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Last updated on Nov 22, 2023

Are you aspiring to launch a successful career in the SAP Ariba domain? If you're encountering challenges in navigating Ariba interview questions, rest assured that you're not alone. We're committed to assisting our audience in mastering the art of tackling industry-relevant Ariba interview queries. Our meticulously crafted SAP Ariba interview questions blog is tailored for individuals embarking on their professional journey in the Ariba field, as well as for those seeking to enhance their existing Ariba knowledge.

With the evolving landscape of the IT sector, proficiency in SAP Ariba has become increasingly valuable. Recent reports indicate that newcomers to the Ariba domain can potentially earn an impressive starting salary of around Rs. 7.5 Lakhs, while seasoned professionals may earn upwards of Rs. 15 Lakhs. This lucrative career path is not just financially rewarding but also offers immense growth opportunities in the rapidly expanding field of information technology. Let's look at the following frequently asked SAP Ariba interview questions and answers.

Most Frequently Asked SAP Ariba Interview Questions and Answers

1. What do you mean by SAP Ariba?

Ans. SAP Ariba is a sophisticated cloud-based solution designed for procurement, enabling businesses to conduct transactions on a singular platform. It integrates seamlessly with other SAP ERP modules, providing customizable options to fit specific business needs. The strength of SAP Ariba lies in its comprehensive functionalities, which offer significant advantages in procurement management for both buyers and suppliers.

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2. What are the key features of the SAP Ariba:

Ans. SAP Ariba is distinguished by its rapid deployment, user-friendly interface, controlled and streamlined processes, effective collaboration tools, complete process visibility, simple renewal process, savings through e-signature integration, stronger compliance mechanisms, and comprehensive commerce management.

3. List out the various portfolio of SAP Ariba?

Ans. SAP Ariba's diverse portfolio includes SAP Ariba Invoicing for financial supply chain management, SAP Ariba Supplier Management, SAP Ariba Procurement for purchasing activities, SAP Ariba for managing indirect spends and strategic sourcing, and solutions tailored for direct spending in supply chain management.

4. What are the benefits of using SAP Ariba?

Ans. SAP Ariba streamlines business connections, linking buyers and suppliers across 2 million businesses in 190 countries. It facilitates new business opportunities and simplifies transaction collaborations. Selecting an appropriate Ariba implementation partner is crucial for harnessing these benefits. SAP Ariba also offers comprehensive project management services for implementation, including schedule management, development, testing, execution, and delivery.

5. Mention the two components of the SAP Ariba?

Ans. SAP Ariba comprises two main components: Passive components, such as inductors, resistors, and capacitors, which store energy in a voltage form, and Active components, like transistors, that generate energy in voltage form.

6. What is SAP Ariba strat sourcing?

Ans. SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing is an intuitive, web-based, open-source RFX tool. It enables users to efficiently create, execute, and manage sourcing events directly from their desktops. Notably, it's a SaaS cloud-based technology that offers services free of subscription, enhancing its accessibility and utility.

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7. What are the features of the SAP Ariba start sourcing?

Ans. SAP Ariba Start Sourcing is characterized by its easy communication, subscription-free services, multi-currency support, simplicity in creating and managing RFX, and global, multi-lingual capabilities. It also facilitates efficient supplier profile creation and management.

8. Can we write test cases without any knowledge and help of any Domain and document, but only with the use of a Builder screen?

Ans: Yes, writing test cases using a builder screen is possible for straightforward scenarios. However, for more nuanced behavioral test cases, a thorough understanding of the software's functionalities and access to developer documentation is essential.

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9. What do you mean by SAP Ariba networks?

Ans. The SAP Ariba Network is a cloud-based B2B marketplace created and provided by SAP Ariba. It facilitates interactions between buyers and sellers, allowing them to conduct business within a secure, private networking platform.

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10. Name the products of the SAP Ariba?

Ans. SAP Ariba offers a range of products catering to investors and vendors. Investors benefit from contract management, discovery services, and sales catalog management, while vendors are provided with tools for sourcing, contract management, spending visibility, etc.

11. What is the need for SAP Ariba’s view pitch?

Ans. SAP Ariba's view pitch is designed to improve process efficiency, offer simplified connectivity, enhance visibility, and provide timely updates on deliveries, invoices, and essential commerce activities.

12. What do you know about SAP Ariba SLP (Supplier lifecycle and performance)?

Ans. SAP Ariba SLP is a comprehensive solution encompassing a series of interconnected processes for effective supplier management, from onboarding through qualification, approval, ongoing management, and eventual offboarding.

13. Mention the activities involved during the SAP Ariba installation process?

Ans. The SAP Ariba installation process involves documenting installation steps, setting up the SAP Ariba adapter, customizing SAP BASIS, configuring functional settings, configuring technical web services, and adapting customization.

14. What are the steps required to install the SAP Ariba adapter network?

Ans. Installing the SAP Ariba adapter network involves logging into with valid credentials, obtaining a "Designated Support Contract" ID, locating SAP Network Adapter and SAP NetWeaver, and importing the Ariba adapter file in *.tpz format into SAP's Enterprise Service Repository.

15. List some of the cXML message types?

Ans. cXML message types include PaymentProposalRequest (Outbound), InvoiceDetailRequest (Outbound), StatusUpdateRequest (Outbound), ShipNoticeRequest (Inbound), ServiceEntryRequest (Inbound), and ConfirmationRequest (Inbound).

16. Without any training on the Ariba domain without any document only with the help of the build screen is it possible to write the test cases?

Ans. Yes, it is feasible to write basic test cases using the build screen, particularly for straightforward, happy flow scenarios. However, for comprehensive behavioral testing, familiarity with the software's functionalities and access to detailed documentation is crucial.

17. Mention the differences between an interface and abstract classes?

Ans. Interfaces and abstract classes have distinct roles. Interfaces provide only functionality definitions, enabling multiple inheritance and lacking data members or constructors. In contrast, abstract classes can include data members and constructors but do not support multiple inheritances. Additionally, interfaces cannot have static members, whereas abstract classes can.

18. What are the major differences between the SAP MM, SRM, and Ariba?

Ans. SAP MM focuses on material management, encompassing procurement and inventory in an organization. SAP SRM, a supplier relationship management tool, directly links organizations with suppliers and customers, facilitating end-to-end purchase order creation. SAP Ariba, conversely, is geared towards outsourcing quotations, akin to government tenders, and efficiently processes these tender details.

19. What is the Ariba business network?

Ans. The Ariba Business Network, provided by SAP Ariba, is a cloud-based B2B marketplace that connects buyers and sellers, enabling them to conduct business efficiently on a single network platform.

20. Tell us about the critical benefits of the Ariba procurement solution?

Ans. The Ariba procurement solution offers significant benefits, including enhanced ERP integration, increased user adoption, faster process implementation, and components that facilitate broader business strategies.

21. Why do vendors create Ariba spot quotes?

Ans. Vendors utilize Ariba spot quotes for efficient procurement, allowing them to quickly respond to order requests and engage in competitive bidding processes.

22. List out the various Ariba network adapter files?

Ans. Important files used in the Ariba network adapter include Adapter.tpz, tpz file, XML, and basis.tpz.

23. What are the essential supplier strategies?

Ans. Key supplier strategies include sharing expertise with customers, focusing on profitable markets, marketing to OEMs, having a clear vision plan, reducing lead times, and actively listening to customer needs and requirements.

24. How to manage electronic order rating?

Ans. Electronic order rating can be managed by navigating to network settings, selecting the "electronic order rating" option, and enabling it to proceed with the task.

25. What are the various ways to transact your business with customers?

Ans. Businesses can transact with customers through various means, including Fax, cXml, Email, EDI, and Online platforms.

26. Differentiate between procurement and sourcing?

Ans. Procurement involves acquiring goods, materials, and inputs essential for an organization's operations. Sourcing, on the other hand, encompasses the efforts required for establishing and maintaining relationships with suppliers and managing the supply chain.

27. What is the Ariba discovery?

Ans. SAP Ariba Discovery is a free business-to-business tool used primarily by ERP companies to quickly respond to customer inquiries related to products and services.

28. When did SAP purchase Ariba?

Ans. SAP acquired Ariba in May 2012 for approximately $4.3 billion, expanding its capabilities in cloud-based procurement and business network solutions.

29. What is the use of the budget check feature present in SAP Ariba?

Ans. The budget check feature in SAP Ariba is used to verify each accounting split within requisition line items against individual budget codes, enhancing financial management and compliance.

30. List out the different types of authentications in SAP Ariba?

Ans. SAP Ariba offers two types of authentication: Single Sign-On, which automatically logs users into the Ariba network when they log into their corporate network, and Regular User Authentication, requiring manual credential entry on the Ariba network login page.

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