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java course overview

Java is a most popular object oriented programming language for developing web applications. It is a fast, reliable and secure programming language that can be used to develop code for any kind of mobile applications, enterprise software or server side technologies. The code written in Java can be executed in any machine any number of times.

Our main objective through this Java training is to provide you the best training. At HKR Trainings, we have well experienced professionals with years of work experience in Java. They teach you all the concepts like java basics, OOPS concepts, Data Handling and functions, Packages and Multi Threading, Java Collections, web services, JSP, JDBC, Servlets, Spring, Hibernates, Ajax, and Design Patterns, SOA, etc. Apart from these projects, you would be also provided with assignments, exercises and real time projects which will help you to gain practical knowledge. So enroll now in this Java certification course and advance your career as a Java developer with the best package.


To apply for the Java Certification Training, you need to either:

  • You do not need to have particular skills to attend Programming training. However possessing problem solving skills like critical thinking, logical reasoning  and attention to detail will be an added advantage.

Java course Content

We intend to provide you with the best training on Java. So we have curated this course with the help of experienced Java developers to keep you updated as per the current industry requirements. Have a glance of the concepts that will be covered in this Java training: 

  • Java basics
  • Data types, and Operations
  • if conditions
  • Loops – for, while and do while

  • Arrays
  • Functions 
  • Strings

  • Attributes, and Methods
  • Classes and Objects
  • Methods and Constructors 
  • Inheritance
  • Abstract
  • Final keyword
  • Static keyword

  • Packages and Interfaces
  • Access Specifiers
  • Exception Handling
  • What are threads?
  • Multi-Threading

  • Wrapper Classes and Inner Classes
  • Applet Programs
  • Collections

  • What are Web Services
  • WSDL
  • UDDI
  • SOAP, RESTfulWeb Service
  • JAX-WS Implementation

  • XML
  • Writing XML files
  • DOM Parser
  • SAX Parser, XSL

  • Database operations using SQL
  • JDBC Connections
  • Batch Processing
  • Transaction Management

  • Introduction to Web Technologies
  • Generic and Http Servlet
  • Request Dispatchers: Forward and Include
  • Session Tracking types and Filters

  • JSP
  • Architecture of JSP
  • tags (Scripts, declarative, expression)
  • Implicit objects
  • JSP Directives

  • Hibernate
  • Insert/Update/Delete/Select - operations
  • Inheritance
  • Collections
  • HQL and Restrictions
  • Caching in Hibernate

  • Spring Framework
  • Architecture
  • Display a Sample Message
  • IoC Containers
  • Bean Definition
  • Bean Scopes
  • Bean Post Processors
  • Dependency Injection Auto-Wiring

  • AOP Integration with Spring
  • Hibernate Integration with spring
  • J2EE Design Patterns

  • SOABusiness layer of SOA
  • What is Contract
  • Address, and Binding in SOA
  • Composition of Service
  • Relation between SOA and Web Services

java projects

Project 1

Attendance Management System

In this project, you will be creating an application that will manage the attendance of the students in the school/college or the .....employees of an organization. It must have an admin feature by which the admin will be able to access the details like update, add or delete the user records. Read more

Project 2

Currency Converter

In this project, you will be developing an application that will convert the currency from one to another. When you enter the amou.....nt in the application and select the preferred country's currency and click enter, the result must be displayed. Read more

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  • Interactive sessions
  • Learn by doing
  • Instant doubt resolution
  • Expert's Guidance
  • Industry-ready skills
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Weekday 27-May - 26-Jun 11:30 AM IST
Fast Track 31-May - 20-Jun 01:30 PM IST


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Pay installments with no cost EMI


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Pay installments with no cost EMI

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Our Learners

Harshad Gaikwad

Harshad Gaikwad

Practice Head

I had an insightful experience with HKR Trainings while participating in the ServiceNow ITOM (IT Operations Management) Training online. Engaging in instructor-led sessions, the trainer offered detailed insights into various ServiceNow ITOM modules and practices. Throughout the course, the support team was consistently available, and the trainer adeptly clarified all my inquiries, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of ServiceNow ITOM concepts.
Balaji Gnanasekar

Balaji Gnanasekar

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I had a comprehensive learning journey with HKR Trainings while undertaking the PostgreSQL Training online. Engaging in instructor-led sessions, the trainer delved deep into various PostgreSQL functionalities and best practices. Throughout the training, the support team remained attentive, and the trainer skillfully addressed all my questions, facilitating a solid grasp of PostgreSQL concepts.
Amit Singh

Amit Singh

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I had a rewarding experience with HKR Trainings while delving into the ServiceNow ITOM (IT Operations Management) Training online. Engaging in instructor-led sessions, the trainer provided comprehensive insights into various ServiceNow ITOM modules and best practices. Throughout the course, the support team was consistently available, and the trainer adeptly addressed all my queries, ensuring a robust understanding of ServiceNow ITOM concepts.

java online training objectives

It is a training on Java Concepts. It is designed for professionals interested in developing skills in Java. Java training offered by HKR Trainings will equip you with all the skills that you need to obtain the best job opportunity.

The java development course benefits for the following list of professionals.

  • Freshers who want to build their career as a java developer.
  • Software developers
  • Web designers
  • Engineering graduates

The following are the prerequisites for taking up this java training course.

  • There are no special requirements to take up this course.Anyone who wants to become a professional in java development can take this course
  • Basic knowledge of C, C++, and programming skills.

To start with this Java training, you need to either click on the Enrol Now icon at the top of the screen, or contact us at our customer care number, or just enter your details in the pop-up and submit it. Our Team will contact you as soon as possible and give you more information regarding the training process

When you complete your Java training along with the assignments and Real-time projects, HKR Trainings will issue you the course completion certificate. This certification will help you to get hired very quickly.

Our trainers for Java training are professionals with more than ten years of work experience. They will deliver you the Java Training. They have a flair for making learning fun and easy. So you will get the best Training on Java.

Getting Java Certification will differentiate you from the non-certified people. It will boost your skills, confidence and career. It will help you to get a salary hike. It will also help you to obtain better job opportunities with the best package.

Yes! Right from the first day of your Java training, our trainers make sure that you understand all the concepts and provide you complete guidance to reach your dream job. And when you complete your course, you will also get assistance in resume preparation which gives you the confidence to clear your interview. Moreover, We are also tied up with some corporate companies. So when they have a requirement, we send your profiles to them.

Upon successful completion of java training at HKR, you will learn the following things.

  • Learn about java fundamentals.
  • You will gain knowledge of JDBC and JUnit frameworks.
  • You will become a master in advanced java topics like JDBC, Springs, hibernate, Jsp’s servlets, service-oriented architecture and web services etc.
  • You will gain proficiency in building high scalable java applications using spring and hibernates.


Java is a popular, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. It is built in such a way that the program using Java can be written once and can be executed anywhere. The syntax for Java is based on C and C++ languages.

Yes, we don’t assure 100% placement assistance. We are tied up with some corporate companies so when they have a requirement we send your profiles to them.

Anyone interested in learning Java can attend this course. Some of the professionals who can benefit from this Java training are: 

  • Developers
  • Web designers
  • Database administrators
  • Fresh graduates who want to start their career in Java, etc.

Java is a widely used programming language by many programmers. Taking up this Java Online training will help you to start your career with the best job offer. You will also get a solid foundation in the Java Programming language. If you are an individual seeking Java training, HKR Trainings is the best provider of Java courses with experienced professionals.

We offer 30% off on your Java Online Training. We also provide referral discounts for our learners.

Yes! At HKR Trainings, Apart from our weekday or Weekend sessions, we also offer fast-track sessions for interested individuals to complete the course as early as possible, your availability. We conduct 2 to 4 hours per day sessions in the fast track session to complete the course within a week. If you want to complete the Training in a few days or a week, you can choose a Fast-track session. Usually, the Fast-track session will be a 1-1 session.

HKR Trainings will provide you with customized Java Online training that will help you in clearing your Java certification Exam. So when you complete this Java training you can clear your certification exam very easily and can get certified in Java.

Besides Java training, we also provide Java certification training, Java Web Dynpro training, Java Spring training, etc., at HKR training. In our Java Training, we offer real-time projects: Attendance Management System and Currency Converter to help the learners gain practical knowledge of Java concepts. 

Java has an object-oriented approach which will help us to understand the code easily. So highly reputed organizations such as TCS, Wipro, Infosys, etc., are using Java to create applications. And Professionals with experience in Java can get high salaries. If you are an individual who wants to step ahead towards a bright career, then Java Online training can help you.

The Java Course Curriculum was designed with the help of Industry experts. We also possess expert trainers with 10+ years of industry experience to provide this Training. So they would teach you the concepts practically with real-time examples. 

Every class is recorded. If you have missed your class, you can learn those concepts from the recorded sessions of the missed class. So, No worries!

If you have any queries related to Java Concepts, you can refer to the recorded videos of the live sessions of Java Training. If your query is not resolved by the recorded Videos, You can contact our Customer Support team, and They will help you out in resolving your query.

At HKR, we provide a free demo session for training seekers so they can check our quality and method of education before they enroll.

For Assistance Contact: United_States_Flag +1 (818) 665 7216 Indiaflag +91 9711699759

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