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Last updated on Nov 21, 2023

Robotic automation, a popular market today, and designers are searching for better approaches to set aside time and cash via computerizing in any case dull and monotonous method. We have scarcely started to start to expose Robotics and AI, and the expected advantages of expanded robotization are enticing. UiPath Studio is the most mainstream RPA device in the business. In this article, you can go through the set of frequently asked UIPath interview questions and answers in the interview panel.There will be questions for beginners, at intermediate level and of experienced level. This will help you crack the interview as the topmost industry experts curate these at HKR training. Let us have a quick review of the most frequently asked UIPath interview questions and answers.In case you're planning for an UIPath interview, the data given will help you get ready.

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UIPath Interview Questions and Answers

UIPath Interview Questions for Beginners

Explain different types of Wildcards available in UiPath.

Ans: The two types of Wildcards available in UiPath are:

  • Question mark (?): This replaces a single character.
  • Asterisk (*): This replaces zero or more characters.

Explain branching in UiPath.

Ans: Branching in UiPath is utilized for interfacing functions utilizing the branch in Flowchart.

What are the different stages of the RPA life?

Ans: The different stages of RPA life cycles are given below: 

  • Discovery phase
  • Solution design phase
  • Development phase
  • User acceptance tests
  • Development and maintenance phase
  • Implement bots

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What are the popular tools for RPA?

Ans: The popular RPA tools are:

  • Verint
  • UiPath
  • Datamatics
  • Open span
  • Automation Anywhere
  • EdgeVerve
  • HelpSystems
  • NICE Actimize
  • Kofax
  • BlackLine
  • Thoughtonomy

Define thin clients.

Ans: Thin client can be defined as an application which needs certain qualities while utilising RPA tools, such as, computer, calculator, etc.

What is the main difference between process automation and test automation?

Ans: Process automation used to robotize the interaction with no human intercession. Then again, Test Automation is utilized for testing purposes while computerizing any app to analyse if the cases are fail or pass. 

Define Robotic Automation?

Ans: Robotics Process Automation (RPA) (RPA) permits associations to computerize the function, much the same as an individual was performing them across applications and frameworks. The motivation behind RPA is to move the cycle execution from people to bots.  

What differentiates between UiPath and Selenium?

Ans: The main difference between Selenium and UiPath is that Selenium is planned in such a way to analyse web applications or the websites. Selenium is also a RPA software which computerizes the software method.

Various kinds of workflows in UiPath.

Ans: Different types of workflows in UiPath are:

  • Sequences: The sequence is a small kind of Project that is appropriate for direct processes. It empowers engineers to change starting with one activity then onto the next without any problem. 
  • State Machine: A machine utilizing a particular number of states utilized for computerization, it is known as the state machine. It will change starting with one state then onto the next. 
  • Flowchart: It can be utilized for huge or little tasks which assists in developing complex business.

.What is the requirement of UiPath in RPA?

Ans: UiPath in RPA is required because:

  • It aids in process modeling.
  • Deploy management can be made very simple.
  • It paves way to implement a remote procedure.

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.List the properties of UiPath

Ans: Properties of UiPath are:

  • TimeoutMS
  • Target
  • DelayAfter
  • ContinueOnError
  • DelayBefore
  • WaitForReady

.Define UiPath automation.

Ans: UiPath robotization is an interaction Automation seller. This apparatus assists with robotizing any sort of interaction. 

UIPath Interview Questions for Intermediate

.Different types of recordings available in UiPath.

Ans: The various kinds of recordings available in UiPath are: 

  • Basic
  • WEB
  • Desktop
  • Citrix
  • Image

.What is UiPath?

Ans: UiPath, a Robotic Process Automation apparatus which is utilized for Windows desktop automation. It is utilized to robotize reiterative/excess undertakings with the assistance of drag and drop facility and diminishes human intercession. This instrument provides different releases to help various kinds of clients and accompanies a functioning group to determine issues. UiPath programming provides solutions for ventures to mechanize office undertakings for fast business change. It changes over drilling errands into computerization measures utilizing various instruments. It was established by Romanian business visionary Daniel Dines in the year 2005. 

.What are variable and data types in UiPath?

Ans: The variables in UiPath are utilised to store the information, along with altering the value of a variable. Data types assist in storing information in different methods. UiPath upholds different data types like time, number, date, text and universal value.

.Define State of a machine?

Ans: Various states in which a machine requires to go through while implementing a solitary function is known as a state of the machine. In the event that if the activity is set off, it could switch into various states.

.Define session variables?

Ans: The session variable in UiPath can be a reference to one interaction of the instance. In the event that if the interaction continues more than one cycle simultaneously, it might have similar session factors yet with changed worth.

.What are the things which can be automated using RPA?

Ans: The things which could be automated utilising RPA are:

  • Generating report from the website.
  • Capturing information and data manipulation work.
  • Collecting data from different forms.
  • Sharing the Email.
  • Data entry jobs.
  • Daily and reiterative functions in the framework.

.What is the requirement for Element Exists?

Ans: It is utilized to analyze if UI Element is available during the implementation of the program. Element exists is needed for supporting Boolean.

.Differentiate between Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere. Blue Prism

Ans: Blue Prism

  • Blue Prism libraries could be reutilised using other methods.
  • Efficiently operate with citric, desktop, and web.
  • Cognitive capacity is much less.
  • It could be utilised for back-office automation.

Automation Anywhere

  • Reusable blocks can be made utilising smart adapters.
  • Cognitive capacity is medium level.
  • Efficiency is moderate.
  • It could be utilised as both front as well as back-office automation.

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.Define Package manager

Ans: A package manager in UiPath is a heap of various components that permits computerizing the method. A package administrator incorporates things like structures, libraries, and coverings.

.How long will it take to establish the Operational Agility framework?

Ans: The time it takes to establish the Operational Agility framework is basically between 4 and 12 weeks from project beginning.

.What are sequence activities in UiPath?

Ans: The sequence is a little sort of Project which makes the way from starting with one activity then onto the next. It functions as a solitary action block. Engineers could reuse them on numerous occasions. 

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.What are the highlights of RPA?


  • Precise: It operates with exactness and consistency. Accordingly, RPA assists with decreasing errors. 
  • No programming needed: RPA instruments don't need any programming information. 
  • Steady: The RPA programming is created such that all monotonous functions can be implemented similarly. 
  • Productivity rate: Task implementation time is quicker than the standard approach.
  • Productivity:It can operate consistently without any break, having a similar proficiency. 
  • Cost-cutting innovation:It empowers you to lessen manual labor force and in this way diminishes the expense expected to play out any errand.

UIPath Interview Questions for Experienced

.What are the UiPath Editions?


  • Community Cloud : This adaptation is by and large utilized by little groups or people to work on computerizing operations. 
  • Studio : The Studio variant is for people who need to utilize UiPath on a venture level. 
  • Enterprise Cloud :This edition/rendition is a cloud-based variant of the whole RPA platform that comprises Robots, Studio,and Orchestrator. 
  • Enterprise Server :This release given by UiPath is an on-premise rendition of the whole enterprise robotization platform comprising Robots, Studio, and Orchestrator. 
  • Once,you sort out which version you need to chip away at, you can go ahead and install that release.

.List the steps to convert the output string variable into the Output data table.

Ans: You can utilise the Generate Data table activity as given below to convert the output string variable to the output data table,

  • Drag the Generate data table activity from the Activity pane.
  • Move to the properties section and provide an input variable as String output.
  • Specify the output data table in the variable
  • You could find that the string values are given to the data table variable.

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.Differentiate between Basic and desktop recording.

  • Ans:
  • Every activity of the basic recorder creates a full selector.
  • Desktop recorders create activities that are only partial selectors.
  • A basic recorder could not create a container for each activity.
  • Desktop Recorder can create a container for each activity.
  • Slower than the desktop recorder.
  • Faster than the basic recorder.
  • Basic recording is perfect for a single activity.
  • Desktop recording is apt for more than one activity.

.What are the UiPath products available?

Ans:The UiPath architecture or its foundation segments comprise of the accompanying three components: 

  • UiPath Studio – It can be defined as a visual planner that allows you to construct mechanization workflows with pre-fabricated exercises. This computerization could be utilized to mechanize a basic or complex errand, in view of the customers' necessities. 
  • UiPath Robot – The mechanization planned on UiPath Studio is implemented by UiPath Robots. In this way, ensure that your robot is available in the operating state to implement the functions. 
  • UiPath Orchestrator – UiPath Orchestrator is utilized to distribute the tasks or the robotization workflows to guarantee that the mechanization deals with different frameworks all the while.

.What are the important Phases of the RPA Life Cycle?

Ans:The various phases of RPA life cycles are: 

  • Discovery phase
  • Solution design phase
  • Development phase
  • User acceptance tests
  • Development and maintenance phase
  • Execute bots.

.What are the project templates used?

  • Ans:
  • Process : It is used to make a clear project to plan different sorts of robotization projects 
  • Orchestration Process :This sort of undertaking layout is utilized to execute an interaction through assistance coordination and long exchanges. 
  • Library : This format is utilized to make reusable parts and afterward distribute them all together. The libraries made can be additionally included as conditions to automation measures. 
  • Robotic Enterprise Framework :This kind of undertaking layout is utilized to make a business interaction reasonable for huge scope organizations. 
  • Background Process : The Background Process is utilized to make a cycle that doesn't need client connections and can be operated as a background interaction. Additionally, different background cycles can be executed at the same time on a similar robot. 
  • Trigger Based Attended Automation : This kind of venture is utilized to trigger mechanization in light of a keyboard or mouse client events.
  • Transactional Process : This format is utilized to demonstrate the mechanization workflow in a flowchart model.

.Explain Project Debugging in UiPath.

Ans:Debugging concept is utilized for finding and displaying the mistake for a particular task. It has both logging and breakpoints. It assists you to assemble data about the Project and feature the error bit by bit. 

.What makes a chatbot different from a robotic process automation?

Ans:ChatBot – A bot modified to chat with a client (human) like a human. Perhaps prescribe a pre-learned goal to a specific issue that the client faces or to make a demand and train backend frameworks to give a solicitation. 

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) – A bot customized to mechanize a manual business cycle of implementing an errand or a movement inside a business operation. A business operation can resemble HR/Finance/Procurement and so on. A chatbot could be considered as a medium to take care of a contribution to a RPA engine yet can't recreate the highlights of a RPA engine.

.Explain the UIPath Studio Components.

  • Ans:
  • Ribbon Tab – This tab comprises three alternatives to give highlights to save the venture, open a new undertaking, plan the robotization workflow, troubleshoot the errand, and implement the workflow. They are Start, Design and Execute. 
  • Activity Pane – This sheet comprises the multitude of exercises utilised to mechanize workflows that you can move into the workspace. 
  • Properties Pane – This sheet is utilized to arrange all the exercises. Practically all the exercises must be arranged to plan the degree, result factors and different properties of activities. 
  • Output Pane – The yield sheet is utilized to check the result of the mechanization workflow implemented.

.What are the features of UiPath?

  • Ans:
  • Hosting Options: It can be facilitated in virtual terminals or cloud conditions.
  • Security: It provides auto login highlights to execute the bots.
  • Centralized repository: This facility aids in dealing with all the robots all the while by clients. 
  • Application Compatibility: It provides a high scope of utilizations to function with and incorporates web and desktop apps.
  • Advanced screen scraping solution: Scraping arrangement which functions with any app like,PDF,.Net, Flash, Java, Legacy, SAP, with supreme precision. 
  • Dependable instrument for layouting business measures: The UiPath studio provides robotization greatness with the assistance of model business measures.
  • Level of scalability and Robustness: Powerful troubleshooting and exemption safeguarding of systems. AI securing of everyday applications like PDF and outlooks excel.

.Define Publishing in UiPath Automation Studio?

Ans:Publishing of the automation package demonstrates documenting it and the connected records present specifically for deploying it to automate and afterward implementing it. At the point when you will be associated with the orchestrator then the task will get transferred to the orchestrator field and it will be shown on the packages page. Furthermore, you can undoubtedly circulate them to different robots after you appoint a few bundles to the environment. Else, it will get put away in the Studio feed.

.Explain arguments in UiPath.

Ans: Arguments are utilized to pass information from a venture to another. From a worldwide perspective, they look like factors, as they collect information progressively and transfer it on. Variables pass information between tasks, while arguments pass information between robotization. Therefore, they empower you to reuse computerization time and again. UiPath Studio underpins an enormous number of argument types, that match with the sorts of variables.


We believe that this set of UiPath interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced experts will assist you in preparing for your interviews. We have covered all the questions,by chance you locate any related question that is not here, kindly drop your query in the comment section and we will add it at the earliest.

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