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Last updated on Nov 07, 2023

Have you heard that? Learning Cisco technology will help you to get a job in Top tech companies across the globe. Cisco UCS (Cisco unified computing system) is a top notch framework designed to work with many programming languages. Do you know that an average salary for Cisco UCS can earn more than Rs. 12, 00,000. So you can expect that huge job openings for Cisco UCS professionals. Now are designed Top 15 Cisco UCS interview questions under the guidance of industry experts. So what you are waiting for, let’s start our journey to learn and explore Cisco UCS concepts.

Most Frequently Asked Cisco UCS Interview Questions

1. What do you mean by Cisco UCS?

Ans: The Cisco UCS helps to combine both physical and virtual network and computational resources into a single user-defined system. Cisco UCS is a set of multiple pre-integrated data sets that holds components such as blade server, fabric components, extenders, and adapters. All these components are integrated under single embedded system management.

2. Mention the different operating systems supported on Cisco UCS?

Ans: Cisco UCS blade server supports the following operating system such as;

1. Microsoft windows server 2003 R2

2. Microsoft Windows server 2008

3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3

4. Red hat enterprise Linux 4.8

5. Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11

6. VMWARE VSphere 4

7. VMWARE infrastructure 3.5 update 4

3. From where to download OS patches and drivers?

Ans: Users can download OS patches and drivers from the appropriate vendors. As we know that Driver is not a part of the operating system and suppliers can be download from Cisco (which is available on website).

4. Can I use a Nexus 5000 as Cisco UCS 6100 fabric interconnect?

Ans: The answer would be No, where Nexus 5000 is a general purpose level 2 switch and available as a UCS 6100 series as an integrated part of the Cisco UCS computing system. The software which runs on the Cisco UCS 6100 is different from the Nexus 5000. In Cisco both Nexus and UCS 6100 consist of both management and control planes.

5. What are UCS blade servers and Rack servers?

Ans: Cisco UCS blade server is located in UCS chassis and which are managed by using UCS manager.  UCS rack servers always work independently and this does not require any type of UCS infrastructure. One more thing is that both these services are integrated into UCS infrastructure.

6. If I have forgotten the UCS password, How to recover it?

Ans: If you have forgotten the UCS password, you can create a new password. To do this all you have to do is connect the console to UCS 6100 -> later this will be interconnected. Next, you have to reload the fabric interconnection-> then it boots up by using CTRL+ L or CTRL+Shift+R-> then go back to the loader prompt.

7. What is the maximum number of user sessions supported on UCS?

Ans: The maximum number of user sessions supported on Cisco UCS is 48; this may include any type of user. The maximum number of Graphical user interface sessions supported on Cisco UCS is 256. The maximum number of Command line integration sessions supported is 32. One important point to be noted here, both CLI and GUI sessions will be treated separately. So that you can have a maximum of 256 Graphical user interfaces sessions.

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8. What Boot devices are supported in Cisco UCS?

Ans: The boot devices include hard disk drives (HDDs), USB devices (this can be DVD/CD drives, or flash drives, or HDDs). The virtual devices can be connected through keyboards, mouse (KVM), and video. The KVM devices may be DVD devices, ISO file types, and USB devices). User can also possible to boot off the SD cards such as M1 and M2 or M3 (EMMC flash player). Due to the minimum read and write operations, it is not possible to use media files as a boot drive.

9. Can I remove SD cards in both Single-wide and Double-wide M1 and M2 blades?

Ans: The answer is yes. The single-wide blades are required to remove the blades to access any SD card, whereas the double-wide blade requires the SD cards to be accessed in the front.

10. Why are there are two SD cards on both M1 and M2 servers?

Ans: Here the one SD card will be used by Cisco IMC as a boot device and this is used to host image mapping. The SD card will be mapped into the operating systems.

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11. What are the differences between the E100s and E100d disks?

Ans: The E100 s devices are used in the single-wide module servers, whereas E100d is used in the Double-wide modules. Both the drivers identical, but they come up with different carrier cards that fit only in the respective module server type.

12. What are the key features of the Cisco UCS?

Ans: The following are the key features of the Cisco UCS:

1.  Cisco UCS offers smart play bundles with new bundle packs

2.  Second level boot order support for blade and rack servers

3.  User-space NIC support for blade and rack servers

4.  Firmware download from the local file system

5.  Direct connect rack Configuration feature in the Emulator GUI

6.  SD card firmware upgrades support for supported computer servers.

13. Can I manually change a carrier card and therefore transform an E100s to an E100d drive?

Ans: The answer is yes; you can manually change a carrier card and therefore transform an E100s to an E100d drive.

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14. What are the methods for interfacing with the Host?

Ans: User can interface with the host using several methods,

1. Users can use the front-panel monitor and keyboard to access the host.

2. The serial console redirection can be done using router console and virtual KVM.

15. Is the Fiber Channel over Ethernet (fcoe) supported?

Ans: The answer is yes, Ethernet will be supported on double-wide blades along with a 10 GB PCIe card.

Final Take:

With the help of this blog, you can learn the important Cisco UCS interview questions asked by top companies. As I said before, learning Cisco is the best thing to do in recent times due to its popularity. To become a master in Cisco, you have to attend an online training course offered by the HKR institution. So what you are waiting for, enroll today to this one of the amazing and exciting technologies.

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