Oracle Fusion HCM Interview Questions

Last updated on Nov 24, 2023

Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) offers a comprehensive solution for HR processes, streamlining an organization's management from hiring to retirement. This platform is adept at storing employee documents and data, significantly simplifying tasks for HR personnel. The market currently presents numerous career opportunities for professionals skilled in Oracle Fusion HCM.

This article delves into the top 15 interview questions on Oracle Fusion HCM. Designed to aid both beginners and seasoned professionals, these questions are key to interview preparation. Explore these commonly asked Oracle Fusion HCM interview questions and answers to enhance your understanding and expertise in the field.

Most Frequently Asked Oracle Fusion HCM Interview Questions and answers

1. What is LDG in Oracle Fusion HCM?

Ans. Legislative Data Groups (LDGs) in Oracle Fusion HCM are crucial for segregating payroll and related data by country. For each country where a company operates, LDGs link to one or more payroll structures, ensuring compliance with local legal requirements, including currency, coding, and cost allocation.

2. What is Oracle Fusion Trees?

Ans. Oracle Fusion Trees, or Oracle Fusion Timber, visually represent an organization's structure. They enable efficient management within an organization's hierarchy, representing departments, structures, organizations, and positions in a tree format. Users can create and manage multiple versions of these hierarchical structures.

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3. Explain about different plan types available in Fusion absence management?

Ans. In Oracle Fusion Absence Management, three primary plan types exist:

  • Accrual plans for paid leave include vacation plans.
  • Qualification plans for entitled paid leaves such as maternity leave.
  • Entitlement plans need to track paid and unpaid leaves with accumulating balances.

4. If you replace a challenge report more than one time in a single day, can you continue to song the record?

Ans. Yes, Oracle Fusion allows multiple daily updates to a challenge report, with each update creating a distinct record. These records, each assigned a unique sequence number, facilitate precise tracking of all modifications.

5. How many sections a performance template/model can hold at a time?

Ans. A performance template in Oracle Fusion HCM can encompass up to six sections: Competency, Goal, Worker Final Feedback, Manager Final Feedback, Questionnaire, and Overall Review, providing a comprehensive performance assessment framework.

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6. What are absence type patterns?

Ans. Absence type patterns in Oracle Fusion HCM are predefined rules for creating absence types. The pattern chosen influences the fields displayed on the absence type page. Common patterns include Childbirth, Injury/Illness, and Generic Absence.

7. What do you know about normalization in Oracle Fusion?

Ans. Normalization in Oracle Fusion involves specifying a rating distribution when creating rating models. It reflects the workforce's percentage distribution, providing insights into employee size changes within the organization.

8. Give the difference between Watchlist and the Worklist in Oracle HCM?

Ans. In Oracle HCM, a Watchlist offers shortcuts to tasks requiring user attention, displaying item counts, and allowing customization. Conversely, a Worklist shows priority tasks needing user approval, focusing on critical organizational activities.

9. What are the sets of enabled objects in the Oracle Fusion HCM?

Ans. Oracle Fusion HCM features three primary sets of enabled objects: Departments, Grades, and Jobs. These objects play a vital role in the organizational structure and employee management.

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10. List the common tasks that are frequently used during the implementation?

Ans. Common implementation tasks in Oracle Fusion HCM include managing legal addresses, business units, legal entities, departments, locations, lookups, worker goals, grades, document types, jobs, and review periods.

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11. Explain about FSM in Oracle Fusion HCM.

Ans. Functional Setup Manager (FSM) in Oracle Fusion HCM, or Practical Setup Supervisor, facilitates available project implementation. It guides users through the project lifecycle, offering modules to minimize errors and streamline processes.

12. What do you mean by reference data sharing?

Ans. Reference data sharing in Oracle Fusion HCM enables the sharing of configuration data like grades, departments, and jobs across the organization in a structured manner, reducing data duplication and simplifying task management.

13. What is ESC in Oracle Fusion HCM?

Ans. Enterprise Structure Configuration (ESC) in Oracle Fusion HCM is a tool for configuring organizational structures, enabling users to define job, position, and organization systems efficiently.

14. Explain the benefits of ESC in Oracle Fusion HCM

Ans. ESC in Oracle Fusion HCM offers major advantages, including building and testing multiple organizational structures quickly, rolling back to previous configurations, and reviewing setups before finalizing to ensure accuracy.

15. Is Oracle Fusion HCM a currency independent platform?

Ans. Oracle Fusion HCM operates independently of currency, featuring inter-currency conversion capabilities. It allows users to effectively understand and manage local currency rates and global currency aspects.

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