SAP Ariba Interview Questions

Are you willing to kick start your IT career in the SAP Ariba field? Finding difficulty in cracking the Ariba interview questions? Don't worry we are here to help our audience to master themselves in solving the Ariba industry-driven interview questions. The Ariba interview question blog is specially designed to help those who are looking out to begin their profession in the Ariba or for those who want to upgrade their knowledge related to Ariba. As the latest report suggests that any Ariba fresher can easily earn Rs. 7, 50,000 and experienced professionals earn more than Rs. 15, 00,000. Let’s begin this beautiful journey;

Most Frequently Asked SAP Ariba Interview Questions

1. What do you mean by SAP Ariba?

Ans: SAP Ariba is a cloud-based procuration solution to perform business-related transactions on a single platform. SAP Ariba module easily integrates with other SAP ERP modules without using any middleware or is easy to customize as per the business requirements. The benefit of the SAP Ariba module as it offers out-of-the-box functionalities to buyers and suppliers to perform business-related operations and offers effective benefits to procurement management.

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2.What are the key features of the SAP Ariba:

Ans: The below are the key features of the SAP Ariba:

  • Fast time-to-value.
  • Easy-to-use
  • Controlled processes
  • .Efficient collaborations.
  • Complete visibility.
  • One-time renewal.
  • E-signature savings.
  • Stronger compliance.
  • End-to-end commerce.

3.List out the various portfolio of SAP Ariba?


The following are the different portfolios of SAP Ariba:

  • SAP Ariba invoicing ( financial supply chain).
  • SAP Ariba supplier management.
  • SAP Ariba procurement (or buying).
  • SAP Ariba indirect spend (strategic sourcing).
  • SAP Ariba supply chain (solutions for direct spending).

4.What are the benefits of using SAP Ariba?


 The below are the primary benefits of using SAP Ariba;            

  • Ariba is how companies connect to get business done, using the marketing leading solutions for collaborative commerce and Ariba network.
  • Ariba helps buyers and suppliers from more than 2 million businesses and 190 countries discover new opportunities, collaborate on transactions, grow their businesses.
  • Selecting an Ariba implementation partner is perhaps the most important thing about jumping on the Ariba partners out there, it becomes difficult choosing the right one that suits your businesses.
  • SAP Ariba helps to manage the project for the implementations in the organizations.
  • Responsible for project schedule, development, testing, execution, and delivery.

5. Mention the two components of the SAP Ariba?


The two components of the SAP Ariba are as follows:

  • Passive components: Passive components are the component that saves energy in the form of voltage form. For example; inductors, resistors, and capacitors.
  • Active components: active components generate energy in the form of voltage. For example transistors.

6.What is SAP Ariba strat sourcing?

Ans:The SAP Ariba start sourcing is intuitive, open-source, web-based, and RFX tool. It helps users to create, execute, and maintain the sourcing events from the desktop. The SAP Ariba start souring is also known for its SaaS cloud-based technology that delivers free services, no need for any subscription required.

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7.What are the features of the SAP Ariba start sourcing?


The key features of the SAP Ariba start sourcing include are;

  •  SAP Ariba’s start sourcing offers easier communication benefits.
  • It delivers free services so need for any subscription is required.
  • Multi-currency chances are reported in the SAP Ariba start sourcing.
  • With the help of SAP Ariba start sourcing it’s easy to create and manage the RFX.
  • The SAP Ariba start sourcing offers global and multi-lingual capacities.
  • It helps users to create the supplier profile, and with this profile management feature, easy to manage the responses.

8.Can we write test cases without any knowledge and help of any Domain and document, but only with the use of a Builder screen?

Ans:The answer is yes, it is possible to write the test cases with a builder screen, but if it is a happy flow test case. If you are willing to write the behavioral test cases, you should aware of the exact functionalities of the software and the documentation written by the developers.

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9. What do you mean by SAP Ariba networks?

Ans:The SAP Ariba is a creator and provider of the Ariba networks. The SAP Ariba Network is a cloud-based and B2B marketplace where sellers and buyers interactions occur and continue their business in a private Ariba networking platform.

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10. Name the products of the SAP Ariba?

Ans:SAP Ariba consists of various products that help sellers and buyers to have a better interaction about their marketing strategies. 

Here we would like to name two products:

  •  Investors: investors in SAP Ariba include management of contracts for order solutions, discovery services, sales, and managing sales catalog.
  • Vendors: vendors in the SAP Ariba include sourcing, contract management, spending visibility, and contract management.

11.What is the need for SAP Ariba’s view pitch?


The following are the prominent features of the SAP Ariba pitch;

  • Ariba’s view pitch improves the efficiency of the process.
  • Offers simplified connectivity.
  • Improves visibility.
  • Status about the deliveries, keywords, invoice payments, and essential commerce activities.

12.What do you know about SAP Ariba SLP (Supplier lifecycle and performance)?

Ans:The SAP Ariba SLP (supply lifecycle and performance) is a solution that contains a group of linked processes. All these linked processes are used for managing suppliers from onboarding to the qualification from there to approve the supplier management and final to the elimination.

13. Mention the activities involved during the SAP Ariba installation process?


The activities involved during the SAP Ariba installation are;

  • Make a note of the SAP Ariba installation process.
  • Installation of the SAP Ariba adapter.
  • BASIS (SAP Operating system) customization of the SAP Ariba.
  • The setting of the functional configurations.
  • Configuring the technical web services to the adapter network.
  • Adapter customization of the SAP Ariba.

14.What are the steps required to install the SAP Ariba adapter network?

Ans:The following are the major steps which require to install teh SAP Ariba adapter network.

  •  First, you need to use a valid User ID and password to login into
  • Users should have an ID of “Designated support contract” if you do not have one, then create your user ID using
  • Then look for SAP Network adapter and also SAP Netweaver.
  • Finally, import the file of an Ariba adapter available in the format =>*.tpz into the Enterprise service repository of SAP

15.List some of the cXML message types?


Here is the few cXML message type;

  • PaymentProposalRequest (Outbound).
  • InvoiceDetailRequest (outbound).
  • StatusUpdateRequest (outbound).
  • ShipNoticeRequest (Inbound).
  • ServiceEntryRequest (Inbound).
  • ConfirmationRequest (inbound).

16.Without any training on the Ariba domain without any document only with the help of the build screen is it possible to write the test cases?

Ans:The answer is “yes”, it is possible to write the test cases with the build screen (remember that only the happy flow of the test cases can be written). In order to go with behavioral testing, it’s important to have a piece of knowledge of the software functionalities through written documents or training. 

17. Mention the differences between an interface and abstract classes?


Before getting into the differences part, we would like to provide you with the definitions of each term.

An interface contains only the definition or signature of the functionality whereas to use any common signature or common definitions we need an abstract.

Let’s us know the major differences between an interface and an abstract class;

  •  The interface supports multiple inheritances whereas the abstract class doesn’t support multiple inheritances.
  • The interface doesn’t contain a data member whereas the abstract class contains a data member.
  • An interface does not contain constructors whereas the abstract class contains constructors.
  • Member of an interface cannot be static whereas a complete member of the abstract class can be static.  

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18. What are the major differences between the SAP MM, SRM, and Ariba?


Let us discuss them one by one;

  •   SAP MM maintains the whole material management thing that includes procurement and inventory management in the organization.
  • SAP SRM (supplier relationship management) is an enterprise buyer professional software, it directly links to the suppliers and customers. With the help of SAP SRM software, an end customer can create carts and purchase orders as an SAP ECC back end.
  • SAP Ariba is a useful platform for the outsourcing of quotations that are similar to the government tender. It also helps us to get the quoted tender details and process them effectively.

19. What is the Ariba business network?

   Ans:SAP Ariba is a creator and provider of the Ariba Network, a cloud-based business-to-business marketplace where buyers and sellers can interact with each other to do a business within a single network platform.

20. Tell us about the critical benefits of the Ariba procurement solution?


Below are the key benefits of the Ariba procurement solution;

  •   With the help of teh Ariba procurement solution, users can able to open the estimation of an ERP arrangement with an essential OCI Mix.
  • Can build the client appropriation.
  • Can increment the speed inclusion.
  • It also consists of the parts that offer whe

21. Why do vendors create Ariba spot quotes?

Ans:Vendors create the Ariba spot quote outsourcing when they are willing to purchase an order from the 

22. List out the various Ariba network adapter files?

Ans:Below are the important files used in the Ariba network adapter;

  • Adapter.tpz
  • tpz file
  • XML 
  • basis.tpz

23. What are the essential supplier strategies?

TAns:here are six essential supplier strategies used they are;

  •   Sharing expertise with the customers to provide them with a piece of the knowledge.
  • Focusing on the people where you need to get a profit.
  • Marketing to OEM.
  • Have a plan that should highlight your vision.
  • Concentrate on reducing the lead time.
  • Most important, carefully listen to your customer’s needs or requirements.

24. How to manage electronic order rating?


We can manage the electronic order rating using this navigation;

Go to the network settings -> there is an option called “electronic order rating” -> then enable this button to proceed with the task

25. What are the various ways to transact your business with customers?


There are five different ways to transact your business with customers;

  • Fax.
  • cXml.
  • Email
  • EDI
  • Online

26. Differentiate between procurement and sourcing?


         Procurement: procurement is a process of gathering goods, materials, and input that an organization uses for various operations.

        Sourcing: Sourcing means a complete effort that is needed to build and manage vetting suppliers, vendors relation, generating and maintaining a supply chain  management in the organization.

27. What is the Ariba discovery?

Ans: SAP Ariba discovery tool is a free version of a business-to-business tool mainly designed for the customers. Most of the ERP companies use Ariba discovery to respond to the customer’s queries quickly which is related to the products.

28. When did SAP purchase Ariba?

Ans:The SAP purchased Ariba in May 2012 for $4.3 billion.

29. What is the use of the budget check feature present in SAP Ariba?

Ans:The SAP budget check feature is used to check and identify every accounting split present within the requisition line item versus an individual budget code. When we enable this feature on our site, it defaults the budget checks built within the SAP Ariba Buying, invoicing, and pricing.

30. List out the different types of authentications in SAP Ariba?

There are two types of Authentications in SAP Ariba available;

  •  Single sign-on: if users log into their corporate network, a single sign-on authentication automatically sign them into the Ariba network.
  • Regular user Authentication: Regular user authentication is also another type of login where users have to enter their credentials manually on the Ariba network login page.

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