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Now a day you can see a lot of software testing tools are available in the market. A software testing tool is widely used worldwide this is called the Confluence tool. We have designed Confluence interview questions and answers under the guidance of HKR SME experts. Learning these top most Confluence interview questions will help you to crack any interview related to the tool. Confluence also works on agile project management to support complex agile methodology. This software tool offers several tools and products which are mainly used to build software products. Are you struggling to find an appropriate Confluence interview question? Here you go:

Most Frequently Asked Confluence Interview Questions

What do you know about the Confluence tool?

Ans: Confluence is a fully web-based corporate technology developed by a company called Atlassian Software Company.  Confluence can be developed with the help of the JAVA programming language. Confluence tool is mainly used by a team to share the knowledge related to product effectively and also help to collaborate with other teams. The main purposes of using confluences included are capturing project requirements, assign tasks to any specific users, and also helps the team to manage calendars.

Mention the differences between Confluence and JIRA?

Ans: The below table explains the main differences between Confluence and JIRA:

Confluence and JIRA

What are the advantages of using the Confluence tool?

Ans: The following are the important advantages of using the Confluence tool:

  • Easy access and search for information
  • Documents and files in order.
  • Possibility of setting restrictions and the receivers group.
  • Achieving all versions of created pages.
  • This tool is fully integrated with JIRA software.
  • Products scalability and Confluence grow with your company.

What sort of conflicts can be avoided by using Confluence?

Ans: As we already know that Confluence is a popular software application mainly used in the form of a framework. This Confluence tool assures the team to get effective results or outcomes. Confluence is also capable of simplifying the requirement and also helps to eliminate all the issues related to product nature and sources. You can also find a few other issues such as Human errors, and application glitches. These errors can be eliminated with the help of confluence.

Can you tell me some important factors that need to be cared for when it comes to team collaboration? How they matter?

Ans: Some of the important factors included are:

  • Budget related to the product
  • Quality of the final product or outcome
  • Scope of the project after done with accomplishment
  • Risk associated with the project
  • Helps to utilize the resources.

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What is the basic aim of using the confluence tool?

Ans: The main basic aim of using the confluence tool is to simplify the product resources and enable other users to work remotely on any project without facing any problem related to processing, information sharing, and management of raw data usage for a project.

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What are the prime requirements for Confluence technology?

Ans: There are two prime factors matter a lot while working on the Confluence tool such as:

  • Confluence is a platform independent tool
  • This tool can run anywhere.

Name a few important approaches that are useful in Scope defining?

Ans: Well, you can see lots of approaches are available and they play a vital role in the development of the Confluence tool;

Let me explain a few factors such as;

  • Analyzing the product requirements
  • Value engineering is mandatory
  • Product breakdown management
  • 4. Alternative analysis tool
  • System and value analysis
  • Brain storming technique
  • Performing pair-wise comparison.

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Can you suggest some ways that can help in compressing a Schedule or a project time in team collaboration?

Ans: There are several ways available to compress a schedule or a project time in team collaboration;

  • Fast tracking of subtasks and crashing techniques. This is a widely used and best factor.
  • Crashing is used to enhance the schedule making based on the availability of time slots without considering the cost factor.
  • Fast tracking is a process used to perform quick selection activities or any sub-task to assure effective outcomes.

. How will you define Quality control?

Ans: Quality control is a set of inspections used to ensure the required availability and also helps to meet the quality outcome. The primary aim of using quality control is to eliminate all the errors related to a task or a project.

. What exactly do you know about a milestone approach?

Ans: When you working with any team, the tasks and responsibilities will be divided accordingly. When a small portion of a project or some objectives of a project can be accomplished. This is known as a milestone.

. What are the basic components of Confluence architecture?

Ans: Below are the building blocks of confluence architecture;

  • SNA services
  • Disambiguation engine
  • Rule base ontology
  • Assertions manager
  • Corpus, workspace services

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. What are the drawbacks of using Confluence?

Ans: The following are the major drawbacks of using Confluence such as;

  • By using Confluence, the scaling is a problem. As products and product teams scale, managing artifacts across the trio and growing needs get harder.
  • Several PMs and teams might customize the tools and workflow to their preferences which leads to a fragmented approach to product management which is not efficient in the long run.
  • After some point you start feeling the pinching need for something built especially for product management needs.

. Do you think dedication and leadership are the prime requirements in team collaboration?

Ans: The answer is yes. The team members with no dedication and leadership it’s very difficult to get an effective outcome.

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. What exactly WBS stands for in team collaborations or project management?

Ans: WBS stands for work breakdown structure.

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. Name any factors that matter a lot while working in a team?

Ans: There are two factors which matter a lot while working in a team such as :

  • Management capabilities of the software tool collaboration.
  • Processing the coordinated tasks.

. How does using Confluence save much time and money for you?

Ans. Confluence eliminates the need to routinely verify the project progress for users who work in multiple departments or places. It provides some amazing features that can better handle ideas, communication, and other tasks quickly. It saves much time and money for the users.

. Define Project Charter?

Ans. In Confluence, a project charter is an important document that includes complete details of a project. This document authorizes all the activities that are executed under a team collaboration. Also, this document provides explicit information on relevant results related to the project.

. What is meant by Process in team collaboration?

Ans. A process in team collaboration is a method of task management. It provides the required information that helps to take necessary actions and follow the correct order.

. What are Process Groups in team collaboration?

Ans. In team collaboration, process groups are the order of processes related to other project pursuits.

. Define Project Management?

Ans. In every project, a team of various resources works on it. Project management uses the right skills/talent at the right time and technology, which can be in multiple forms. Moreover, it ensures that there will be perfect output.

. What is meant by a Project Lifecycle?

Ans. A project consists of multiple modules when there is no relation between the various activities related to a project. There are two modules available in this regard: the beginning and closing stages. Both stages are responsible for forming the project's lifecycle, and both of them contribute to it.

. Will there be different activities related to a project while working on a project in team collaboration?

Ans. There are multiple activities which can be different from each other. But it is optional that all the actions need similar efforts and skills. Hence, we can locate some activities quickly and some cannot. Further, when the activities need to execute, they may differ from the required efforts.

. Who are called the

Ans. A stakeholder is someone who has an interest in the company and is impacted by the business project. Moreover, the stakeholder's influence is the most important factor while planning and executing a project. Thus, stakeholders need special attention while dealing with a project.

. How can we define Projects, Programs, and portfolios, and how do they differ from each other?

Ans. We start projects to fulfil a wide range of needs. These are arrangements for various purposes. A program is a group of projects explicitly managed to accomplish smaller tasks for great success. The portfolio is nothing but a series of several programs and projects that aims to fulfil a goal with higher output.

. How can we say that baselines are related to a project?

Ans. It is typically an essential task before a project is carried out in any business entity. These are the completed editions of all the plans associated with any project. Moreover, it helps in forecasting the project's performance in the future.

. What is meant by Effort variance?

Ans. Efforts are essential thing while executing a task through team collaboration. The term effort variance refers to the difference between the estimated effects of completing a job and the actual efforts required for it. Further, if there is any, special attention is given to work performed to verify the variance.

. What do you mean by a Project in general?

Ans. A project is not a regular task in an organization but has a specific time limit to complete. It is different from other tasks in a business. In other words, a project is an arrangement of activities to be executed serially to develop a product or a service.

. Explain the various advantages of Teamwork?

Ans. It is better to do Teamwork where multiple minds work together to get better results. With Teamwork, it will be good to assess other's work or notice any errors and suggest better solutions to improve the final results. Therefore, a good team can manage better time in accomplishing a task and finishing it with fewer errors.

. What are the various tasks that Collaboration Software can accomplish?

Ans. Software team or team collaboration can accomplish a wide range of tasks. They smooth;y run many critical corporate processes timely. Further, it also guarantees immense productivity. Also, it can easily connect two different users, irrespective of their places, to manage company operations and other activities. Moreover, a project includes multiple modules created at various locations, and collaboration software helps to connect them to address several tasks efficiently.


From this article, you will be learning the important questions asked by top recruiters. To get a job in a top company you need to prepare well and getting a certificate from a top training institute will also be an added advantage. To learn and explore the technology skill sets in Confluence, you have to join the HKR Confluence online training course. Why you want to take this course because of its huge popularity and widely used software testing tool. An average salary for the Confluence professional will earn Rs. 10, 00,000. I hope these frequently asked Confluence interview questions with answers may help a few of you to crack the interview and get a dream job.

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