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Last updated on Jan 19, 2024

HKR’s frequently designed Juniper Interview questions and answers will help those who are planning to pursue a career in networking technology. Juniper is a widely used networking technology due to its high-performance capabilities and also supports cybersecurity. This networking service provider is mostly used in enterprise companies and public sector organizations. As per the Gartner report, almost 41% of cybersecurity and network-based companies adopt Juniper solutions. You can expect a large number of networking job creations across the globe in the coming years. So let’s start learning the Juniper basic to advanced level concepts.

Most Frequently Asked Juniper Interview Questions

What do you mean by networking and why they are so important?

Ans: Networking is nothing but which establishes an interconnection to computers or multiple computing devices. The network consists of nodes. Below are the important key features of networking;

  • This networking enables users to easy file sharing; sending documents and also modifies the nodes.
  • Networking also offers cybersecurity which depends on the concerns and applications.
  • Networking enables users to access nodes at any time and doesn’t impose any type of limitations.

Name the networking types you are aware of?

Ans: There are three types of networking used such as;

LAN -> LAN stands for local area networks and this is used to establish an interconnection between limited numbers of network nodes.

MAN -> MAN stands for metropolitan area network, this is nothing but a combination of multiple local area networks. Here the nodes are interconnected to each other.

WAN -> this is also known as the Wide area network, this is a combination of all the metropolitan area networks connected between the nodes.

How will you explain a Link?

Ans: As the name suggests, Link is a connection between any two or more computing and networking devices. In Link, the user enables to make use of channels and protocols to control the intercommunication between the nodes. One important thing is that Link size is not the same for all the networking nodes.

How do you know about the OSI reference model? List the important layers associated with OSI?

Ans: OSI stands for open-system-interconnection and this is a networking model type. Here you can find 7 types of OSI;

1. Application layer

2. Session layer

3. Presentation layer

4. Transport layer

5. Data link layer

6. Network layer

7. Physical layer

What do you mean by the server in networking?

Ans: The server is a powerful computer tool that is used to manage and control all the available devices in the network. The server usually processes the data effectively, transfers the data, and establishes the communication between nodes. If once the server fails, automatically the whole network will be terminated.

Mention the first and last layer in an OSI reference model?

Ans: In the OSI reference model, the first layer is called the bottom layer (available in the physical layer), and the last layer is known as the top layer (available in the application layer).

What is the meaning of the backbone network?

Ans: A backbone network is used to assign the data and route them to different networks. The main tasks included are, monitor the channels, protocols management, and bandwidth management. This is happening because of the backbone networking system.

Mention the device which will help you to connect multiple devices on a network with limited bandwidth or with limited channels?

Ans: The device which is used is called a switch, a networking device that can be used as a scenario. A switch can be available in any size depends on requirements.

In data encapsulation, how each chunk knows about its destination?

Ans: In networking, encapsulation is a type of approach where the larger amount of data can be divided into smaller packets known as Chunks. Chunks are divided into the source and destination addresses. Using these chunks, networking data reach their destination and this is necessary to know its source address.

. List the networking devices you are familiar with?

Ans: The following are the important networking devices such as;

  • Modem device
  • Hub and router
  • Switch
  • Bridge
  • Repeater
  • Networking interfaces.

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. What are the layers present in the TCP/IP model?

Ans: Below are the important layers which present in the TCP/IP model;

  •       Internet layer
  •       Networking layer
  •       Transport layer
  •       Application layer.

. What is clustering support and how does it mean?

Ans: Clustering in networking makes an operating system to provide multiple node servers. This is a kind of an emergency operator used to make sure any node is working properly during the critical situation and this is also avoiding any power failure.

. Will you explain, is it necessary to have a server for controlling other devices?

Ans: The answer is no, you can establish any network type without a server. This type of networking system is called a peer-to-peer model device. As we know that all the networking nodes act as either client or server. The important advantage of using this type of model is that if any failure of one networking node doesn’t affect other nodes and offers continuous operations.

. Can you explain what do you know about the router?

Ans: A router is a networking device that is designed to connect the network segments. This is considered to be the most important methodology. A router consists of paths that are mainly used to store information and due to this usage, this is also known as intelligent networking devices. The main tasks included are selecting the proper information and define them into the paths and then transfer them to the proper data sources.

. What exactly you know about topology means?

Ans: Topology in networking helps to find out how computer devices are connected with other devices. With the help of topology, user can also connect them in various manners. The networking interconnection matters a lot because this affects the factors like identifying the data transmission speed and troubleshooting various methods etc.

. Name any one approach that you will apply for continuous data availability?

Ans: The approach that you will apply for the continuous data availability is a Fault tolerance system (FTS).

. Mention the significance of proxy servers in networking?

Ans: Below are the important significances of proxy servers in networking;

  • Proxy servers are the major contributors to networking because of safety.
  • The proxy servers don’t allow any unauthorized access of data on a node.
  • Data access fails, when you are using an incorrect IP address, this will be identified by proxy servers.
  • With the help of proxy servers it’s also possible to hide any data node from networking devices.

. Is it possible to connect a public network to a private network?

Ans: The answer is yes, it’s possible to connect a public network to a private network with the help of the default gateway protocol. The connection between private network to public network it’s quite common. The private networks are also known as Intranets and public networks are called the internet. A private network is commonly used when the system needs more security and faster speed communication.

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. Mention the few common problems you will get in networking?

Ans: The following are the common problems which will arise during networking;

  • Commonly bandwidth problems
  • Issues that are related to policies and security
  • Mismatch of protocols issues
  • Client and server problems
  • IP address mismatches
  • Improper configurations
  • Security-related concerns.

. What is the importance of fiber optic cables in networking?

Ans: Below is the key significance of fiber optic cables in networking;

  • Fiber optic cables are expensive but can bring a full package of bouquets.
  • This fiber optic cable supports larger network bandwidth and also helps to reduce the span of bulk data transmission.
  • Also provide signal-to-noise ratio possibilities.
  • This optic cable also avoids the errors and cross related issue can be avoided.

. Mention the web browser, plugins, and operating systems are supported by the Junos space UI?

Ans: Users can access the Junos space version 17.2 user interface through a web browser, plugins, and no dependency on any operating systems.

This JUNOS space UI offers 2 types of web browsers;

  •       Mozilla Firefox version 45 and so on
  •       Internet Explorer 11 and so on

The network monitoring topology is not featured on Internet explorer. Before you log into the JUNOS space Platform user interface (UI) from any internet explorer, makes sure that you have already installed Adobe flash player version 10 or plug-in options should be installed for the internet browser.

. Name the display resolution is recommended for running the JUNOS Space UI?

Ans: The JUNOS space user interface will be optimized for the display resolution up to 1280 * 1024. Suppose if you have a lower resolution, then Whole JUNOS Space UI cannot be displayed within the internet browser page and scroll bars do not appear.

. Mention the default username and password for the JUNOS Space UI?

Ans: The common username used is “SUPER” and the default password is “JUNIPER123”. This default username holds system administrator privileges information and complete access to user interface functionality details.

. Mention the URL used to access the JUNOS Space UI?

Ans: Below is the HTTP URL link used to access the JUNOS space UI;

where virtual-IP is the IP address used to assign JUNOS space fabric. This IP address is assigned to 0TH, 0 interfaces on the JUNOS space fabric holds active load balancer.

. What do you know about FTP?

Ans: FTP means File transfer protocol is a kind of method which allows user to get permission to access the data. One point to be noted here is that users allowed accessing the data to provide their identity again and again. Users can access all the data with the given username and Password during the time of login.

. Suggest any one method that you will use for increasing the security of a file or data on a network that contains some confidential information?

Ans: It is necessary to apply various strict restrictions to access any data or file.

For instance, only a few users can be allowed to access the data or information and they are not permitted to access all of them.

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. Why star topology is not be considered in a network?


  • In star topology, all the computer components or devices are connected to the same single hub, this controls the same.
  • If any damage or failure occurs, the hub makes the whole networking useless. Therefore usually most networking technologies do not consider the Star topology.

. What is troubleshooting? Mention the ways used in troubleshooting?

Ans: Many Methods are used to take appropriate actions against any big issue, sometimes if ignored then it is known as troubleshooting. The common mistake done by the user is that not paying attention to the network channels or device nodes causes errors. Troubleshooting is done on the base of the size and type of the network devices, and troubleshoot errors are not the same for all the networks.

. What are network nodes?

Ans: A network node is nothing but a specific place where all the network devices are connected. This is mainly used to maintain the connection and control them.

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. Mention the types of routers available in networking?

Ans: There are 5 types of routers available in networking they are;

  • Wireless routers
  • Wired router
  • Edge router
  • Core router
  • Virtual router


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