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Last updated on Nov 22, 2023

Are you ready to discover HKR’s frequently designed Service Desk Analyst Interview Questions? I think you are at the right place, Learning Service Desk course and cracking the interview are so important in your professional career. As we know that the whole business depends on customer service and if you are at the service help desk that means you are holding an important position to help the customer in the best possible way. Are you excited to learn? Then let’s get started with this amazing article;

Most Frequently Asked Service Desk Interview Questions

1. What do you mean by the Service help desk?

Ans: The Service Help Desk serves as the primary technical support point of contact for users, addressing their queries and concerns through various channels, both online and offline.

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2. What are all the different forms of help desk available?

Ans: Help desks come in various forms, including:

  • Phone support
  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Email services
  • Web-based support

3. Name a few self-management skills for a service help desk analyst?

Ans: Service Help Desk Analysts should possess essential self-management skills such as:

  • Effective time management
  • Stress management
  • Continuous learning
  • Information retrieval
  • Organizational abilities

4. What are the new help desk techniques you think would be helpful to improve the service?

Ans: Incorporating IT and computer skills can greatly enhance Help Desk service quality. Additionally, utilizing software to streamline processes and facilitate effective customer communication can be beneficial.

5. What do you do if your PC doesn’t turn on in one go?

Ans: First, check cable connections and power supply. If no issues are found, report the problem to the IT department for further investigation and resolution.

6. What does your troubleshooting process look like?

Ans: The troubleshooting process typically involves:

  • Gathering information from the customer.
  • Identifying the issue.
  • Performing initial verifications.
  • Implementing common bug fixes.
  • Consulting online resources for more complex issues.
  • Implementing repairs or replacements as needed.
  • Thoroughly testing to ensure the solution works effectively.

7. What do you know about Microsoft Office 365?

Ans: Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based suite of productivity tools accessible over the internet. It allows users to run Software as a Service (SaaS) apps in the cloud, preserving local storage space and eliminating the need for local installation.

8. How do you face the criticism?

Ans: Handling criticism requires maintaining a positive attitude and composure while receiving feedback. It's essential to remain patient and open to constructive criticism without reacting negatively.

9. What are the three abilities of an ideal help desk person?

Ans: Ideal Help Desk professionals should excel in three fundamental abilities:

  • Effective listening skills
  • Clear communication
  • Patience, especially in high-pressure situations.

10. What are the differences between the helpdesk and service desk?

Ans: The primary distinctions between a Help Desk and a Service Desk are as follows:

Help Desk:

  • User-centric support, primarily focused on end-users.
  • Generally reactive in nature, responding to user-reported issues.
  • Typically provides basic technical assistance and issue resolution.
  • Often handles a narrower scope of IT-related issues.
  • May not have an extensive knowledge base or integration with other systems.

Service Desk:

  • Business-centric support, serving both technicians and end-users.
  • Proactive in approach, aiming to prevent issues through monitoring and maintenance.
  • Offers a broader range of services, including IT and non-IT services like HR and facilities.
  • Manages a wider scope of IT-related problems and service requests.
  • Integrates with various systems and databases for comprehensive support.

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11. What are the new help desk techniques you think would be helpful to improve the services?

Ans: To enhance service quality, consider:

  • Leveraging IT and computer knowledge.
  • Employing software to streamline processes.
  • Utilizing software to improve customer communication.

12. How should you handle a caller who refuses to calm down?

Ans: Dealing with an upset caller requires patience and effective communication. It's important to remain calm, listen attentively, and, if necessary, escalate the call to a superior or another technical expert.

13. What are your suggestions for sharing a workspace?


Effective sharing of workspace involves:

  • Demonstrating respect and courtesy.
  • Avoiding strongly scented foods.
  • Exercising discretion when personalizing the workspace.

14. What experience do you have as a helpdesk associate?

Ans: When discussing prior experience, outline your responsibilities and skills, including call management and software usage. If you're a fresher, acknowledge your lack of experience.

15. Are you a good team player?

Ans: Being a team player is essential in a Help Desk role, as you frequently collaborate with diverse colleagues and must maintain patience and effectiveness in a team environment.

16. How will you organize your work schedule?

Ans: Organizing your work schedule involves prioritizing tasks based on urgency and importance to ensure efficient completion.

17. In a situation where the caller did not understand what you are explaining what you would do?

Ans: When explaining technical concepts to non-technical individuals, use straightforward language and relatable analogies to make the information accessible and understandable.

18. What is the major difference between Windows 7 and Windows 10, in your opinion?

Ans: One notable difference is that Windows 10 receives more frequent updates compared to Windows 7, which had less frequent updates.

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19. What can you do to optimize hard drive performance on Windows?

Ans: To optimize hard drive performance on Windows, consider using the defragmentation feature to enhance overall system performance.

20. Have you seen the blue screen of death?

Ans: The "Blue Screen of Death" signifies a system error or instability in Windows, leading to an immediate halt of operations.

21. Which network protocol have you used?

Ans: I have experience working with the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) network protocol.

22. As a help desk analyst, what steps will you take for removing malware?

Ans: To remove malware, I would use anti-spyware and anti-virus software, along with recovery console tools as necessary.

23. How do you troubleshoot the DNS problem?

Ans: Troubleshooting DNS issues often involves using tools like nslookup to query internet servers interactively.

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24. How will you view information about system events and application errors on Windows?

Ans: You can access information about system events and application errors on Windows through the Event Viewer tool.

25. How would you deal with an extremely irate customer or co-worker?

Ans: Handling irate individuals requires maintaining composure and resolving issues politely and effectively, regardless of the situation.

26. How would you proceed to explain DNS to someone with no technical background?

Ans: DNS can be described as the framework that enables web browsing by connecting human-readable domain names to numerical IP addresses, making it easier to access websites.

27. Please tell me some of the tasks that you had performed in your previous company?

Ans: My role encompassed a variety of tasks, including addressing and resolving customer inquiries and complaints. This involved active listening, problem-solving, and ensuring customer satisfaction through effective solutions.

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28. If the customer is not satisfied with your service, do you analyze your mistake or just move on to another customer?

Ans: Prioritizing customer satisfaction is key. When a customer is dissatisfied, I take responsibility for re-evaluating the situation and continuing to engage with the customer until their issue is resolved satisfactorily.

29. How good are you at solving problems on the phone?

Ans: Handling issues over the phone requires specific skills like clear communication and patience. I have a track record of effectively resolving customer problems through phone support, including a notable instance where I swiftly addressed and solved a complex issue for a customer.

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