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Last updated on Jun 12, 2024

Are you ready to learn one of the most exciting technologies of recent times? Your guess is right. Today in this Microsoft Azure interview question’s blog, you will explore the very important Azure questions asked by top companies. As per the Gartner report, Microsoft Azure is the second-highest cloud technology used by numerous companies. Due to this reason, there is a huge demand for Microsoft Azure experts with the highest paying salary of Rs. 15, 00,000/ annum. Below is the most popular azure questions developed with the help of our HKR’s SME team experts.

Most Frequently Asked Azure Interview Questions

What do you mean by cloud computing?

Ans: Cloud Computing is used to store and access data over the internet. It never stores the data which are stored on the hard disk of your personal computers. In cloud computing, you will be allowed to access the data from several remote server applications.

What is the Microsoft Azure tool?

Ans: Microsoft Azure is one of the cloud-based data integrated systems that support users to generate the accurate data-driven frames workflow in the time of cloud orchestrating and automation of data transactions. Microsoft Azure ensures users generate and schedule the data framework workflows during the time of data storage. This azure tool is used in many application tools such as Business intelligence (BI), data visualization, and analytical purpose.

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Explain the importance of the role and how many types of roles available in Azure?

Ans: Roles are considered as an important concept in Windows Microsoft, and the user needs to learn them on the base of programming types.

There are three types of roles available in the Azure tool;

  • Web Role: this type of role is used to deploy the websites by using programming languages that are supported by the IIS platform customized to run on web applications.
  • Worker Role: this type of role is used to execute the processes which are run in the background.
  • VM Role: this role helps you to schedule the windows and task services.

What are the differences between SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS?

Ans:   ssas

What are the instances types offered by Azure?

Ans: Microsoft Azure offers several different instances such as:

  • General purpose: Here the CPU to memory ratio will be balanced. This provides low medium traffic web services, small to medium databases, and used to test and develop.
  • Compute optimized: this offers a high CPU memory ratio. Best suited for medium traffic web servers, application servers, and networking appliances.
  • Memory-optimized: offers high memory to the CPU ratio. This role is best suited for relational database servers, in-memory analytics, and medium to large memory caches.

What are the deployment environments offered by Azure?

Ans: Microsoft Azure offers two deployment environments:

1. Staging environment: this provides the platforms to validate any changes made to your application. Before all kinds of validations were done with the help of the production environment. In this environment, all the apps can be identified using the GUID (Global unique identifier) in the URLs.

2. Production environment: this environment is used to store live applications. It can be differentiated from the production environment with URLs.

Differences between repetitive and minimal monitoring?

Ans :


What are the advantages of scaling in Azure?

Ans: The following are the important advantages of scaling in Microsoft Azure;

  • This scaling maximizes the application performances
  • Scale up or scale down based on the demand
  • Helps to schedule the scaling to particular periods
  • Offers highly cost-effective application usage.

How are windows active directory and Azure active directory different?

Ans: Let me explain the differences between the active directory and Azure directory:

Azure directory

. What are the types of queues offered by Azure?

Ans: Microsoft Azure offers two types of queues;

Storage Queues:

  • This is a part of Azure’s storage infrastructure
  • It provides the messaging within and between the services
  • It can also provide side logs of all the data transactions executed in the user’s queues.

Service bus queues:

  • It also part of messaging infrastructure
  • This also integrates the applications, protocols, network environments, and multiple communications.
  • This also helps FIFO type of queue delivery.

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. What are the advantages of the Azure resource manager?

       Ans :

  • Azure resource manager helps in the deployment, data management, and monitoring of the resources
  • Here the users can be granted across multiple resources
  • It provides billing information and resourcing details in the group
  • Helps to provision the resources with the help of templates.

. Which of the following web applications can be deployed with Azure?

Ans: ASP.Net is a web application that can be deployed with Azure.

. What is the federation in Azure SQL?

  • Ans:
  • This enables users to take advantage of cloud resources.
  • Azure SQL allows you to have your customized database
  • It reduces the chance of getting single point failure
  • This provides a cost-effective usage of application resources.

. What are the different types of storage offered by Azure?

Ans: This is one of the important questions asked by most of the interviews. There are 4 different types of storage available;

     1. Azure bob Storage

     2. Azure table storage

     3. Azure file storage

    4. Azure queue storage.

. What is Azure Service fabric?

Ans: This is a type of platform which helps to develop the microservices and manages the application lifecycles. The following are the important features of Azure service fabric such as;

  • This helps to produce faster applications
  • With the help of fabric service, this helps to run the applications to run on many platforms
  • Offers scalability to the machine.

. What is the Azure traffic manager?

Ans: Azure traffic manager acts as a load balancer that enables users to offer high availability and responsiveness by distributing the traffic in the Azure regions.

  • This provides the multiple automatic options
  • This reduces the appliances management
  • Helps to know the customer connections.

. Which service in Azure is used to manage resources in Azure?

Ans: The Azure resource manager is used to manage the resources in Azure.

. Explain command task in Microsoft Azure?

Ans: The command task is just an operational window that helps to set off the flow either single or multiple data sets while the system is running.

. What are the important drawbacks of using Microsoft Azure?

Ans: The following are the important drawbacks of using Microsoft Azure;

  • If the internet connection fails, you can’t able to perform cloud computing
  • Azure is a web-based application so this needs lots of bandwidth, and more time to download
  • It performs slowly when you start accessing the software application.

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. What is MOSS?

Ans: Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS) is an application that consists of complete platform versions. This allows users to manage, share, and create documents.

. What are the three main components of the Windows Azure platform?

Ans: The important components of the Windows Azure platform such as;

  •       Compute
  •       Storage
  •       AppFabric

. What are the different cloud deployment models?

Ans: The cloud deployment model describes how the cloud services work, the below are the three models come under deployment;

  1. Public cloud: this offers computing services through third-party providers across the server and public internet.
  1. Private cloud: This type of cloud offers computing services across the private internet network or internet services.
  1. Hybrid cloud: this type of cloud computing environment combines both public cloud and private cloud, allows users to share applications and data between them.

. Name the web application types that can be deployed with Azure?

Ans: ASP.Net, PHP, WCF are the types of web application which can be deployed with the Azure.

. Explain the types of services you can build with the service fabric?

Ans: These are the types of services that you can build with the service fabric;

  •       Application Insights
  •       Azure Portal
  •       Azure resource manager
  •       Log Analytics

. What is the Windows Azure Platform?

Ans: Microsoft Azure offers Platform as a Service; this collectively supports programming platforms, acts as a deployment vehicle, and a runtime environment. This type of cloud computing can be hosted as a Microsoft data centers.

. What is Blob in Azure?

Ans: A Blob in Azure stands for Binary Large Objects; this is a file/document of any type and size.

There are two types of storage available such as;

  1. Block Blob
  2. Page Blob.

. What is Cspack?

Ans: The cspack is a command-line tool that helps to generate the service level package file such as .cspack. This also enables users to prepare the application for deployment to the windows azure or to the compute type emulator.

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. What is fabric in Azure?

Ans: In Windows Azure, the fabric is nothing but a collection of various virtualized instances. These instances are used to run the client application in Microsoft cloud computing.


. Explain the concepts of the table in Azure?

Ans: A table in Microsoft Azure is nothing but a data storage medium. The following possible ways describe how to store your information using a table;

  •       The tables allow the user to structure the data storage
  •       There you can see 0 to n table in any storage account
  •       All the elements in windows azure have essential keys and this can be used as a key-value pair.

. Are data disks provide support within Scale sets?

Ans: The answer is yes, this scale set allows users to define the attached data disk configuration methods which will be applied to all virtual machines in the set. The following are the mandatory options to perform data storage;

  • Azure files
  • Azure Data services
  • OS drive
  • External data services.


The Microsoft Azure interview question article is designed under the guidance of SME experts, proper research, and underneath information in the concepts. If you want to pursue your career as an Azure expert, learning only interview questions is not enough and the only limits are your knowledge, experience, and interview skills. To become an expert, earn the certification which is offered by HKR’s Microsoft Azure training course. So what you are waiting for, enroll today for the course and prove your credibilit.

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