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Last updated on Jan 09, 2024

Are you thinking about how to crack the IBM data power interviews? I think you are in the right place. HKR’s newly designed IBM data power Interview questions and answers blog helps you to understand and to explore the concepts very easily. IBM data power is mainly used to offer security, controls, data integration, and optimize the mobile, Web applications, Application programming interface, Business to business, cloud technologies, and Service oriented architecture. As per the Gartner report, almost 7.6 % of the companies are implementing the IBM data power process. Are you ready to learn the important IBM data power interview questions? Let go going:

What is the definition of IBM data power?

Ans: IBM data power is a Service-oriented architecture tool, this helps the organization to meet pre-built security and integrating digital business needs. This tool also helps to accelerate XML and web service deployments in a single platform.

What are the uses of IBM data power?

Ans: The following are the important benefits of using IBM data power;

  • Enhances the reliability of IMS transactions for IMS commit mode.
  • Supports distributed caching with IBM data power to provide improved response time and better application performances.
  • Enhance security intelligence and compliance through integration with QRadar security information and security management platform.
  • Easy to use and secured B2B integration.

How do you implement Dynamic routings in IBM data power?

Ans: If you are working with dynamic routing, you need to update all the URL’s in an extended markup language (XML) file. To process this you should use an XSLT file. This will read the URL from the XML files on the base of customized conditions and set the variable var: //service/routing-URL in XSLT.

What is the default log size in the log targets? What happens when that log size is reached?

Ans: The default log size is 500 kilobytes.

When the log file reaches the limit, the system will upload it to the TP server. Suppose if it is successfully uploaded, the system appliance will delete the log file automatically to free up some spaces.

What is an XML manager and why do we need it?

Ans: XML manager is a basic network configuration system, which helps in load balancing and able to access the remote servers.

Benefits are as follows;

  • XML manager sometimes acts as an XML parser to provide threat and security.
  • This also helps in implementing the caching process.
  • XML manager to configure the user-agent.

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Give three popular algorithms used for the encryption process?

Ans: Below are the popular algorithms used in the IBM data encryption process;

Triple DES algorithm -> this uses the three separate individual keys of 56 bits each. The total key length is about 168 bits, but sometimes experts would use 112 bits to strengthen the keysets.

RSA algorithm -> this is a public key data encryption algorithm and is a standard for encrypting data over the internet.

AES algorithm -> this is an extremely 128-bit key form algorithm. This algorithm also uses the keys of 192 and 256 bits for the heavily used encryption process.

How do you gauge the strength of the key, what is the parameter used?

Ans: We know that the algorithm should be available to the public, but the key values should be confidential;

  • Key size parameters
  • Performance and response time to perform encryption and decryption process
  • Mathematical proofs used for standardization and offers security

What are the different modes through which you can connect to IBM data power?

Ans: There are three different modes available to connect IBM data power;

  • GUI or graphical user interface: this helps the user to make use of the graphical user interface components.
  • CLI or command line integration: this is used to develop command line arguments to perform the encryption process.
  • XML management interface: this is available in the form of XML files to perform load balancing and the encryption processes.

Why XSLT used in IBM data power?

Ans: The below three features explain the IBM data power;

1. XSLT is a programming language and therefore gives added flexibility and power when creating the PNX.

2. Only one copy of the rules needed when working with multiple institutions. Use if-else statements for differences between institutions.

3. Some normalization rules can be extremely lengthy and very complex. The logic can be greatly simplified through the power of XSLT.

. What are the components of WSDL?

Ans: The various components used in WSDL;

  • WSDL definitions
  • WSDL port and operations
  • WSDL types
  • WSDL message
  • WSDL binding.

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. What are the roles and responsibilities of the IBM data power professional?

Ans: Below are the primary roles and responsibilities of IBM data power professional;

  • To gather the requirements from respected clients.
  • Help to prepare the design documentation.
  • Present the design document to the client for approval task
  • Configure the services in the software development environment
  • Perform testing and troubleshooting of data process services
  • Migrate the data services from the development team to test and transmission to the production environment.

. What is the processing rule?

Ans: Every data process service should have a certain type of policies and every policy should have processing rules.

The important factors included are;

  • Request the process rule to manage request messages.
  • Response to the process rule to handle or manage request messages
  • Error rules are used to manage error scenarios

. What are the different services that have you used in Data power?


  • Web service proxy
  • Multiprotocol gateway
  • XML firewall.

. What actions have you used in the processing policy?

Ans: AAA, SLM, match, transform, Result, sign, verify, encrypt, decrypt.

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. Why do we need a log target when there is already a default logging mechanism available in data power?

Ans: Log target in data power is used to capture important messages which are posted by several objects and services that are running on the application. One more important thing about log target is that Users make use of this file to retrieve specific objects or events, and also get log information.

Final Take:

To get more details related to the IBM data power course please visit our website Learning only IBM data power interview questions and answers will help only to boost your confidence, but that is not enough. To get a job in a top company, we should have a thorough knowledge of IBM data power technology this can be real-time experience or working on industry-driven projects.

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