automation skills through our exclusive Tosca Training program. This course is designed to provide the best talents in Tricentis Tosca, a famous test automation tool that helps in the process of testing apps effectively. Our detailed curriculum is based on industry standards, and our trainers at Tosca are highly experienced and skilled to teach well. Get hands-on testing skills, including the chance to work on industry projects to gain real-time experience in the Tosca platform.


What is Tosca?


Tricentis Tosca is a leading test automation tool that offers complete application testing solutions for different organizations. It helps them speed up their software testing process to make the releases faster. It provides highly scalable test automation solutions to help companies test their apps more quickly.


Services Provided by Tosca


It offers multiple benefits to various clients, such as:

  • Designing test cases and their management
  • Executing tests
  • Continuous testing process
  • Test automation, including regression, functional, and GUI testing.
  • Risk-based testing solutions
  • API testing
  • Model-based testing
  • Load testing, performance testing, etc.


Career Path


There is a steep career path after training in the leading test automation tool, Tosca. It offers you the best career opportunities to grow professionally in the test automation and quality assurance field. By getting into these positions, they can apply their skills in testing. Let us explore the following career path:

1) Beginner Level

The entry-level positions for individuals with Tosca skills include Jr. QA Analyst, Jr. Test Engineer, etc.

2) Intermediate Level

You can explore the following positions with advanced training solutions, along with the basic skills in Tosca, like testing APIs, load and continuous testing. These include;

  • QA Analyst
  • Test Automation Engineer
  • Tosca Consultant

3) Advanced Level

The advanced-level job roles include senior and management positions related to test automation. These include:

  • Test Managers
  • QA Lead

4) Expert Level

Mastering all the skills in Tosca can help you become an expert in automation testing. These include:

  • QA Director
  • Architect - Test Automation


Who Should Attend


  • Software Testing Professionals
  • QA Professionals
  • Automation Testing Professionals
  • Web Developers
  • Software Testers
  • Automation Engineers


What kind of skills will you learn after completing our Tosca Training?


The following essential skills you will learn after this training:

  • Understand the basics of Tosca test automation.
  • Understand the process of automation testing in detail.
  • Gain skills in Tosca’s architecture and its various features.
  • Learn to design test cases and scripts.
  • Learn how to execute tests over different browsers.
  • Get hands-on skills in using the Tosca platform in real time.


Certification Path


After training in our Tosca testing program, you can explore the following certification path that enhances your career. These professional certifications on Tosca will validate your testing skills in real time.

  • Test Automation Specialist - Level 1 & 2
  • Test Design Specialist Level 1 & 2
  • Automation Engineer Level 1 & 2
  • Test Architect Certification


Earn a Career Certificate from HKRTrainings


Once you complete our training program on Tosca by attending all the training sessions, we will provide you with a course completion certificate. This certificate is valid across the industry and helps you explore multiple testing jobs.


Which Certification You Can Clear After Completion of Our Training


After completing our detailed training program in Tosca, you can become eligible to apply for and clear the following certification.

  • Certified Tosca Automation Engineer

However, the certifications may differ based on your chosen job roles and learning path.


Advantages of our Training


Get updated skills on Tosca automation testing based on industry trends.

  • Learn with real-time scenarios to gain expertise in Tosca skills.
  • Learn with a flexible training schedule at your convenience.
  • Get trained by the industry-experienced faculty in Tosca training.
  • Get hands-on training with practical skills in Tosca.
  • Learn to test applications in real-time by attending our project works.
  • Placement guidance and certification preparation support from experts.
  • Affordable training fees with complete support from the team and trainers.


Industry Trends


Stay informed of the latest industry trends related to test automation and its various aspects, along with AI’s integration in testing through our training.


Future of Tosca


Automated testing of various apps is a necessity for many IT firms & enterprises. It not only saves cost but also saves a lot of time and manual effort. Many companies are adopting Tosca to get better testing results faster, and it shortens the release time. Due to this, many companies started hiring expert test automation professionals. So, there is a promising future for Tricentis Tosca.


Key Features


  • Model-based automation testing
  • Offers scriptless test automation
  • Test data management
  • Risk-based testing
  • API scanning
  • Mobile testing
  • Service Virtualization


Roles related to Tosca


  • Automation Test Engineer
  • QA Analyst
  • Test Automation Architect
  • Sr. Tosca Lead
  • Tosca Automation Specialist
  • Tosca Automation Lead


Placement Support from HKRTrainings


Our training provides placement guidance and support to all our trainees. In this regard, we will assist you in preparing updated resumes and share them across the companies hiring Tosca Professionals. It will help you get placed in a top MNC company with a good salary package.


Certification Support from HKRTrainings


By the end of the training in Tosca, we will provide you with certification preparation guidance and support through experts. It will help you prepare and appear for the official Tosca Certification exams to enhance your career.


Top Companies using Tosca


The following top companies use Tosca in their automation testing of software apps.

  • S&P Global
  • Siemens
  • Wipro
  • Cognizant
  • CSS Corp
  • Fiserv


Top Hiring Companies for Tosca Professionals


The following companies hire Tosca professionals with good skills in automation testing:

  • Infosys
  • Capgemini
  • Globant
  • Cigniti
  • Accenture
  • Adidas


Tools Covered


  • Tricentis qTest
  • Tricentis Analytics
  • Tricentis LiveCompare
  • Tricentis Test Automation


Why should you take Training with us


  • Get hands-on, real-time training.
  • Get practice assignments and exercises to work.
  • Work on real-time projects related to test automation.
  • Flexible learning options to learn and grow professionally.
  • Updated curriculum on Tosca with industry standards.
  • Experienced professional faculty to teach you in real time.
  • Get a solution to all your queries on time.


Who are Trainers in HKRTrainings


Our Tosca testing tool trainers are skilled experts with real-time industry experience who deliver the best skills with examples. Also, support your learning across the training by providing query solutions and placement guidance.


What is Training Cost


The cost of training in Tricentis Tosca depends on the mode of learning you choose while enrolling with us. We also provide occasional course fee discounts and offers to our learners. Further, flexible payment options are also available. To know the exact training cost of Tosca, you can visit our website or contact our sales team to get overall details.


Training Path


Our detailed Tosca Training path briefly introduces Tricentis Tosca, the automation testing process, and other advanced testing concepts. Further, we provide practical skills in test automation with real-time projects to help you become skilled and certified. Finally, we offer certification preparation guidance and support.


PayScale of Professionals


There are many top jobs available to explore in the area of Automation testing with Tosca skills. A skilled Tosca Test Automation Engineer in India earns a decent salary of Rs. 4.5 LPA to 10.5 LPA annually on average. This automation test engineer makes around $75K to $117K in the US per annum. The salary of these testing engineers may vary with the skills, experience, and job location.


Official References 


Get the following official references to explore additional information on Tosca testing. 

Community Link


Access the Tosca Community link here to share insights and explore updates on Tosca by connecting with peers and experts.

Documentation Link


Get the official Tosca Documentation link to explore resources and other additional documents, user guides, etc. 

Register for Certification Link


Register for the Tosca certification exam by using this link to validate your Tosca skills.


Recent Tech-related News 


Explore the recent tech news related to the Tosca testing platform by watching this space.


Follow On Courses


You can explore the following advanced courses and certifications after getting training in Tosca Software Testing.

  • ISTQB Certification
  • Selenium
  • JIRA
  • Appium
  • Cucumber
  • Agile, Scrum, and MS Azure DevOps


To apply for the Tosca Training, you need to either:

  • There are no prerequisites to join the Online Tosca Training.
  • It will be an added advantage if any individual has basic software testing knowledge. 

Tosca Training Objectives

In TOSCA Training our experienced Tosca trainer will make you learn industry-oriented skills by covering the end-to-end modules of Tosca some of which are basics of Tosca, Tosca commander, test case design, Synchronization, and much more. You will also be provided with all the knowledge required to clear the Tosca certification exam and interview process.

The main objective of this Tosca Course is to make you proficient in the below areas:

  • Functional testing
  • API
  • Regression testing
  • Test case design
  • Integrated test management

In this course you will learn: 

  • Gain knowledge of automation testing 
  • Design automated test cases
  • Learn Tosca architectur
  • Able to perform execution on various browsers
  • Larn Tosca automation tool, and test case designs 

Tosca Training Online Curriculum

At HKR Trainings, we aim to give you the best Tosca Course by covering all the concepts of Tosca as per the industry requirements. So we ensure that our Course curriculum was designed with the help of working professionals on Tosca. Following are the modules that will be covered in our Tosca Online Training

  • a. What is automation testing and briefing about it?

  • b. What are the different types of automation testing tools used?

  • c. What are the advantages and disadvantages of automating testing?

  • a. Deeper introduction to Tosca

  • b. Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages with the other automation testing tools

  • c. How to work with Tosca tool and what is the syntax

  • d. How to read the Tosca data sets?

  • e. Installation process of Tosca

  • f. Standard module importing process

  • g. Tosca architecture

  • a. What are the requirements – actions and sections?

  • b. Explanation about test cases

  • modules

  • execution list

  • c. Designing of test cases

  • d. Usage of check out

  • check-in

  • Update All

  • a. What is meant by object identification?

  • b. How does Tosca identify the objects?

  • c. Creation and scanning of a module

  • d. Basic test case creation process

  • e. Different methods used for object identification

  • i. By Anchor

  • ii. By Properties

  • iii. By index

  • iv. By image

  • a. Introduction to buffer operations – how to set up a buffer?

  • b. Performing operations like partial buffer deleting buffer process operations and window operations

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Tosca Automation Course Options

Live Online Training

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  • Learn by doing
  • Instant doubt resolution
  • Expert's guidance
  • Industry-ready skills


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12-Dec - 11-Jan

09:30 AM IST


16-Dec - 15-Jan

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20-Dec - 19-Jan

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1:1 Live Online Training

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  • Flexible timing
  • Personalized curriculum
  • Hands-on sessions
  • Simplified Learning
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  • Learn in no hurry
  • Less expensive
  • Unlimited access
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Tosca Training Online Projects

Tosca Training Reviews

Sabiha Shaik
Sabiha Shaik

Business Analyst

  • 5

It was my pleasure attending Tosca training at HKR Trainings. Our Tosca trainer had great teaching skills. He made the sessions very interactive. I have gained in-depth skills on Tosca. I got a wonderful learning experience joining HKR Trainings for Tosca training.
Pavan Kumbhakonam prabhakar
Pavan Kumbhakonam prabhakar

QA Engineer

  • 5

Excellent Institute to learn Tosca. I have recently completed my Tosca training from HKR Trainings. The concepts were taught very clearly and in depth using real time scenarios. Thanks to HKR Trainings for providing this amazing training on Tosca.
Shamya Fathima
Shamya Fathima

QA Engineer - Automation/Manual

  • 5

Thank you HKR Trainings for providing me with the best Tosca Training. The sessions were very interactive and helped me gain real-time expertise in this domain. The trainer’s guidance along with real-time examples he used while teaching the concepts, assignments shared for practice, and the real time projects helped me to understand the concepts practically.

Tosca Training FAQ's

Tosca is a popular test suite and an automation tool useful for various software products’ end-to-end functional and regression testing.

A Tricentis certification gives you an edge over the competition by demonstrating your skills and competence. Customers will easily recognise your platform competence thanks to our robust, world-class certification programme.

:In order to learn the tosca, you need to know the following. They are:

  • On the Tosca user interface, create the test cases you'll require.
  • Create and organize testing procedures.
  • Test criteria should be optimized to maximize risk coverage.
  • Make modules.
  • Execute the test cases

Tricentis majority of Tosca's components are written in C#. The COM Window objects are the foundation of TOSCA. If you want to code for TOSCA, you can also utilize C#.

Ans Tosca is pretty easier than selenium. IT can draw to this conclusion because of the following things.

  • When compared to selenium, Tosca has a high reusability of test data and artefacts. S
  • elenium has a low reusability of testing data and artefacts.
  • Only the deployment and adoption processes are supported by the Tosca tool. Tosca is a paid automation tool, but Selenium lacks devotion and adoption support.

One of the best and most often used automated testing tools is Tosca. It is widely employed in large-scale applications to achieve successful outcomes. Because of its user-friendly characteristics, Tosca is preferred by most testers in the automotive, metal & mining, financial, and education industries.

At HKR Trainings, you can learn Tosca within 25 to 30 hours. We also offer Weekend and fast-track sessions for interested individuals to complete the course as per their convenience and requirement.

Our trainers are professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the sector. They are well-acquainted personnel with a flair for making learning fun and easy.

The Director of HKR Trainings issues the Course Completion Certificate.

Every class is recorded. If you are unable to attend a class, you can learn from the video of the missed class. No worries! 

At HKR, we provide a demo session for training seekers so they can conform to our quality and method of education.

You can contact our customer care number if your query does not belong to any of the questions we have addressed in this article.

While we provide assistance for job placement, your knowledge, confidence, and skills are essential in the interviews.

Tosca is considered as the best tool for any kind of automation. So there is a huge demand in the market for Tosca. So pursuing a career in Tosca will land you on the best job opportunity with the best pay.

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